Democrat Charles A. "Chuck" Harris retained his slot as the Broad Run District's supervisor-elect after a recount showed that he won the three-way race by 12 votes, three more than the official tally after the Nov. 2 election indicated.

Harris said he was pleased that the recount, requested by Republican nominee Bruce E. Tulloch, was over. He said he is eager to continue preparing for his first term in office.

"I was honored to have been elected . . . and I am pleased the recount confirmed what we already knew," Harris said in a prepared statement.

The final tally was completed Monday before a three-judge panel in Loudoun County Circuit Court. It took election officials four hours to feed the paper ballots through two voting machines.

When a petition for a recount is filed in Virginia, state law requires that the chief justice of the Virginia Supreme Court appoint two judges to consider the request along with the chief judge of the local jurisdiction.

Initial, unofficial returns showed that Harris had won by 17 votes. The official returns narrowed the gap to nine votes.

Monday's final totals show that 1,990 residents cast votes for Harris, compared with 1,978 for Tulloch. Independent Timothy F. Powers was third with 868 votes.

Betsy Mayr, secretary for the Loudoun County Electoral Board, said the discrepancies could have been caused by a mechanical glitch or a ballot that jammed when election officials counted the votes after the election.

Mayr also said the machines may have misread a ballot that was not properly filled in. In the November election, she said, many voters simply put an X by their choice instead of completely filling in the oval as directed.

"It could be any number of things," Mayr said. "We're talking about three votes difference. Sometimes the reader may not have read it."

Tulloch, president of the Countryside Homeowners Association, said he'll remain active in his community. "I'll just move on and keep trying to make Broad Run a better place," he said.

The newly elected board has a "strategy session" planned Dec. 29 to discuss the "smart-growth" measures, and it will hold its first official business meeting Jan. 5.