1. Lincoln Center, southwest corner of Sully Road (Route 28) and future Gloucester Parkway (Nokes Boulevard) interchange. Approval to rezone 88.5 acres from planned development industrial park to planned development commercial center for retail use.


2. Mobil on the Run, southeast of the village of Ryan, northeast of the Dulles Greenway and Route 722 interchange. Approval to allow a convenience store with gas pumps, car wash and restaurant in a planned development office park.

3. Route 50 Gateway, southeast corner of Route 50 and the Fairfax County line, north of Route 742 (Poland Road). Approval to rezone the northern portion of the property from countryside residential to commercial light industrial and planned development commercial center, and the southern portion of the property from countryside residential to planned development housing.



4. Eden, northeast corner of Route 7 and Algonkian Parkway. A rezoning of 47.7 acres from agriculture-residential to multifamily residential and planned development housing to build 24 single-family detached units and 290 multifamily units, including 22 affordable dwelling units.


5. Heritage Baptist Church, 21700 Shellhorn Rd. A special exception to build an 8,400-square-foot chapel with parking in a countryside residential district allowing two houses per lot.

6. O'Dell Property, southeast corner of Oak Grove Road and Trefoil Lane. A rezoning of 10.61 acres from planned development general industry to multifamily residential to allow construction of as many as 145 town houses.


7. C.C. Johnson Co., west side of Pleasant Valley Road about one-tenth of a mile north of Route 50. A special exception to allow concrete crushing and stump processing in an 8.85-acre mineral resource heavy industry district.

8. Loudoun Center, south side of Route 606, 900 feet west of Route 28. A special exception to allow increased office use.

9. Belmont Glen, west of Route 659 (Belmont Ridge Road), east of Beaverdam Reservoir about eight-tenths of a mile south of the Dulles Greenway. A rezoning amendment to reduce the number of houses from 61 single-family detached and 35 single-family attached to 49 single-family detached.


10. Brockman, west side of Brockman Farm Lane, north of the intersection of Lowes Island Boulevard and Algonkian Parkway. A rezoning of 10 acres from agriculture residential to planned development housing to allow construction of 30 single-family detached units.