Though it appeared to be just a simple twist from the top uneven bar by Stafford junior Jennifer Whited, it stood for something much bigger.

"That defined my comeback," said Whited, who had been sidelined for nine months before this season after tearing her anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee at last year's state championships. "It proved to me that I'm back to where I was before I got hurt."

Whited's successful maneuver, "the blind change," earned a 9.4 and was a big reason the Indians won the Winterfest Gymnastic Invitational's Blue Division with a score of 113.75, edging out Atlee (111.09) and Woodbridge (103.8). Yesterday's meet was held at Colonial Forge High School.

"She had never even tried that in a meet before," Stafford Coach Shawn Smith said.

To perform the maneuver, Whited did a handstand on the top bar, and in one swift motion, lifted her right arm and twisted her body 180-degrees, remaining in the handstand position the whole time.

"I have been practicing that move all week," said Whited, who only competed on the bars. "And I was just so excited when I pulled it off."

Because of the talent differential in the 13-team field, yesterday's invitational was two separate meets. The Blue Division, which featured teams averaging 125 points or more on the season, was composed of Stafford, Atlee, Brooke Point, Hickory, Lee-Davis, Salem, Stafford and Woodbridge. The six teams averaging 124 points or less--Colonial Forge, Hayfield, Hylton, Langely, North Stafford and Stonewall Jackson--were in the Green Division.

The meet also was scored differently from most invitationals, with only the top three scores from each team's four gymnasts counting. At most meets, such as last weekend's invitational at Park View, all four scores counted. The modified system boded well for Stonewall Jackson, which won the Green Division with a 99.625, despite losing freshman standout Laura Hancock earlier this week to a possible stress fracture in her back, according to Coach Karen Lutman.

"If all scores counted, it would have been very, very questionable if we would have won," Lutman said. However, Stonewall Jackson had little trouble winning, finishing nearly seven points ahead of second-place Hylton (92.675). Colonial Forge finished third (92.625).

In the Green Division all-around competition, Stonewall Jackson sophomore Adriana Harvey posted a division-high in three of the four events to win with a career-high 36.65, highlighted by scores of 9.3 on the uneven bars and floor exercise. Harvey also had a 9.15 on the vault and an 8.9 on the balance beam. Junior teammate Jenny Winger finished second for the second consecutive week with a 36, led by a 9.55 on the vault.

"We knew when we lost Laura we were going to have to hit all the routines," Winger said. "That was our mind-set."

As for the Blue Division, Atlee's Emma Cross won all four events to finish with a 38.9, just edging out Stafford's Sarah Brown (38.25) and Angel Dodson (38.075).

Blue Division


1. Stafford, 113.775; 2. Atlee, 111.09; 3. Woodbridge, 103.8; 4. Hickory, 102.025; 5. Salem, 100.25; 6. Lee-Davis, 99.75; 7. Brooke Point, 97.35.


All-around: 1. Emma Cross, Atlee, 38.9; 2. Sarah Brown, Stafford, 38.25; 3. Angel Dodson, Stafford, 38.075; 4. Nicole Simmons, Atlee, 37.8; 5. Aimee Little, Stafford, 37.45.

Vault: 1. Emma Cross, Atlee, 9.6; 2. Sarah Brown, Stafford, 9.4; 3. Angel Dodson, Stafford, 9.3; 4. Erica Etter, Salem, 9.25; 5. Aimee Little, Stafford, 9.2.

Uneven bars: 1. Emma Cross, Atlee, 9.75; 2. Angel Dodson, Stafford, 9.575; 3. Aimee Little, Stafford, 9.65; 4. Sarah Brown, Stafford, 9.55; 5. Nicole Simmons, Atlee, 9.45.

Balance beam: 1. Emma Cross, Atlee, 9.75; 2. Angel Dodson, Stafford, 9.65; 3. Sarah Brown, 9.6; 4. Nicole Simmons, Atlee, 9.5; 5. Jamie Sizemore, Hickory.

Floor exercise: 1. Emma Cross, Atlee, 9.8; 2. Sarah Brown, Stafford, 9.7; 3. Angel Dodson, Stafford, 9.55; 3. Aimee Little, Stafford, 9.55; 5. Lauren Andress, Woodbridge, 9.25; 5. Allison Curran, Atlee, 9.25; 5. Nicole Simmons, Atlee, 9.25.

Green Division


1. Stonewall Jackson, 99.625; 2. Hylton, 92.675; 3. Colonial Forge, 92.625; 4. Hayfield, 85.725; 5. Langley, 81.9; 6. North Stafford, 59.75.


All-around: 1. Adriana Harvey, Stonewall Jackson, 36.65; 2. Jenny Winger, Stonewall Jackson, 36; 3. Lauren Gentile, Hylton, 33.6; 4. Christina Delisle, Hayfield, 32.875; 5. Lisa Yeagley, Colonial Forge, 32.525.

Vault: 1. Jenny Winger, Stonewall Jackson, 9.55; 2. Adriana Harvey, Stonewall Jackson, 9.15; 3. Christina Delisle, Hayfield, 8.65; 3. Lisa Yeagley, Colonial Forge, 8.65; 5. Lauren Gentile, Hylton, 8.6.

Uneven bars: 1. Adriana Harvey, Stonewall Jackson, 9.3; 2. Jenny Winger, Stonewall Jackson, 8.9; 3. Christina Delisle, Hayfield, 8.675; 4. Lisa Yeagley, Colonial Forge, 8.375; 5. Bonnie Duong, Hayfield, 8.3.

Balance beam: 1. Adriana Harvey, Stonewall Jackson, 8.9; 2. Kristen Kelly, North Stafford, 8.4; 3. Lauren Gentile, Hylton, 8.25; 4. Jenny Winger, Stonewall Jackson, 8.15; 5. Nicole Woznick, Colonial Forge, 8.1.

Floor exercise: 1. Jenny Winger, Stonewall Jackson, 9.4; 2. Adriana Harvey, Stonewall Jackson, 9.3; 3. Lisa Yeagley, Colonial Forge, 9.25; 4. Dawn Oesterle, Colonial Forge, 8.9; 5. Lauren Gentile, Hylton, 8.8.