Assisted Transportation Service Offered

An assisted transportation service is available for Arlington County adults over age 60. The program features specially trained drivers and escorts who will provide door-to-door transportation and assistance for seniors to and from health care appointments.

Participants also can use the program to visit family members in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Red Top Cab Co. and Diamond Transportation Service will provide drivers.

The program is open only to Arlington residents who are enrolled in STAR/Metro Access with a personal care attendant designation. The cost for each trip will range from no charge to $10, based on a sliding scale determined by income. In addition, the rider is required to pay a $2, one-way STAR fee. Completion of a short application form and a home visit from an Arlington Agency on Aging staff member is required.

For information or application, call 703-228-5030 (voice); 703-228-4937 (TTY).

DMV Adding Road Signs to Driver's Test

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is adding a visual road sign section to the automated driver's test beginning early next year.

People taking the test will be required to answer all 10 road sign questions correctly in order to proceed to the general knowledge portion of the exam. Answers to all exam questions are found in the Virginia Driver's Manual.

"One of the most basic requirements for safe driving is following the direction of traffic signs," DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb said in a statement. "We want to ensure that applicants for a Virginia driver's license are fully familiar with state road signs."

After correctly answering all 10 road sign questions, applicants must score at least 80 percent on the rest of the exam.

Although the material on each test is similar, no two tests are alike, because the computer randomly selects questions from a question bank. The tests are offered in English and Spanish and also may be taken orally. For additional information, visit the Web site

Falls Church Unveils New Web Site

The City of Falls Church recently launched a new, more user-friendly Web site, The site features current information on city government and services as well as special feature sections about local issues and events.