Sparked by the recent success of Board of Supervisor candidates endorsed by Loudoun County's Democrats, the local party is forming a Young Democrats chapter.

Sara Brown, the group's newly elected president, said about 15 people attended the organizational meeting Wednesday night at King's Court Tavern in Leesburg.

"We had people from the east and people from the west," Brown said. "There were people in the horse industry and small technology business owners."

David L. Whitmer, chairman of the Loudoun Democratic Party, said he decided to form the chapter after seeing the results of the November general election.

The outgoing Board of Supervisors includes one Democrat, one independent and seven Republicans. The new board will include four Democrats, two independents endorsed by the Democrats and three Republicans.

"This group was energized by our successes," Whitmer said.

Eight of the winners, including two of the Republicans, were endorsed by Voters to Stop Sprawl, a citizens group that raised campaign funds and gave developers and builders, usually the largest contributors, a run for their money.

Brown, who lives in Lincoln and works in the marketing department of a Sterling technology company, said that although the group is still in its infancy, members have expressed an interest in focusing on ways to curb Loudoun's rapid growth.

"Our highest priority is smart growth," Brown said. "Then education and economic development."

The Young Democrats, which plans to meet monthly, accepts members up to age 35. The January meeting will be devoted to approving a constitution and electing other officers.