St. Mary's County Finance Director Steven E. Welkos has resigned his position, citing personal reasons.

Welkos was the county's second high-profile administrator to leave his post last week. On Tuesday, the Board of County Commissioners terminated County Administrator Mortimer L. Smedley's two-year contract, just 10 months after signing it. Commissioners said they would not comment on Smedley's departure.

Welkos, 51, has worked for the county since 1995. He will stay on until the week of Jan. 17, when commissioners will appoint an interim director.

The county marked a few financial milestones during Welkos's tenure. In 1998, the county budget passed $100 million for the first time. And last year, the county went to the bond market for its biggest one-time borrowing ever for capital projects--$29.5 million for new schools and a library.

Welkos also had some low moments during his time with county government. In 1998, he was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and offered to resign, an offer commissioners rejected.

Welkos said he is leaving now because he wants to relocate to Anne Arundel County. He has accepted a job with the State Department of Budget and Management in Annapolis.

"I'm not leaving because of a career change. Nor is it the current board of commissioners," Welkos said. "It's just something I wanted to do for personal reasons."