School Theater Group Invited to Scotland

The South Lakes High School theater program has been invited to present a play at the prestigious Edinburgh Theatre Festival in Scotland in August. Director Maria Harris hopes to take a cast and crew of 60 overseas to perform the musical "Phantom." But first she must figure out a way to raise about $240,000, the cost for their two-week visit.

The Reston high school is among 25 schools selected to participate in the American High School Theater Festival, part of the Edinburgh Theatre Festival. South Lakes was nominated by Robinson High School, which has participated in the past. South Lakes was chosen from about 500 applicants.

Harris found out that the school made the cut in April. "I can't tell you what an honor that is," she said. "I cried."

As a perk of the program, Harris attended last year's festival and got to see the theater where her school would be performing and meet other high school theater directors. She returned to Reston determined to raise the money and participate in the program.

In addition to directing eight to 15 shows this year and teaching drama and film studies, Harris is busy overseeing carwashes and bake sales and pursuing corporate donors to help fund the trip to Scotland.

For information about fund-raising or the trip, call Harris at 703-715-4589.

DMV Adding Road Signs to Driver's Test

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is adding a visual road sign section to the automated driver's test beginning early next year.

People taking the test will be required to answer all 10 road sign questions correctly to proceed to the general knowledge portion of the exam. Answers to all exam questions are found in the Virginia Driver's Manual.

"One of the most basic requirements for safe driving is following the direction of traffic signs," DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb said in a statement. "We want to ensure that applicants for a Virginia driver's license are fully familiar with state road signs."

After correctly answering all 10 road sign questions, applicants must score at least 80 percent on the rest of the exam.

Although the material on each test is similar, no two tests are alike, because the computer randomly selects questions from a question bank. The tests are offered in English and Spanish and also may be taken orally. For additional information, visit the Web site

Falls Church Unveils New Web Site

The City of Falls Church recently launched its new, more user-friendly Web site, The site features current information on city government and services as well as some special feature sections about local issues and events.