18-Year-Old Injured on Train Tracks

An 18-year-old man was critically injured last night when he wandered onto the train tracks in College Park and was hit by a freight train, Prince George's County fire officials said.

The man, whose identity was not available, was with a group of people when he was hit by the train near the 4800 block of College Avenue around 10:50 p.m., Lt. Mark Brady said. He was flown by helicopter to Prince George's Hospital Center and was listed in critical condition last night.

Brady said investigators did not know why the group was at the railroad tracks. No one else was injured, and police are investigating.

More Opinions on Tobacco Settlement

Comptroller William Donald Schaefer (D) and Treasurer Richard N. Dixon (D) called yesterday for the state to give Orioles owner and lawyer Peter G. Angelos 12.5 percent of Maryland's $4.4 billion share of the national tobacco settlement as payment for suing cigarette makers to recoup Medicaid expenses for treating smoking-related illnesses.

Angelos is seeking 25 percent and is waging a court battle with the state over his fees. Attorney General J. Joseph Curran Jr. (D) wants Angelos to seek his fees from a national arbitration panel before getting any payment from the state, which Angelos has refused to do.

Deputy Attorney General Carmen Shepard declined yesterday to comment on Schaefer and Dixon's proposal; she said she expected the court fight over the fees to continue.

Angelos and his attorneys could not be reached for comment.

Two years ago, the General Assembly voted to change Angelos's contract with the state, reducing his fee from 25 percent to 12.5 percent--or from about $1 billion to $500 million.

Angelos has contested the legislature's move. But Schaefer and Dixon said that lawmakers had the power to make the changes and that the lawyer should be paid.

Upper Marlboro Incumbents Win

Voters in Upper Marlboro returned all three incumbent town commissioners to office Monday after a divisive election battle.

Commission President Helen Ford received 141 votes. Commissioners Robert D. Hopkins III and Lawrence K. Warman Jr. each received 139 votes to defeat challengers R. Patricia Reno, John Bowler and Sassie Thompson Miles for two-year terms.

Reno said yesterday that she is considering challenging the results because the ballots listed all of the incumbents first. The town charter requires names of candidates to be listed alphabetically.

Ford, who has been on the commission for nearly two decades, recently described the election by saying, "Swords have been drawn, neighbor against neighbor."

Shop Near Antietam Opposed

The Sharpsburg Town Council is opposed to an Anne Arundel County man's plan to open an antiques shop on property he bought near Antietam National Battlefield.

William F. Chaney has said he would like to open a small museum with an attached shop for his Civil War relics on a 101-acre farm he bought.

Members of the Sharpsburg Town Council voted Monday to send a letter saying they oppose any commercialization near the battlefield but encourage restoration of the property.


Blood Supply Dwindles in Area

The blood supply for the Washington-Baltimore area is bordering on "code red" status, according to the American Red Cross.

As of yesterday, the supply of both type O-negative and type B-negative were down to half a day's worth.

Spokesman Patrick Smith said the Red Cross has been plagued by sluggish donations since Thanksgiving. And a number of businesses that usually sponsor holiday season blood drives canceled because of Y2K preparations.

Smith said any healthy person age 17 or older and weighing more than 110 pounds should make an appointment to give blood now.

The number to call is 800-GIVE LIFE.

Traffic Footage Shown on Va. Web Site

Starting at 8 a.m. today, commuters can get live footage of traffic conditions on major roads in Northern Virginia with the click of a mouse.

On its new Web site,, the Virginia Department of Transportation will post live pictures from its traffic cameras on 25 heavily traveled routes along Interstates 66, 95, 395 and 495.

By summer, the site plans to carry images from all 100 VDOT traffic cameras.

VDOT officials say the new Web site is designed to help commuters plan travel routes by giving them real-time information about tie-ups, open roads and other conditions.

Maryland shows live traffic footage from cameras along major roads at a state Web site,


Mission Seeks Leftover Stockpiles

If you find yourself with excess Spam or other items stockpiled in case of a Y2K disaster that never came, Central Union Mission would love to have it.

"Y2K concerns made people worry about what they would do if they had no food or were without water," said David Treadwell, executive director of the mission in Northwest Washington.

Those same concerns, he added, "are the ones the homeless face every day."

Last year, Central Union, at 1350 R St. NW, sheltered more than 40,000 homeless men, served more than 189,000 meals and distributed more than 171,000 pieces of clothing and personal items to needy men, women and children.


"This is our worst nightmare come true."

-- Charles County State's Attorney Leonard C. Collins Jr., on a 13-day delay in serving an arrest warrant his office requested for a man accused of spousal abuse. The man killed his wife Monday, then killed himself.