In a photo published in Wednesday's Extra, the Foster family is misidentified. They are baby Silas Foster; his father, Thomas; brother Clark, 3; and his mother, Terri. (Published 01/08/2000)

As Tracy Matthys endured labor pains at Prince William Hospital in the early hours of the new year, she was comforted by her husband, Allen. Or was she comforting him? The two could speak only by phone, because Allen was in Inova Fairfax Hospital, recovering from a rejected kidney transplant.

Shortly before 9 a.m. Saturday, Tracy, 29, of Remington, gave birth to the second millennial baby at the hospital--and the couple's second child. Mother and daughter are at home, and Allen Matthys is doing well and is expected to be released soon, his wife said yesterday.

"It's pretty amazing to us because we didn't expect this," Tracy Matthys said. "We weren't really focused on the date because we knew she would come when she was ready."

Her daughter, Laura Elizabeth Matthys, was one of several babies delivered on New Year's Day at local hospitals.

For some, the race to give birth to the first baby of the year is a fierce competition in which couples plan for months. The competition was even more intense with the millennial change. A list at Prince William Hospital named 30 women with due dates of Dec. 31 or Jan. 1. Many expectant mothers are still waiting, said Donna Ballou, hospital spokeswoman.

"This year was special; we called it the millennium baby shower," Ballou said.

Ballou said information about the new year's "shower" was sent to all the departments in the hospital. Money was collected from various hospital departments and used to purchase gifts for the mothers and infants. Gift baskets included towels, diapers and baby books for the newborns and candy, fruit and other items for the mother who delivered the first baby of the year, Cindy Smith of Remington, whose daughter was born at 8:36 a.m. Lilliana Smith, who weighed 5 pounds, 14 ounces, also received a cradle donated from a local store.

The first baby at Potomac Hospital in Woodbridge was born to Scott and Vickie Smith of Woodbridge at 10:14 a.m. The child was the couple's sixth.

CAPTION: Silas Farmer is the center of attention as his father, Thomas, brother, Clark, 3, and mother, Terri, gather around him in the neo-natal intensive care unit at Prince William Hospital. Silas was born six weeks early, on New Year's Eve.

CAPTION: Above, Tracy Matthys talks on the phone to her husband, Allen, between contractions. Allen was in Inova Fairfax Hospital recovering from a rejected kidney transplant during the birth. At left, Tracy endures another contraction as her sister, Terri McEuen, left, and her mother, Grace McEuen, offer support.

CAPTION: At right, Tracy Matthys greets her newborn daughter, Laura, seconds after her birth. Left, Tracy, 29, of Remington, plants a first kiss on Laura's head. She gave birth shortly before 9 a.m. Saturday to the second New Year's baby at Prince William Hospital. The race to give birth to the first baby of the year was even more intense, given the millennial change. Employees in all departments of Prince William Hospital gave money to purchase gifts for the mothers and infants.