The massive Tudor Hall Village development in Leonardtown last week received a $5.5 million boost in the form of loans and grants from the state Board of Public Works.

The money will help finance the conference center and golf course that are to be part of the Breton Bay waterfront project. The development on a 393-acre site also would include nearly 600 units of upscale single-family housing and apartment-style condominiums.

On Wednesday, the board approved a $1 million loan and a $2 million grant from the Maryland Industrial and Commercial Redevelopment Fund to the Maryland Economic Development Corp., which will lend the money to Leonardtown Recreation Inc. for development costs associated with the golf course and conference center.

The board also approved $2.5 million in Department of Natural Resources Program Open Space funds for the project.

In announcing the funding, Gov. Parris N. Glendening (D) cited the need to expand the state's tourism industry.

"The Tudor Hall project will be an economic boon for St. Mary's County, by creating jobs, attracting tourists and building a world-class resort and conference center to serve the worldwide links that are brought together by the Patuxent River Naval Air Station and the region's growing economy," the governor said in a statement.

The money made available through the Economic Development Corp., together with funding from the Town of Leonardtown, will be used for development costs that include land improvements, construction, furniture, fixtures and equipment. Title to the public land portion of the project will be held by the Town of Leonardtown and Leonardtown Recreation Inc., which will own and manage the improvements.

The state funding is in line with what Leonardtown officials and project developers had sought last summer. Proponents initially had sought about $9 million from the state.

Developers Keith Allston of Charlotte Hall and Andy Colevas of Prince George's County have never made public an estimate of the overall cost of the residential and resort development, but some officials have estimated it at $61 million.

Allston and Colevas have projected that groundbreaking could occur early in 2000. The announcement of the state funding said that the golf course and conference center would open in January 2002.