Marking its fifth anniversary, the Virginia News Quiz celebrates the end of a year, a century and a millennium. But don't worry: We're going to quiz you only about the events of 1999. You DO remember 1999, don't you? Let's find out.

Here are 30 questions about the famous as well as the forgettable occurrences of the bygone 12 months. Score one point for each correct answer. But first ask yourself, "Is that my final answer?"

The real answers can be found on Page 5.

1. Upset because his neighbor's grass clippings blew into his yard, a Herndon man:

a) blew them back

b) called the cops

c) filed a $10 million lawsuit

d) attacked the guy with a nail-spiked club

2. Joggers who showed up at Lake Barton in Burke one Saturday morning were shocked to find that their lake was:

a) overflowing

b) polluted

c) glowing

d) gone

3. In a bizarre blasting mishap, a Loudoun neighborhood was pelted with rocks the size of:

a) baseballs

b) melon balls

c) soccer balls

d) Til Hazel

4. Prince William school leaders decided to offer warranties on their high school graduates, guaranteeing the breadth of their knowledge for:

a) life

b) 10 years

c) 2 years

d) 90 days

5. Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist set tongues wagging at a Virginia judicial conference when he broke into song, leading a rousing chorus of:

a) "Dixie"

b) "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny"

c) "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"

d) "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General"

6. The U.S. Mint announced that its new commemorative quarter honoring Virginia will feature a scene depicting:

a) Jamestown

b) Yorktown

c) Old Town

d) Motown

7. Which of the following did NOT spill onto Northern Virginia interstates last year?

a) gunpowder and shampoo

b) a four-pound Chihuahua named Tito

c) melted ice cream from a flaming Mr. Frosty truck

d) 40,000 pounds of yarn

e) 5,000 squawking chickens

8. Did someone say gunpowder? When Fairfax County Executive Robert J. O'Neill Jr. learned that explosives experts feared the overturned gunpowder truck might blow up, he:

a) called out the National Guard

b) called in the National Rifle Association

c) evacuated all of Springfield

d) went golfing in South Carolina

9. Busch Gardens proudly unveiled its newest thrill ride:

a) The Loch Ness Millennium Monster

b) Apollo's Chariot Roller Coaster

c) Mother Goose's Wild Adventure

d) Fabio's Wild Goose Adventure

10. A thief dressed like Abraham Lincoln--with stovepipe hat, wire-rim spectacles and a fake beard--held up several stores in the region. Police said the thief was "a dead ringer" for Honest Abe except for the fact that the suspect was:

a) short

b) fat

c) female

d) black

11. The Arlington Public Library auctioned off more than 4,000 vinyl LP records. Which of these classic titles was not among them:

a) "Mountain Songs and Yodeling of the Alps"

b) "Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy"

c) "The Speeches of Adlai Stevenson"

d) "The Speeches of James S. Gilmore III"

e) "Chief Justice Rehnquist Does Gilbert & Sullivan"

12. Virginia televangelist Jerry Falwell launched a new family-values campaign, warning parents not to:

a) let their kids watch Disney movies

b) let their kids read Harry Potter books

c) name their daughters "Lilith"

d) name their sons "Tinky Winky"

13. The most curious sight in Fairfax County last year:

a) an ostrich stampeding through Clifton

b) a toothy crocodilian loose in Lake Accotink

c) Sen. Bobby Byrd fender-bending on Route 50

d) Abraham Lincoln holding up a 7-Eleven

14. Speaking of Sen. Byrd, what did the gentleman from West Virginia tell police after rear-ending another vehicle with his rented Cadillac?

a) that he was rushing to a Mother's Day event back home

b) that he had immunity, waving a copy of the Constitution

c) that he wanted to be treated like any other John Q. Citizen

d) that his silver pompadour had obstructed his view

15. Under the supervision of a D.C. police weapons instructor, a dozen officers on the firing range at Lorton prison took aim with their submachine guns and brought down:

a) the torso of a cardboard bad guy

b) a clay pigeon tossed into the air

c) six tin cans on a nearby fence

d) 12 houses in a nearby subdivision

16. Citing national security, officials at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard banned what eavesdropping menace from their installation?

a) Russian diplomats

b) Cuban emigres

c) Furby toys

d) Bill Clinton

e) Linda Tripp

17. The eight-year, $400 million overhaul of the infamous Springfield "Mixing Bowl" interchange had been underway for exactly two hours when:

a) VDOT said it could do the work in six years

b) VDOT said it could do the work for $350 million

c) VDOT said it could do the job in five years, for $300 million.

d) Three tractor rigs collided, shutting down the interstate and backing up traffic for miles

18. A Ripley's Believe It or Not museum proposed for tony Williamsburg received this response from the former colonial capital:

a) try York County--they love the weird and wacky

b) can we display Fabio and his goose?

c) only if there's a wax Jefferson next to the wax Whoopi Goldberg

d) over our dead two-headed bodies

19. Under what conditions did Sausage Queen Donna Dean, wife of Jimmy, find inspiration to write the lyrics for their proposed new state song?

a) in the music room, with a flute

b) in the parlor, with a double martini

c) in the kitchen, with Colonel Mustard

d) in the can, with a migraine

20. Horses in Wise, Va., lost a long-cherished right when the town council approved a new ordinance requiring that they:

a) stay off the sidewalks

b) stay out of saloons

c) signal if they want to turn

d) wear diapers

21. A descendant of Thomas Jefferson, explaining the family's demand for more research before accepting the descendants of Sally Hemings, Jefferson's slave and paramour, as kin, said:

a) "We do not want to rush a decision."

b) "It's such a delicate matter, one cannot be too careful."

c) "We're not racists. We're snobs."

22. When the doorman at the stodgy Jefferson Hotel in Richmond was fired, he left work:

a) with his pride

b) with his boss's Lexus

c) without his paycheck

d) without his clothes

23. Wildlife biologists attributed the deaths of hundreds of federally protected birds along state highways to:

a) hungry coyotes

b) killer shrubbery

c) rented Cadillacs

d) police training at Lorton

24. Warren County firefighters were so upset over efforts to shut down their fire company that they:

a) refused to hand out plastic firemen's hats to kids on visitors day

b) refused to slide down the firehouse pole on visitors day

c) sold their Dalmatian over the Internet

d) canceled Bingo night

25. A massive power failure in Alexandria was attributed to:

a) Y2K testing

b) a snake on a utility pole

c) Hurricane Dennis

d) Hurricane Floyd

e) Hurricane Vola

26. Officials in Richmond skirmished for months over whether the city's famed Canal Walk should feature a portrait of what prominent Virginian?

a) Indian princess Pocahontas

b) Porkmeister Jimmy Dean

c) Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee

d) Tennis legend Arthur Ashe

e) U-Va. political pundit Larry Sabato

27. The House of Delegates passed a measure allowing localities to pay bounty hunters who bring in:

a) dead coyotes

b) dead cougars

c) dead deer

d) Democrats

28. Distraught over breaking up with his Arlington girlfriend, a lawyer and prominent local GOP figure:

a) sent her a dozen roses

b) sent her photo to Playboy

c) published a love poem in the newspaper

d) cut the brake lines on her car

29. Hillary, a black Persian cat from Springfield, escaped from her mate, Bill, by:

a) dialing 911

b) rolling down the electric car window and jumping out onto the Beltway

c) voluntarily checking herself into the ASPCA

d) running for the Senate from New York

30. Addressing the first VMI graduating class with women in it, commencement speaker G. Gordon Liddy said that a woman's place is:

a) in the kitchen

b) at Mary Baldwin College

c) behind the front lines

d) in the Senate, representing New York

The Answers

There are 30 questions. Get the first 10 correct and you'll have 100 points and can advance to the next level. Get the next 10 correct and you'll double your score and move on to the third and final level. If you miss a question, you are automatically out of the game.

You have three lifelines: You may e-mail a friend, e-mail a Washington Post reporter (about as reliable as the 50/50 pick) or call an expert (preferably someone at the public library).

1. D. He spiked the club. So much for living in the quiet suburbs.

2. D. County employees opened the floodgates and came back too late.

3. C. If you said D, shame on you.

4. C. Batteries not included.

5. A. Only because the band wouldn't play Gilbert & Sullivan.

6. A. It's the Motown of Virginia.

7. E. This was a tough one. The chickens got loose in 1995.

8. D. He took a double-bogey when his golf clubs were swiped.

9. B. On its maiden run, super-model Fabio was slapped in the face by an errant goose, necessitating three stitches to his nose (Fabio's, that is).

10. D. Very observant cops, obviously.

11. D & E. Though we hear their CDs are coming out any day now.

12. C & D. Lilith's a pagan name, warned Falwell, who also issued a "Parent Alert" about Tinky Winky, outing the little purple Teletubby as gay.

13. It depends on your definition of curious. All of them happened.

14. You have the right to remain silent. Any answer you give can and will be held against you (Okay, it's A, B and C).

15. D. What's next? The broad side of a barn?

16. C. They don't call it a "bug-eyed" toy for nothing.

17. D. Luckily, it was the middle of the night.

18. A & D. Although a "Wax Jefferson" might cinch the deal.

19. D. Must have been some migraine.

20. A & D. Only Amish horses are required to signal when turning.

21. C. It takes one to know one.

22. D. Claiming the hotel demanded its property back, the fired doorman stripped and later said, "If I had to leave Butterball-naked, I would have."

23. B. The berries were irresistible to the cedar waxwings, which were then accidentally mowed down by cars whizzing past.

24. B-12, I-21, N-44 -- Yup, they snuffed out Bingo.

25. B. The city's architecture review board declared the reptile in violation of several historic preservation ordinances.

26. C. General Lee. Sabato's portrait isn't finished yet.

27. A. Democrats are an endangered species in Richmond these days.

28. D. At least he didn't bill her.

29. B. Remember, we said Hillary the cat.

30. C. Yeah, like he would have said D.