Law enforcement authorities are trying to arrange an interview with Rep. Gary A. Condit's wife, Carolyn, to determine if she can provide information to help them in their search for missing intern Chandra Levy, officials said yesterday.

Cmdr. Jack Barrett, the District's chief of police detectives, said the U.S. attorney's office was negotiating a time and place for an interview with Carolyn Condit, who lives in Ceres, Calif., a suburb of Modesto. Gary Condit, a California Democrat, commutes some weekends to be with her and has a condominium in Adams Morgan in Northwest Washington.

"We're interested in anyone who can shed light on this [case]," Executive Assistant Police Chief Terrance W. Gainer said.

Levy, a recent federal Bureau of Prisons intern whom Gary Condit has called a good friend, was last seen April 30 as she canceled her membership at a health club on Connecticut Avenue NW. Police say they are are treating the investigation as a missing-person case and not as a crime, and that therefore they don't have any suspects.

About two weeks ago, aides to Condit said that Carolyn Condit was in Washington from April 28 to May 3. Police have said that Gary Condit did not mention that when they interviewed him about the case in early May.

Law enforcement sources say that Condit told police during that interview that Levy had spent the night at his apartment, and they said a close relative of Levy's said that the young woman had confided to her that she was romantically involved with the congressman. Aides to Condit have denied any relationship between the two.

Residents in the Modesto area say Carolyn Condit has been going about her normal routine, shopping and running errands in the small town of Ceres. She has not spoken publicly about the whirlwind surrounding her husband. A reporter's knocks on her door were unanswered yesterday.

Also yesterday, a Condit aide said his office is helping to put together a timeline that will detail the congressman's whereabouts around the time that Levy, 24, disappeared. Condit, who has released printed statements about the search for Levy but has not spoken publicly about it, has been besieged for weeks by questions from the intern's family, the public and the media. released a synopsis of Condit's activities in the District from April 28 to May 3, which it said had been provided by sources close to the congressman. But Mike Lynch, Condit's chief of staff in Modesto, questioned the accuracy of some parts of the summary.

"From what I saw on the Web site, I don't think it's complete or completely accurate," Lynch said, declining to elaborate.

Dennis Dunlavey, a senior editor at ABC News, stood by the account. "We feel what we posted is what they provided to us, what they said was a timeline [for] the days in question," Dunlavey said.

The summary published by does not provide a minute-by-minute account of Condit's activities during the period, but it indicated that Carolyn Condit was with him at some point every day. Police have said that the congressman told them during a second interview Saturday that he had spoken to Levy on April 29, and the timeline did not include that.

Washington lawyer Abbe D. Lowell, whom Condit hired last week to represent him, said yesterday that the congressman is "being as helpful as he can be" to police.

"That would include providing them with answers to their questions and documents and access, if necessary, to others he knows if that would be helpful," Lowell said.

Staff writer David A. Fahrenthold contributed to this report.

Rep. Gary A. Condit is "being as helpful as he can be" to police investigating the Levy case, said his attorney, Abbe D. Lowell.