York Report on Right Road

The Lucketts Ruritan Club, on behalf of the citizens of the Lucketts area, commends the Scott York transition team for the efficient and expeditious manner in which they went about preparing and publishing the "Citizens' Strategy for Smart Growth in Loudoun County Report." Considering the team had less than 60 days to establish a dialogue with concerned citizens, elected officials, county staff and various other organizations, it is obvious the comprehensive 58-page report represents many hours of dedicated work.

We would especially like to express our appreciation for the recognition given in the report to the need for a truck inspection station and safety improvements on U.S. Route 15 north of Leesburg. We are also pleased the report makes reference to the Western Transportation Corridor and the need for an acceptable location for a Potomac River crossing, which is so critically needed to offload U.S. Route 15 traffic.

The report also calls for development of a new Strategic Transportation Plan. While we are not convinced a new plan is needed, a review of existing plans and more emphasis on actually lobbying for adoption of already planned road projects might be more appropriate. We look forward to providing our input to such plans, especially as they affect U.S. Route 15.



Lucketts Ruritan

Transportation Committee