These were the births at Potomac Hospital from Sept. to Sept. 30.

Sept. 1

A daughter, Trinity Nicole, was born to Nikkia Warren and Christopher Clayton of Dumfries.

A daughter, Kerri Tinsley, was born to Patricia and Frank Chimento of Dumfries.

A son, Bryan Alexander, was born to Kathy and Douglas Romero of Lake Ridge.

Sept. 3

A son, Christopher Jacob, was born to Kelly Hagin and Christopher Queen of Woodbridge.

Sept. 4

A daughter, Alexis Meadow, was born to Sheree and John Quinn III of Woodbridge.

A son, Dominick Nathaniel, was born to Michelle Kline of Lake Ridge.

A son, Dylan Lewis, was born to Heather Andolsun-Harvey and Donald Harvey of Lake Ridge.

A daughter, Kaytlynn Nicole, was born to Chastity Davis and Michael Scites of Stafford.

Sept. 5

A daughter, Caroline Marie, was born to Joanna and Greg Schneider of Woodbridge.

A son, Austin Garrett, was born to Jennifer Covington and Steven Mitchell of Stafford.

A son, Adric Oliver, was born to Ya-hui and Thomas Howe of Woodbridge

Sept. 6

A son, Reyjzon Jermaine, was born to Sherri Harris and Reynaldo Roundtree of Woodbridge.

Sept. 7

A daughter, Tiana Noelle, was born to Heather and Richard Kelley of Triangle.

A daughter, Tessa Lynn, was born to Shelly and Timothy Smith of Woodbridge.

A son, Trenton Nicholas, was born to Joselyn and Merrion Pew of Woodbridge.

A son, Ethan James, was born to Janice Maze and James Vick Jr. of Woodbridge.

A son, Kyle Anthony, was born to Jennifer and Carl Rodriguez of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Madison Leigh, was born to Crystal Bolden and Adam Balderson of Manassas.

Sept. 8

A daughter, Skylar Mackenzie, was born to Lynette McNally and Christopher Sprabary of Dumfries.

Sept. 9

A son, Jordan Edward, was born to Amy Aleskowitz of Woodbridge.

A son, Ethan Michael, was born to Megin and Michael Hopke of Manassas.

A daughter, Morgan Elizabeth, was born to Teresa Moore and Jonathan Spence of Dale City.

A daughter, Sydney Serena, was born to Heather and Wesley Barth Jr. of Woodbridge .

A son, Brian Dennis, was born to Kristen and Dennis Morely of Stafford.

A daughter, Sydney Madeline, was born to Bridget and Craig Lane of Manassas.

A son, Kyle Thomas, was born to Lorna Canda and Thomas Bayly of Woodbridge.

Sept. 10

A daughter, Taylor Imani, was born to Traci and Damon Morris of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Mackenzie Altamarie, was born to Sabrina and Mark Chandler of Woodbridge.

A son, Marcelo Joaquin, was born to Ayda and Fitzgerald Vargas of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Madison Raye, was born to Charlotte and Kristopher Bageant of Fredericksburg.

Sept. 11

A daughter, Holly Grace, was born to Laura and Charles Bjork of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Megan Renee, was born to Schelle and Jimmy Langham of Stafford.

A daughter, Justice Marie, was born to Latifa and Jarrett Crawford of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Kaleigh Nicole, was born to Alice and Sylvester Jackson of Woodbridge.

Sept. 12

A daughter, Chloe Alexandra, was born to Tricia and Robert Stoss Jr. of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Jocelyn Corrine, was born to Jennifer and Douglas Price of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Jenna Renee, was born to Gretchen and Sean Lacy of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Diamond Aaliyah Marie Juanita, was born to Tonia Rose and Anwand Lockhart of Prince William.

A daughter, Natalie Somerford, was born to Wendy and David Fols of Woodbridge.

Sept. 13

A son, Isiah Alonzo, was born to Paulette and Myron McCanick of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Madison Lynn Marguerite, was born to Leslie and Andre Gorruso of Dumfries.

Sept. 14

A daughter, Jessica Michelle, was born to Sandra and Michael Robinson of Woodbridge.

Sept. 15

A daughter, Megan Frances, was born to Josephine and Cyrus McCormick of Woodbridge.

Sept. 16

A son, Savion Lee, was born to Patrice and Shuron McNeill of Woodbridge.

A son, Anthony James, was born to Jennifer Phillips and James Morehead Jr. of Montclair.

A daughter, Mackenzie Rayanne, was born to Regina and Jeffrey Huber of Stafford.

Sept. 17

A daughter, Mia Cora, was born to Peggy and Jeff Montesa of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Sapana, was born to Lalpana and Basu Satyal of Woodbridge.

A son, Christopher Michael, was born to Tisha and Christopher Johnson of Woodbridge.

Sept. 18

A daughter, Danielle Lisette, was born to H. Lisette DeLeon and Isaias Gutierrez of Manassas.

A daughter, Theresa Ann, was born to Elizabeth and Brian Haney of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Sophia Adelina, was born to Christine and Steven Garcia of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

A daughter, Isabella Jo, was born to Elizabeth and Todd Unrath of Prince William.

Sept. 20

A daughter, Hailey Maria, was born to Lena LeMaster and Alex Moreno of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Alexa Korynne, was born to Jamie and Michael Pope of Triangle.

A daughter, Gareth Daniel, was born to Suzanne and Matthew Nelson of Woodbridge.

Sept. 21

A daughter, Aleyah Marie, was born to Anitra Major-Anglin and Alan Anglin of Woodbridge.

A daughter, Savannah Skye, was born to Melissa Mills and Michael Conte Jr. of Dale City.

Sept. 23

A son, Dwayne Dee, was born to Shareem and Dwayne Howell of Dale City.

A son, Idrees Farooq, was born to Hmida Barek and Farid Barekzi of Dale City.

A daughter, Faith Patricia, was born to Julianna and P. Shawn McNulty of Stafford.

Sept. 24

A daughter, Juliana Lynn, was born to Adriana Borba and Jason Culbertson of Manassas.

Sept. 25

A daughter, Amanda Lee, was born to Kelly Vowell and Brian Applegate of Prince William.

A daughter, Julia Nicole, was born to Susan and Jim Stover of Stafford.

Sept. 26

A son, Bryan Joseph, was born to Elaine Dietz and Quentin Jackson of Dumfries.

A son, Andrew Thomas, was born to Nicole and Tim Healey of Prince William.

A son, Ryan Lee, was born to Eva and Dwayne Wait of Fredericksburg.

Twin daughters, Victoria and Christina, were born to Maria and Octavio Alarcon of Dale City.

A daughter, Emily Grace, was born to Melissa and Brent Keith of Woodbridge.

Sept. 27

A daughter, Kylee Breanna, was born to Charlene and James Washington of Manassas.

A daughter, Natalie Julia Faith, was born to Lisa Hill-Sutton and Joseph Sutton of Woodbridge.

A son, Randy Alejandro, was born to Elsa and Otto Barrios of Springfield.

A daughter, Madeleine Lauretta, was born to Karen and Michael Krofine of Alexandria.

Sept. 30

A daughter, Kaylee Maria, was born to Angela Paz and James Huff of Locust Grove.

A daughter, Catherine Gertrude, was born to Frances and Christopher Hourihan of Woodbridge.