There are 30 questions. Get the first 10 correct and you'll have 100 points and can advance to the next level.

Get the next 10 correct and you'll double your score and move on to the third and final level.

If you miss a question, you are automatically out of the game.

You have three lifelines: You may e-mail a friend, e-mail a Washington Post reporter (about as reliable as the 50/50 pick) or call an expert (preferably someone at the public library).

1. D. He spiked the club. So much for living in the quiet suburbs.

2. D. County employees opened the floodgates and came back too late.

3. C. If you said D, shame on you.

4. C. Batteries not included.

5. A. Only because the band wouldn't play Gilbert & Sullivan.

6. A. It's the Motown of Virginia.

7. E. This was a tough one. The chickens got loose in 1995.

8. D. He took a double-bogey when his golf clubs were swiped.

9. B. On its maiden run, super-model Fabio was slapped in the face by an errant goose, necessitating three stitches to his nose (Fabio's, that is).

10. D. Very observant cops, obviously.

11. D & E. Though we hear their CDs are coming out any day now.

12. C & D. Lilith's a pagan name, warned Falwell, who also issued a "Parent Alert" about Tinky Winky, outing the little purple Teletubby as gay.

13. It depends on your definition of curious. All of them happened.

14. You have the right to remain silent. Any answer you give can and will be held against you (Okay, it's A, B and C).

15. D. What's next? The broad side of a barn?

16. A, B and C. Tally-ho!

17. D. Luckily, it was the middle of the night.

18. A and D. Though a "Wax Jefferson" might cinch the deal.

19. D. Must have been some migraine.

20. A and D. Only Amish horses are required to signal when turning.

21. C. It takes one to know one.

22. D. Claiming the hotel demanded its property back, the fired doorman stripped and later said, "If I had to leave Butterball-naked, I would have."

23. B. The berries were irresistible to the cedar waxwings, which were then accidentally mowed down by cars whizzing past.

24. B-12, I-21, N-44--Yup, they snuffed out Bingo.

25. B. The city's architecture review board declared the reptile in violation of several historic preservation ordinances.

26. C. Gen. Lee. Sabato's portrait isn't finished yet.

27. A. Democrats are an endangered species in Richmond these days.

28. D. At least he didn't bill her.

29. B. Remember, we said Hillary the cat.

30. C. Yeah, as if he would have said D.