Prince William County Public Schools will hold a public meeting next Wednesday to hear comments from parents of students affected by the closing of Parkside Elementary School and the opening of its replacement.

The Parkside replacement school, which has not been named yet, will open in the fall at Signal Hill and Birmingham roads outside Manassas. Parkside is on Mathis Avenue, just outside the Manassas city limits.

Students at Penn, Marshall and Bennett elementary schools will be affected by the proposed boundary changes, which have been narrowed to three options. The existing school boundaries must change because the replacement elementary school has a capacity of 835 students, while the current Parkside Elementary building holds only 482 students. All the current Parkside students would go to the replacement school under current plans.

The first option would move students who are in the Davis Ford Road corridor from Penn Elementary to the Parkside replacement. The Scenic Point and Hunters Ridge neighborhoods also would move inside the Parkside replacement boundaries from Marshall Elementary.

A second choice would make three shifts. The Landview, Sinclair Mill Road, Morningside Drive and Cobb Road neighborhood students would move from Marshall Elementary to Bennett Elementary; Lake Jackson Drive areas would move from Bennett to the Parkside replacement; and the Davis Ford Road corridor would move from Penn to the Parkside replacement.

The third choice is the same as the second, except that instead of moving students in the Davis Ford Road corridor, students in the Riverview Estates and Occoquan Forest would move from Penn Elementary to the Parkside replacement.

The plan maps can be seen at es_bound online. The public meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 19 at Penn Elementary School, 12980 Queen Chapel Rd. in Woodbridge. Another public hearing will be held in February. The Prince William County School Board will receive recommendations and make the final decision in March.