The blue van spotted at a District gas station Monday and sought by the FBI after its occupants told a gas station attendant to stay away was possibly the same one found yesterday in New York, according to the FBI.

The van's occupants were not arrested and no "explosives" were found inside, said D.C. FBI spokesman Bill Carter. Authorities are keeping a tight lid on details about the discovery, and Carter said an investigation is continuing.

Carter would not say where in New York City or when exactly the van was found. He said he could not discuss how New York authorities found the van or what they asked the occupants once they found them.

Carter also said that because the matter was still under investigation, he could not confirm whether the blue van in New York was the same one that prompted suspicion this week at the Southeast Washington gas station near the Capitol.

On Monday, two men--described as Middle Eastern--pulled into a full-service Exxon station in a 1989 Mitsubishi van with Texas plates, according to the FBI.

Whan a gas station attendant approached, the van's occupants told him to keep away. The attendant found the men and the gesture suspicious, and the station manager called U.S. Capitol Police, who, in turn, called the FBI.

FBI officials, who said the concern was legitimate in light of fears of terrorist attacks as the year ends, then advised their agents and D.C. police to be on the lookout for the van.