It took about four hours, but yesterday at the Washington Post/Loudoun Extra Invitational at Park View High School, the Stonewall Jackson gymnastics team produced a birthday present for Coach Karen Lutman: a first-place trophy.

"On the bus ride over here that's all we talked about--how much we wanted to win it for her on her birthday," said freshman Laura Hancock, who placed fifth in the overall competition with a 33.35. "And after the first event [uneven bars], we did so bad that I started to cry. I thought we were going to let her down."

But in the end, the Raiders vaulted, literally, past Broad Run, finishing with a 129.675 average compared with the Spartans' 129.1. Park View placed third with a 124.5.

"It's a great birthday present," said Lutman, 42, in her 20th season as coach. "This is definitely a big win for us."

Because of the talent differential in the 12-team field, yesterday's invitational was divided into two separate meets. The Red Division, which featured teams averaging 125 points or more on the season, was composed of Courtland, Loudoun Valley, Potomac Falls, Stafford and Woodbridge. The seven teams averaging 124 points or less--Broad Run, Colonial Forge, Harrisonburg, Osbourn, Park View, Stonewall Jackson and Turner Ashby--were in the Blue Division.

"The reason why we break it up is so that the same schools like Stafford, Woodbridge and Potomac Falls don't always win," said Park View Coach Carolann Krische. "But that didn't happen today."

Stafford won the Red Division easily, posting a 147.3. Potomac Falls placed a distant second with 139.025, and Woodbridge took third with 133.7.

For Stonewall, Adriana Harvey, Jenny Winger and Hancock helped make victory possible despite each being bothered by an ankle injury.

Harvey won the all-around competition with 35.775, and Winger took second with a 35.25. Osbourn's Meagen Magee finished third (33.95). Harvey, Winger and Hancock also finished 1-2-3 in the vault.

In the Red Division, Stafford's Sarah Brown (37.4), Angel Dodson (36.9) and Aimee Little (36.85) swept the top three spots, respectively, in the all-around competition.

"What I was most proud of is that we kept getting better scores in each event," Stafford Coach Shawn Smith said. "We always tried to improve."


Red Division


1. Stafford, 147.3; 2. Potomac Falls, 139.025; 3. Woodbridge, 133.7; 4. Loudoun Valley, 127.8; 5. Courtland, 127.35.


Vault: 1. Sarah Brown, Stafford, 9.4; 2. Elisa Padilla, Potomac Falls, 9.25; 3. Devon Bartok, Loudoun Valley, 9.15; 3. Kristine Martin, Woodbridge, 9.15; 5. Lindsey Montana, Potomac Falls, 9.125. Uneven bars: Angel Dodson. Stafford, 9.35; 2. Elisa Padilla, Potomac Falls, 9.25; 3. Kristine Martin, Woodbridge, 9.2; 4. Jennifer Whited, Stafford, 9; 4. Aimee Little, Stafford, 9. Balance beam: 1. Lindsey Montana, Potomac Falls, and Sarah Brown, Stafford, 9.6; 3. Angel Dodson, Stafford, 9.55; 4. Aimee Little, Stafford, 9.5; 5. Elisa Padilla, Potomac Falls, 9.45. Floor exercise: 1. Aimee Little, Stafford, 9.45; 2. Sarah Brown, Stafford, 9.4; 3. Lindsey Montana, Potomac Falls, 9.1; 4. Tracey Payne, Courtland, 9; 4. Angel Dodson, Stafford, and Kristine Martin, Woodbridge, 9; All-around: 1. Sarah Brown, Stafford, 37.4; 2. Angel Dodson, Stafford, 36.9; 3. Aimee Little, Stafford, 36.85; 4. Lindsey Montana, Potomac Falls, 36.8; 5. Elisa Padilla, Potomac Falls, 36.6.

Blue Division


1. Stonewall Jackson, 129.675; 2. Broad Run, 129.1; 3. Park View, 124.5; 4. Turner Ashby, 117.7; 5. Colonial Forge, 113.75; 6. Harrisonburg 112.85; 7. Osbourn, 56.3.


Vault: 1. Adriana Harvey, Stonewall Jackson, 9.275; 2. Jenny Winger, Stonewall Jackson, 9.2; 3. Laura Hancock, Stonewall Jackson, 9.05; 4. Meagen Magee, Osbourn, 8.95; 5. Lisa Yeagley, Colonial Forge, 8.7. Uneven bars: 1. Adriana Harvey, Stonewall Jackson, 8.8; 2. Laura Hancock, Stonewall Jackson, 8.5; 3. Jamie Calderwood, Broad Run, 8.4; 4. Lisa Yeagley, Colonial Forge, 8.25; 4. Meagen Magee, Osbourn, 8.25. Balance beam: 1. Sara Constanza, Park View, 9; 2. Jenny Winger, Stonewall Jackson, 8.75; 3. Kira Culotti, Broad Run, 8.7; 4. Shelly Hacker, Broad Run, 8.65; 5. Kaitlyn Butynski, Park View, 8.5. Floor exercise: 1. Adriana Harvey, Stonewall Jackson, and Jenny Winger, Stonewall Jackson, 9.35; 3. Sara Constanza, Park View, 8.9; 4. Meagen Magee, Osbourn, 8.85; 4. Laura Hancock, Stonewall Jackson, 8.85. All-around: 1. Adriana Harvey, Stonewall Jackson, 35.775; 2. Jenny Winger, Stonewall Jackson, 35.25; 3. Meagen Magee, Osbourn, 33.95; 4. Sara Constanza, Park View, 33.85; 5. Laura Hancock, Stonewall Jackson, 33.35.

CAPTION: Stonewall Jackson's Adriana Harvey competes on the uneven bars, an event in which she placed first.