Civil Disobedience

The article "Did The Police Go Too Far?" [District Extra, Oct. 17] was a well-balanced and thoughtful discussion of the arrests that took place during the anti-globalization protests. But in quoting David Bayley, it gives an erroneous impression about civil disobedience in the current environment.

Professor Bayley states that demonstrators used to commit civil disobedience in an effort to be arrested and underscore the vehemence of their complaints but that they no longer do so.

In fact, there is a growing movement to do just that in response to the possibility of war in Iraq. At least 15 people have been arrested in the District because of civil disobedience in response to the war resolution. Thousands have signed the Iraq Pledge of Resistance, which commits them to acts of nonviolent civil disobedience should war begin.

One can forgive Bayley's ignorance, however, because there has been virtually no reporting of this movement in the mainstream media.

Carol A. Rice

Chevy Chase

Homeless Need More

The article "Cutting Through the District's Detachment" [District Extra, Oct. 3] shortchanged concerns about hypothermia preparations [to protect the homeless]. I have been involved in those preparations over the years and want to weigh in.

The city government continues to resist using District-owned buildings to accommodate people in the downtown area, where they are. Because of this, the Department of Human Services has tried to piece together a church approach outside downtown. That effort does not meet the needs.

It is regrettable that the reporter did not explore more deeply and more broadly to get a better understanding of the issues and the breadth of the concern.

Nancy Conley

Capitol Hill