A 19-year-old Great Mills man was arrested Sunday in connection with the shooting of two people outside a Callaway bar that was hosting a fund-raiser for a former Great Mills High School basketball standout who was shot and killed last month.

Nearly 200 people were at the P & P Sports Bar for a benefit to raise money to pay funeral expenses for Darryl Ronell Mackall, 19, who was found in his car last month with a gunshot wound to the head after a brawl at another nightclub in Callaway. Relatives said they still owe half of the $5,000 funeral and burial costs.

About 1 a.m. Saturday, Travis T. Butler, 19, and Steve L. Thomas, 29, exchanged words that led to a physical fight, according to the St. Mary's County sheriff's office. The men were thrown out of the bar and continued fighting outside while a crowd from inside the bar gathered around them.

Soon after the fight moved outside, Butler allegedly went to his car and returned with a handgun. He shot Thomas and Doris D. Mackall, the aunt of Darryl Mackall, police said. Doris Mackall was an "innocent bystander," said Lt. John Horne of the St. Mary's County sheriff's office.

Thomas was treated for a gunshot wounds to his back and leg and Mackall was treated for a gunshot wound to her ankle at St. Mary's Hospital. Both were released after treatment.

In the Saturday morning incident, Butler was charged with first-degree assault, reckless endangerment and use of a handgun in commission of a felony and crime of violence. He was being held in the St. Mary's County Detention Center.

Two teenagers were arrested last month and charged as adults with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Darryl Mackall on Nov. 21. Maryland State Police investigators handling that case said that the two teenagers--Kirk V. Swales, 17, and Sean Foley Somerville, 18--were riding in a car when Somerville shot Mackall in the face after a car-to-car shouting dispute on Chancellors Run Road near Great Mills.

Mackall, Somerville, Swales and other local youths allegedly were involved in a fistfight before the shooting while playing pool at a local hangout called the Callaway Club, police said.

Mackall's family and friends have said they believe his death had something to do with a long-standing rivalry between a group of youths from the Lexington Park area and another from nearby Oakville. Mackall was at odds with the Oakville group, they said.

Michele Brown, Darryl Mackall's mother and Doris Mackall's sister, said she was not shocked at the violence that took place at last weekend's fund-raiser, just at the source of it. She said she was expecting members of the Oakville group to be the ones causing trouble. "It was a whole other crew," she said. "They started their own little mess there in the club."

Butler was described by Darryl Mackall's relatives as one of the slain basketball player's best friends and was a pallbearer at his funeral. Relatives called him "TT."

"He wasn't trying to shoot me," Doris Mackall said.

Doris Mackall said she was on her way back into the bar to get her car keys when she was shot. She said she saw several men fighting with Butler.

"I don't like the fact that he thought that [the gun] could solve anything," Doris Mackall said. "I think at the spur of the moment he just snapped."

CAPTION: Shootings occurred outside a fund-raiser for funeral and burial costs for Darryl Mackall, above.