Prince William

The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


ASPIRE CT., 12928-Birchwood at Bridlewood Manor Corp. to Mary C. and Paul W. Petrilla, $365,010.

COLESMIRE GATE WAY, 13487-Monica Lynn and Randall Ryder Hudson to Amy C. and Andrew J. Leonardi, $189,900.

COLESMIRE GATE WAY, 13525-Darius A. Powerz to John W. Keziah, $181,900.

DIVER CT., 8613-Washington Homes Inc. to Angalee Myers and Vincent C. Marvelli III, $202,318.

DUNSTABLE LOOP, 8845-Emily H. Lawrence and Duane Lawrence to Wayne B. Fox, $202,000.

ELLISTON CT., 10138-NVR Inc. to Michael A. and and Laura M. Donovan, $374,489.

GARRY GLEN DR., 12590-Mark and Angela D. Nelson to Sandra J. and Steven S. Kelly, $356,500.

LOOKING GLASS CT., 9637-Richmond American Homes to Pamela S. and Robert G. Porter, $347,175.

MOAT CROSSING PL., 8857-Aimee and Eric E. Grenke to Jodi L. Brown, $210,000.

MOSSY ROCK CT., 9117-Jeffery S. Meinsohn to Laura L. Parker and Jeannette A. Gailbraith, $345,900.

SANDOWN CT., 12117-Richmond American Homes to Johnny F. Saavedra, $260,490.

SHERBORNE ST., 12252-Richmond American Homes to Gregory B. and Marissa A. Peters, $319,790.

SLATE STONE LOOP, 9067-Marcia T. and David W. Huntington to Kap Sook Ahn, $190,000.


ASHMERE CIR., 4178-Dawn N. and Timothy J. Dobler to Abbas Busari, $140,000.

BEACHWATER CT., 15411-Judy E. Bentley to Lazlo Kurucz and Judit Egyud, $173,900.

FORT PULASKI CT., 1812-Neal Tesny to Louis R. Miccio and Goli Rezazadeh, $73,000.

HENDERSON LANE, 16130-Scott Warren Frampton to Sally A. Sobsey, $155,000.

HENDERSON LANE, 16205-Debra and Sean C. Grier to Marc A. Traxler, $145,800.

INLET PL., 15319-Rebecca L. and Michael D. Heinich to Barry Watkins, $148,000.

MCCLELLAN CT., 2345-Lina S. Beja and Harry Beja to Mohammad Shams Pervaz, $70,000.

MEDFORD DR., 2995-Deborah Y. and Harvey W. McCann to Joanne Cherry, $379,950.

MILROY DR., 17949-Edelmira and Fernando Fernandez to Paul and Dahlia Stanton, $127,000.

MONMOUTH CT., 16973-Jean M. Atkins to Mark Chase, $154,000.

POINT PLEASANT LANE, 17004-Roy W. and Felicia M. Long Jr. to Lucas G. Aimes, $139,950.

SALTWATER DR., 4897-Gail K. Shanta to Miguel O. Mercado, $135,000.

SALTWATER DR., 4903-Angela D. Decker to Robert and Kimberly A. Littlejohn, $143,900.

SEDGEWICK PL., 2530-Dolores Fernandez and Israel Acevedo to E. Sorto and Santos N. Salmeron Hernandez, $83,000.

SLIGO LOOP, 17297-Marcia E. Sierra to Walter L. King, $190,500.

SPRING BRANCH BLVD., 5205-Andrea L. and Steven E. Mumma to Christina E. and Peter T. Mallery, $159,000.

WEEPING CHERRY CT., 3138-Washington Homes Inc. to Wendy H. and Patrick E. Godfrey, $307,900.

WINDSONG LANE, 15451-Caroline Johengen to Julie Fawley, $168,000.


CANCUN CT., 8158-Eric M. Freeman to Diane C. and Richard M. Kelly, $459,900.

FILLY CT., 13577-Therese Colosi to Jennifer L. Brown and Ryan S. Pavol, $201,500.

FOAL CT., 8542-Barbara L. Blakely to Vicki T. and Robert H. Burns, $327,500.

HEREDITY LANE, 5460-NVR Inc. to Mary R. and Paul M. Trella, $433,745.

LICK RIVER LANE, 5491-NVR Inc. to Molly Pilla and W. Scott Hayes, $371,584.

TOWN COMMONS WAY, 14271-Richmond American Homes to Amanda E. and Brandon Lee Smith, $267,190.

TOWN COMMONS WAY, 14275-Richmond American Homes to Hee Y. Shin and Beom Y. Lee, $288,515.

YEWING WAY, 5717-Oak Valley Corp. to Julie L. and Edwin F. Elmore, $730,740.


BENFORD DR., 5758-Michele L. and Anthony R. Castellano to Theresa and Mohammed Nowrouzi, $350,000.

SHOAL CREEK DR., 5688-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Iris and Joseph L. Troiano, $481,346.

SUMNEY DR., 16101-Stacey L. Miller and Michael T. Dobson to Charles and Tamara Tobin, $235,000.

VERDE PL., 14353-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jennifer and Jeffrey Robbins, $236,950.


BERMUDA LANE, 10372-April M. and Mike L. Neal to Jennifer A. Chick, $138,500.

BLUE GRAY CIR., 7875-Selena Roberts to Cheryl L. and Jeffrey S. Hall, $190,000.

BRENTSVILLE RD., 9730-Elconida H. and Floyd M. Beach Jr. to Kelly J. and Ryan P. Wick, $220,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8063-Glenn Baxter and Ramnarace Rambilas to Rodrigo and Estrada Navarro, $121,000.

FAIR HILL LANE, 12015-Donna L. and Robert A. Walters to Sheryl L. Snell Massie and Michael J. Massie, $229,900.

GHOLSON BRIDGE CT., 6050-NVR Inc. to Monica A. Becraft and Jack E. Cornett, $516,942.

HERSCH FARM LANE, 9396-Debra N. and Patrick J. Brosius to Michelle and Richard Chandler, $299,900.

JAMAICA LANE, 10296-Jerry Lee Thompson Jr. to Mark D. Waitkus, $182,500.

JORDON HOLLOW CT., 7609-Yevgeniy L. and Terri F. Shlyakhtichev to Christine N. Banks, $131,400.

LIGHT GUARD LOOP, 11124-Ericka D. Marino and Joseph L. Marino to David J. and Raiza D. McCutchan, $169,000.

NORFOLK ST., 9631-Edyth R. Grandillert and Edwin P. Herrera to Arshad Igbal, $170,000.

NORSEMAN DR., 11510-Centex Homes to Marya M. and Jeffrey W. Clapper, $455,012.

OLYMPIC DR., 11617-Jacqueline A. and George Robert King to Cathy J. and Lee A. Hesse Sr., $115,000.

SOLDIERS CT., 11154-Linda Kay Hill to Mohammad Zulfiqar Ali, $190,000.

STONEWALL BRIGADE CT., 8060, No. 101-Joshua J. Hill to Judith A. Zalewski, $124,999.

TRENTON CHAPEL WAY, 8650-U S Home Corp. to Yolanda L. and Luis O. Amoros, $300,960.

TRENTON CHAPEL WAY, 8654-U S Home Corp. to Jose V. and Maria R. Bahia, $288,328.

VIOLET CT., 10816-Karen M. and Garland G. Garrett to Nelson V. Jimenez Cruz, $128,500.


BOSBURY CT., 7504-Isabel and Joaquin Padilla to Rosa A. and Pedro A. Padilla, $123,000.

CHADDS LANDING WAY, 7662-Judy Stark Brown to Carol E. and David P. Dunlap, $175,000.

LONE OAK CT., 8164-Jerome Curtis Meyer to Stephen K. and Erin E. Blake, $293,550.

SOMERSET LANE, 7639-Esteban Chavez to Uliser Leon, $124,900.

STUART CT., 7616-Jose Antonio Penado to Oscar Balarezo, $137,500.

YORKSHIRE LANE, 8525-Thomas H. Killiam to Sandhya and Rakesh C. Hariprashad, $124,000.


PUDDLE PL., 12108-Richmond American Homes to Melissa M. and Michael K. Barber, $318,090.

SCHAEFFER LANE, 10310-Harriet F. and Daniel L. Weber to Jennifer A. Bennett and David D. Gavitt, $315,000.


CHESTNUT DR., 18313-Douglas Milliner and Jack Scott to Merlenda M. Harris, $154,900.

THOMASSON CROSSING DR., 3662-G. Clemencia and Rodolfo Hellebuyck to Carole E. and Robert E. Leonard, $304,000.


ARMSTEAD ST., 13216-Joyce K. and Richard M. Thompson to S. Valencia and Francisco Martinez Jr., $206,000.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15295-Ridgedale Inc. to Francisco A. and Noemi M. Hernandez, $187,237.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15298-Ridgedale Inc. to Stanley T. and Amanda A. Muszynski, $192,503.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15315-Ridgedale Inc. to Christina R. Maiava, $183,903.

BOTTS AVE., 13712-Rita M. and David B. Gerogosian to Jose E. Hernandez Bernal, $170,000.

BOWES LANE, 2874-James F. Day to Carolyn Brown, $88,500.

BOWLINE LOOP, 2044-Jill P. and Thomas M. Herman to Bracamonte Jorge and Lisset Samuel Adelina, $190,000.

BRADFORD ST., 3202-Robin R. and Richard A. Meyer to Catherine and Jonathan M. O'Gorman, $174,000.

BRAZIL CIR., 15246-Angie D. and Ronald G. Allen Jr. to Tashi D. and Roger Pryor IV, $190,000.

BRICE ST., 1309-Nazokha Shafik to Ana M. Bautista, $179,870.

BRIDGETON CT., 3084-Estelle L. and Iler J. Fairchild to Katherine and Benjamin Van Diest, $160,000.

BRIDGETON CT., 3094-Joyce M. and Terrence L. Blake to Michael D. Kennedy, $202,000.

CALEDONIA CIR., 3464-Sang Kil Yi to Matthew Thompson and Kristian Pedersen, $176,300.

CANDLEWOOD CT., 14790-Gudelia and Jose C. Vigil to Juan M. Reyes, $127,000.

CANNON BLUFF DR., 5067-Cendant Mobility Financial Services Corp. to Antonia L. and Andrew J. Edgar, $339,000.

COLBY DR., 12800-Vickie L. and Dennis E. Rogers to Jan Marie and Perry N. Christiansen, $204,500.

COPPERSMITH TER., 1910-Stephanie C. Moser and Mathew H. Moser to Dennis M. Sharland, $75,862.

DAWSON CT., 1283-Mary J. Kelly to Paul A. and Allen J. Awad, $108,982.

DECOY CT., 1422-K.K. Windham and Robert W. Dawson to Jill A. Jacobs and Paul M. Jacobs, $393,000.

DEL MAR DR., 14450-Terri and Larry Packard to Lidia R. and Robert R. Surface, $216,000.

DEVILS REACH RD., 1916-NVR Inc. to Rery Suarez and Milton Suarez, $370,715.

DORIAN DR., 14833-Teresa M. and Jeffrey A. Kyer to Naseem Arian and Masood Arian, $145,000.

EAGLE ROCK CT., 3618-Crystal and Antonio Figueroa to Lori R. and Jeremy K. Kopp, $187,500.

EARLHAM CT., 14620-Joyce E. Visscher, trustee, to Christi H. and Patrick W. Hardy, $132,700.

EVEREST PEAK LANE, 12422-K. Hovnanian at Lakeridge Crossing Corp. to Yalemberhan Kebede, $265,815.

F ST., 1430-Rizwana N. Iqtidar to Roberto Cortez Zabala, $140,000.

FARMER CT., 14251-Mark S. Logalbo to Ursula M. and Omar A. Jimenez, $217,000.

FASCIA CT., 12592-Pamela Beaulieu to Joe E. and Terri L. Swanson, $325,000.

FILLMORE DR., 3901-Donald Dean Schroeder Jr. to Ruth and Eddie R. Grady, $164,900.

FOX RUN PL., 1225-Judith H. and Rolland J. Powers, trustees, to Sharon M. Thomas, $165,000.

FREDA PL., 14008-James Litwin to Joseph J. Albert, $222,900.

FREEMONT PL., 3624-Deborah Elaine and Richard A. Cline to Jessie D. Pannell, $149,990.

GERRY LANE, 4212-Maria C. Tabor and Thomas L. Turner to Good Shepherd Housing Foundation, $133,000.

HANSON LANE, 2046-Kristine L. Kearns and Paul D. Fauser to Sharon W. and R.G. Wright Jr., $305,000.

HEDGES RUN DR., 12522-Meredith S. and James R. Exnicios to Dina A. and Richard J. Stroyan, $337,500.

HOLLY VIEW DR., 11985-Frank R. Schwamberger to Robert D. and Roxy L. Rowton, $239,550.

JOCELYN DR., 3805-Kathleen G. Walsh and Neal A. Karlen to Annalis M. and James L. Holmes, $292,500.

KAYWOOD DR., 13729-Theresa A. and Kevin W. Seeberger to Virginia L. and Frank J. Hunt, $187,600.

KENWOOD DR., 4324-Carol L. and James Peter Mitchell to Sheree N. and Mark D. Wood, $194,000.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE DR., 12705-Maureen T. O'Connor and Barry A. Van Campenhout to Mary Kay and Joseph R. Bernard Jr., $290,500.

KRAMER PL., 14094-Gregory L. Stansbury to Fizel Jabbar, $193,000.

LANDON LANE, 14157-Ruth T. Jungmann and Raigey M. Wood to Christine M. and Sean P. Linser, $175,000.

LEXINGTON CT., 2905-James F. Keicer to Ahmed Labault, $119,500.

LIMOUX PL., 11805-Rebecca Romano and Richard A. Romano to Dae Young Hwang and Hong Chun Blum, $260,000.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12948-Arlene J. and Joseph Edward Spivey to Kimberly A. and Donny L. Buckingham, $204,900.

MACRINA CT., 12323-Jackie L. Snively and Son T. Snively to Anh Tuyet Pham and Tam T. Truong, $180,000.

MARSALA CT., 2915-Joseph F. Heath to Desiree A. and Anthony Thomas, $130,000.

MARSH OVERLOOK DR., 15513-Sorensen Construction Corp. to Allan L. and Indira Roopan, $383,255.

MERIDIAN DR., 14459-Phyllis A. and Robert Bruce Baszner to Eli Cruz and Bertin Arellano, $189,900.

MICHIE CT., 13056-Susanne and Phillip A. McGovern to Cynthia Johns Dugan and Joan K. Johns, $320,000.

MORNING DEW DR., 12935-Song Hasell and Edward L. Hasell to Susan H. and Mark S. Patterson, $315,000.

NEXUS CT., 3539-Wade Dowle to Sook Hee Cho, $170,000.

OAKLAWN LANE, 6230-Rita M. and Michael J. Carr to Janet W. and Bismark Opoku, $270,000.

OAKWOOD DR., 11804-Joyce Plawecki and Robert A. Plawecki to Gabrielle M. and Michael S. Oubre, $255,000.

PALOMINO PL., 12496-Samuel K. Stouffer to Jennifer and Erik Torring, $274,000.

PONDEROSA CT., 14646-Christopher Nelson King to Maxine Y. Paul, $115,000.

QUAINT DR., 5426-Ridgedale Inc. to Florida and Jaime Thelen, $324,286.

QUANN LANE, 13152-La Trent Burdette to Pablo G. Fernandez, $126,500.

QUARTERHORSE LANE, 12506-Barbara J. and Mark A. Costello to Robert C. and Sonia I. Coughlin, $236,385.

RENATE DR., 1550-Advanced Marketing and Investment Inc. to Dennis Dwight Shana, $62,000.

RUMFORD CT., 11657-Eileen E. and Ralph O. Yates to Cassandra Lucario and Thomas Lucario, $224,900.

SKIPPER CIR., 12480-Pei Shan Hsu to Eloy Soldevilla and Bertila Delgado, $143,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4742-John R. Sevick to Manuel Ponce, $125,000.

STELLA CT., 14398-Nitza H. and Jose A. Aboy to Clemencia Saravia, $200,000.

SUNNY BROOK CT., 3873-Ann M. Victor and Scott R. Stableford to Michael A. Thompson, $168,000.

THRIFT LANE, 13102-Katherine S. and Dimas N. Diaz to Roberto Campos, $248,999.

TITANIA WAY, 12907-Christopher W. Conroy to Craig E. Holmes, $188,000.

TRAVAILER CT., 15500-R. Patrice Carey to Christine A. Tinsley, $160,000.

TRENTDALE DR., 12987-Ridgedale Inc. to Kadiatu Conteh, $271,750.

VALLEYHILL ST., 12809-Marion and Eric M. O'Connell to Patricia Erdman, $269,900.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12843-Cendant Mobility Government to Lori and Michael Harnage, $385,100.

VERONICA LANE, 3566-Gaylin Severs and Jefferson L. Severs to Christopher A. Quesada, $285,000.

WHITE BIRCH CT., 2809-Tanel Beeren to Norma P. and Victor F. Cartagena, $282,000.

YORK DR., 1909-Barbara A. and James A. Bryant to Jose F. Sieiro Bugallo, $180,000.