Dr. Gridlock asked for your New Year's transportation resolutions for local government officials, and we got plenty. A sample:

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

Stop building houses. They all come with at least two cars to further clog our roads.

Martin Bromser-Kloeden


If people are parked in a NO PARKING zone during rush hours, tow them away. In Honolulu, police and tow trucks are out in force at 6 a.m., and every illegally parked car gets ticketed and towed. The District, as well as surrounding communities, could benefit from this.

John E. Brewer


Crack down on red light runners. Ticket drivers who use shoulders to end run traffic.

Nancy Hunt


(1) For each new mile of pavement we build, we promise to build one new mile of Metrorail track.

(2) We also promise to begin construction of a Metrorail line that serves Tysons Corner and the Dulles corridor and to not approve the construction of any more buildings at Tysons until that time.

(3) We promise to recite every day, "Since building new roads in a growing metropolitan area has never solved traffic congestion problems, we promise to spend our time and resources improving public transit and land-use planning."

David Hindin

Falls Church

Be it resolved for 2000 and all future years that all local jurisdictions will install fluorescent lane markers and use fluorescent paint on all roads in the metropolitan area.

The better drivers can see where they're going, the safer the roads will be for the driving public.

Linda L. Olwell


Here's a short New Year's wish list for local politicos who say they want more public transportation. They should resolve to add:

(1) More parking at the Glenmont Red Line Metro station.

(2) A rail link from Metro to Dulles International Airport.

Frank C. Maida


Resolved that the various jurisdictions will be active in locating and ensuring repairs are made on burned-out street lights, particularly on heavily used roads.

Jeffrey Mora


That Maryland officials make a better effort in getting the word out that state law requires headlights to be turned on during inclement weather.

Joel Kawer


Be it resolved that D.C. police will ticket various catering and other delivery trucks servicing the Corcoran Gallery of Art during rush hours. They take up one of only two lanes and cause constant backups.

Lynn Kibler


It pains me to offer this resolution, but let's all resolve not to honk our horns except to draw attention to a dangerous situation. Honking horns adds to stress.

Peter Freeman

Chevy Chase

Be it resolved that drivers approaching toll gates will select a lane and stick with it and not change lanes at the last moment, especially without signaling.

And be it resolved that the Virginia Department of Transportation will clearly number each toll gate at the main toll plaza on the Dulles Toll Road and will identify with a sign at least a half-mile before the toll plaza the numbers of the toll gates that are SMART TAG ONLY.

Michael Resnick


D.C. officials should tow and impound cars that park in areas where they block traffic and then require a course in polite driving before the car can be released.

Paul D. Motzenbecker Jr.

University Park

Eliminate all HOV lanes. Open all the lanes. Get traffic moving.

Keith Michael Pow


The number one New Year's resolution for police officers should be: "I resolve to obey the law." That means no speeding (without sirens and flashing lights), no running red lights, turning without signals, illegal parking.

Robert N. Oerter


I have a hope that signs of every description will be replaced, corrected, removed or cleaned: those whose information has been worn off by the elements, those that are tilted at odd angles, those that were hit in accidents, those that are marred by graffiti and especially those that are missing.

Barbara Lock Goodman


A suggested resolution for the New Year: Let's all do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That would solve a lot of problems on the roads today.

Gene McClung

Great Falls

More next week, including Dr. Gridlock's. Have a great holiday!

Dr. Gridlock's assistant, Jessica Medinger, contributed to this column.

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