Reginald Rainey won't take credit for launching the careers of stars like R&B singer Mya and the hip-hop/reggae group, Born Jamericans. But the owner of Bowie-based management company X-Posure Productions said his talent showcases beamed some light on those stars before they had MTV videos.

Rainey hopes the five less-well-known R&B and rap acts that he and his wife Doreen manage will have similar success. "We are trying to create a movement," said Rainey, 32, who earned a business degree from Strayer University in Washington and continues to work there as an administrator.

Rainey built a state-of-the-art studio in his Bowie home in June, where he recently recorded an album with his best-known artist, Joe Clair.

Clair, formerly the host of B.E.T.'s "Rap City," is better known as a comedian, but Rainey and X-Posure's four producers--known as Rikush Mojo, an amalgam of their first names--hope to help him make the transition to recording artist. They recently added the final touches to Clair's first rap album, on which he delivers socially conscious lyrics against a jazzy background.

Rainey hopes his other local acts--including the female quartet 4-Biden, vocalist Stefan Green, vocalist Nova Nelson and rapper Raven--will help him join the ranks of other manager/moguls in the tradition of Bad Boy's Sean "Puffy" Combs and No Limit's Master P.

He is always on the lookout for talent, which is why he continues to put on his X-Posure Entertainment Talent Showcases four times each year.

"It's not an open mike or my-sister-can-sing kind of thing," he says. "We try to make it more industry-oriented."

If and when Rainey's groups do explode onto the national stage, don't expect him to flee for the Big Apple or La La Land to set up operations. "We want to make it work in this area," he said.

CAPTION: Reginald Rainey, owner of X-Posure Productions, sits in the control room of his production office in Bowie. His firm manages well-known R&B and rap acts.