Ever wonder about what's being built -- or what a developer proposes to build -- on the vacant land around the corner? This feature is intended to provide an easy way for you to learn about planned development throughout Calvert County.

Using information provided by the Calvert County Department of Planning and Zoning and incorporated towns, Southern Maryland Extra gives you a monthly update on planned subdivisions, office buildings, shopping centers and other development. The map and chart identify planned projects, by areas, that were processed by officials in December.

The status of the projects is described in three categories:

Projects Proposed, Preliminary Plans/Site Plans/Concept Plans Proposed are residential, commercial or industrial projects submitted for approval. Public meetings are held before any action by the Planning Commission.

Projects Approved, Preliminary Plans/Site Plans/Final Plats Approved are residential, commercial or industrial projects approved by the Planning Commission for development of land.

Zoning Permits allow a property owner to begin clearing or grading land for construction.

Projects Proposed


1. DUNKIRK COMMERCIAL PARK, Ferry Landing Road. A preliminary plan to subdivide 10.8 acres into six commercial lots.

Projects Approved


2. SUNNY HILL ESTATES, Route 4. A site plan for subdivision of 19.69 acres into 10 lots for single-family houses.


3. DEER RUN, Crane Road off Route 264. A preliminary plan to subdivide 86.45 acres into 20 lots for single-family houses and 32.50 acres of open space.


4. CALVERT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MRI ADDITION, Route 4 and Stoakley Road. A plan for a three-story addition to connect the Medical Office Building with the main hospital on the 55-acre tract of Calvert Memorial Hospital.

5. LAMSON OFFICE BUILDING, Main Street, in the Old Town District. A site plan for construction of a 4,877-square-foot, two-story addition to an existing building on 0.7 acres.

6. PROJECT ECHO TRANSITIONAL HOUSING, Main Street. A site plan to place two detached 865-square-foot cottages behind the existing 1,800-square-foot shelter to serve as transitional housing for families. Total square footage of the three buildings is 3,530 on a 0.074-acre parcel zoned Old Town District.


7. LOST MILL, Ball Road. A major subdivision for construction of 35 single-family houses.


8. GREGORY RUSSELL PROPERTY, Prospect Drive. A preliminary plan for construction of a 16,800-square-foot welding plant facility on two acres.

9. SUNDERLAND COMMERCIAL CENTER, Route 2 and Dalrymple Road. A site plan for construction of a mixed-use center of 15,975 square feet, with a banking site, convenience store with fuel pumps and general retail.

Permits Issued


10. RYAN HOMES, RICHFIELD SUBDIVISION, Deer Chase Lane. A permit for construction of six town houses.


11. SOLOMONS LANDING, Runabout Loop. Permits for construction of 15 additional condominium units.