The following is a list of notable new books and recordings available this holiday season:

EL MILAGRO DE GUADALUPE, by the San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble (Iago, CD, $15.98 plus shipping, Seven voices and Aztec wind and percussion instruments re-create experiences of Indians who converted to Christianity after the 1531 appearance of the Virgin Mary in Tepayac, Mexico.

THE ILLUSTRATED HEBREW BIBLE, adapted by Ellen Frankel (Stewart, Tabori and Chang, $50). Seventy-five selections based on a Jewish Publication Society translation and illustrated with images from illuminated manuscripts, synagogue mosaics and paintings by such artists as William Blake, Marc Chagall and Caravaggio.

MEETING GOD: ELEMENTS OF HINDU DEVOTION, text and photographs by Stephen P. Huyler (Yale, $35). A full-color tour of India through the eyes and lens of a noted historian-photographer.

MERRIAM-WEBSTER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WORLD RELIGIONS, Wendy Doniger, consulting editor ($49.95). A 1,181-page compendium of 3,500 entries by top religious scholars, a joint project with Encyclopaedia Britannica.

PRAYER: A MULTI-CULTURAL JOURNEY OF THE SPIRIT (Soundings of the Planet, CD, $15.98). Ancient prayers and chants from 11 faiths--Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Native American among them--with contemporary musical accompaniments.

THE STORY OF CHRISTIANITY: A CELEBRATION OF 2,000 YEARS OF FAITH, by Michael Collins and Matthew A. Price (DK, $29.95). Richly illustrated digest of Christianity's events, people and movements by a Catholic priest and an evangelical Protestant.

WELCOME BACK TO YIDDISH, by Estelle Abraham (cassette, $12.95 including shipping, 301-530-6530). More than two dozen sayings such as Slog dem kop in vant, which means: "Okay, hit your head against the wall. But what you want is unattainable and it won't do you any good."

CAPTION: The Illustrated Hebrew Bible has images from illuminated manuscripts, synagogue mosaics and paintings.