To our readers:

With this special millennium issue about the future of Prince George's County, the Prince George's Extra marks its first anniversary.

The year that has just passed was a time of great change in Prince George's County, and the Prince George's Extra was there each Wednesday in your Washington Post to bring you the news. We fully expect that 2000 also will be a year of great significance to the county and plan to expand our coverage to bring you more stories of importance to you about the schools, the state of race relations, the health of the local economy, the condition of the roads, the debate over development, the crime rate, the arts, sports and dining.

You also will continue to find stories about Prince George's County throughout the daily Washington Post, on the front page, in the Metro section and elsewhere. The Prince George's Extra and the daily Washington Post will continue to feature the thorough and thoughtful reporting and writing and the compelling, evocative photographs that are the hallmarks of The Post.

In its first year, the Prince George's Extra also has had a lively page of Letters to the Editor and opinion pieces on Page 4. Keep writing! The letters page can help illuminate important events and issues. It gives you a chance to see what is on the minds of your neighbors, officials and business leaders and to exchange ideas with them.

We welcome your thoughts, your opinions and your story ideas.

Please call 301-952-1391, fax to 301-952-1397, e-mail to or write to Prince George's Extra, The Washington Post, 14402 Old Mill Rd., Suite 201, Upper Marlboro, Md. 20772.

-- Miranda S. Spivack

Editor, Prince George's Extra