Here are more of your thoughtful New Year's transportation resolutions for local officials:

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

Resolved that Pennsylvania Avenue and E Street NW beside the White House be reopened to restore access to downtown, even if we have to wait for the next U.S. president to get it done.

Resolved that Klingle Road NW be reopened to restore the only cross-town route that goes under Connecticut Avenue.

Resolved that major route numbers in the city be better marked. For example, U.S. 1, U.S. 29, U.S. 50 and Interstate 295 get lost on their way through the District.

Harold Gray


Give greater consideration to tunnel crossings of the Potomac River. Boston has three major tunnel crossings and is now putting its Central Artery into the ground after long experience with an elevated eyesore. Baltimore has two tunnels, Pittsburgh at least one and New York City several. Perhaps metropolitan Washington doesn't have sufficient clout in Congress to get a place at the funding table.

Eric Hansen


Traffic officials for Virginia, Maryland and the District should resolve to implement and enforce a strict "Don't Block the Box" policy at every major intersection.

Deborah Gillham


Every cabdriver within 50 miles of Washington should have to undergo comprehensive driver training and aggressive driver management school. These guys are on the road all day and are some of our area's most dangerous drivers, particularly those in the District.

Chris Ingraham


Resolved, that traffic engineers in local jurisdictions will modify the settings on all traffic light loop activation devices so that they will change a light from red to green when a bicycle passes over them.

These lights that will not change for a bicyclist are dangerous and should not exist.

Bruce Dwyer


Police in all local jurisdictions should stop people who fail to use turn signals and punish them severely.

Nancy Conger

Falls Church

A resolution for the people in charge of traffic signs and road markings in Maryland, Virginia and D.C.:

Resolve to get out of town and see how it's done in some other places, such as Toronto, Southern California, the New York City area, England, Germany and the Netherlands.

John Sietsema


The owners of the various bridges (rail especially) should promise to paint them so that the approaches to the nation's capital do not look like they are about to fall into the Potomac. Also, Fairfax County and the Virginia Department of Transportation should allow 150 more buildings to be built between Tysons Corner and Dulles International Airport with no more roads. Oops, no need for a resolution on that one, it's already happening!

David H. Lipsey


And now, here are suggested resolutions from Dr. Gridlock and his assistant, Jessica Medinger:

Jessica: Resolved that dump trucks and other trucks carrying loose material have hard-top coverings that enclose the load completely. Sometimes, even with soft-top coverings, debris and rocks escape, cracking windshields and littering.

Dr. Gridlock: Resolved that government officials in charge of roads make sure that every intersection with a traffic light has adequate overhead lighting, easy-to-read overhead street signs (with block numbers) and overhead lane information (such as Right Turn Only) with appropriate arrows so we can shift lanes in advance of the intersection. Please help us.

Sometimes local traffic officials respond to your resolutions. We'll try to carry their comments as they arrive.

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