The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington metropolitan area, visit The Post's Internet site at


BISMACH DR., 5612, No. 102-Amador M. and Anne P. Santalla to Dessalegne A. Tiruneh, $133,500.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3705-Elpis Fountzopoulou to Sun Lodge Inc., $90,000.

LINCOLNIA RD., 6407-Patsy M. McGrady and Daniel L. Tevlin to Young W. Choi, $370,000.


BELLE HAVEN RD., 1909-Jean B. and W. Robins Lindsey and Wallace R. Lindsey to Andrea A. and Thomas R. Winckler, $935,000.

EDGEWOOD TER., 6051-John W. and Winifred A. Broughan to Lisa D. Johnson, $725,000.

KENYON DR., 6727-Eleuterio and Milagros C. Hernandez to Michael L. Chicoine, $172,000.

WAKEFIELD DR. W., 6708, No. A2-Karen L. Underwood to Dianne E. McMahon, $160,100.


ALEXANDER AVE., 6032-Mia Kim and Joseph Labow to Michael L. Johnson and Stanley J. Sliwinski Jr., $249,950.

APPLEMINT LANE, 6729-Kevin F. Hodgkins and Mary J. Fuhrer to Glenn W. Nocerito and Michelle Colon, $340,000.

AUSTIN AVE., 3520-Jeannette H. Loving to Woor and Susan T. Pardo, $260,000.

BIRKENHEAD PL., 7001-Rodger W. Phillips to Amr M. Alkhateeb, $175,000.

CHINA GROVE CT., 6552-Karen F. Speas to Muhammad I. Naseem and Mahmooda Akhtar and Haroon Naseem, $183,000.

CURTIER DR., 6003-Michael S. Faber to Sharon Carser Brown, $124,000.

DUNWICH WAY, 6606-Ruth E. Beaver to Deborah R. Williams, $330,000.

FRANCONIA FORGE LANE, 6212-Lawrence J. and Stephanie Bianco to Robin N. Phillips, $370,400.

GILLINGHAM ROW, 7453-Mary L. and William S. Becker to William D. Proctor, $286,600.

GRANGE LANE, 6551, No. 302-Kenneth P. and Maria C. Myers to Julita M. Pascual and Hazel M. Borowsky, $190,100.

HARBOR COURT DR., 5225-Karen K. and Michael W. Krzmarzick to Melinda A. Watters, $236,500.

HARBOR COURT DR., 5347-Patricia Cunningham to Ana I. and Carlos Chavarria, $195,000.

HAYNES POINT WAY, 7702, No. 2001-Shiona J. Ward to Barbara L. Davis, $209,500.

IRWELL LANE, 7004, No. 12C-Matthew T. and A.K. Battison to Rinda L. Edwards, $168,000.

JOUST LANE, 6018-Hector Ortiz to Remedios V. Ulnagan, $270,000.

LA VISTA DR., 5729-Gene W. and Doris L. Goodwin to Matthew A. Krstolic and Christine A. Gallucci, $265,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6945-Brian L. Chu to Thomas A. Polman, $104,900.

NORHAM DR., 5970-Bradley T. and Lisa M. Renner to John R. Marengo, $315,000.

OSPREY POINT LANE, 6528-Said M. and Maryam Mourtaza to David A. and Regina D. Miller, $317,000.

SALFORD CT., 7423-Edward P. and Ann Kathryn So to Bradley A. and Nelena S. Farrell, $250,000.

SHARON KAY CT., 6489, No. 1604-Alexandra M. and James E. Starr to Michael Kosmides, $347,000.

SKY BLUE DR., 8017-Steven W. and Steven McCarthy to Jillian C. and John Hinely, $244,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6918-Frances C. and Novey W. Wiley to Kent M. Breon and Amanda E. Smith, $150,000.

WALKERS CROFT WAY, 6268-Mada M. McGill to Peter J. Danielson, $275,000.

WALKERS CROFT WAY, 6274-Daryl J. Knuth to Xavier C. Bossart and Yvonne M. Madri Bossart, $277,500.


AMERICANA DR., 4969, No. 209-Alka Sapra to Kanta and Narain Sapra, $95,000.

BRADFIELD CT., 5102-Diane A. and Phillip J. Bond to Marla A. and Charles A. Perdue, $325,500.

BRISTOW DR., 7721-Ji S. and Nae Y. Song to Juan E. Navas and Blanca Amaya, $279,900.

DONNA CIR., 7010-Brenda A. and Paul S. Jarvis to Ross L. and Lorraine Sargent, $349,900.

HAPPY HEART LANE, 3327-Brian P. and Diane M. Schiesl to Khiet L. Dam Hon, $346,000.

KANDEL CT., 4759-Lisa M. and Paula J. Geiger to Khanungnith Luangphinith and Steven S. Trinh, $247,000.

LAFAYETTE FORGE DR., 7705, No. 31-Monique A. and Paul A. Martinez to Hyon C. Cho and Kyi B. Ho, $178,000.

LITTLE RIVER TNPK., 7443, No. T3-Donna J. Allen to Ji H. Villegas, $113,000.

MARVIN ST., 3544-Hai T. and Tony T. Pham to Tina T. Cong and Jennifer C. Tang, $250,000.

MASONVILLE CT., 7302-Richard A. and Rosemary M. Helmer to Moses A. and Nesefora D. Kiamco, $360,000.

MAXFIELD DR., 4514-Catherine J. Lewis to Robert A. and Karen M. Stanzo, $252,500.

MAYFIELD DR., 4511-Mark and Deborah Baird to Nelson Rosas and Isabel Y. Terrazas, $325,000.

RIDGE RD., 4014-Michael L. Howe and Rita C. Thompson to Bobbie Dunn, $301,100.

WENDY RIDGE LANE, 7822-Mahmoud Achour and Mohamad Berjaoui to Matias B. Matondo, $400,000.

WHISPERING LANE, 4103-Dawn A. and John M. Fidaleo to Mary K. Ippolito and Brian C. Keller, $365,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3378, No. T3-John C. Martin to Roberto B. Siochi and Yolanda S. Marcos, $167,000.


ARDLEY CT., 3371-Nabil Elhalabi and Soumiya Adib to Mohammed Maniruzzaman and Aslam Mollah, $264,900.

FOXWOOD NOOK., 3807-Cobras Properties Corp. to Michelle Market, $260,000.

PINEWOOD TER., 3861-John J. and Susanne Sipos to Maria N. Aranibar and Wilfredo A. Peredo, $265,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3701-Elwin L. Aspergren to Iraj Alimoradi, $90,950.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 815N-Ethel E. Gray, trustee, to Christa Fairbrother, $161,900.

SEMINARY RD., 5565, No. 102-Willie B. Kemp to Raul and Mercedes Fernandez, $125,000.

STEPPES CT., 3826, No. A-Scott A. Jashinski to Richard Shevak and Alanna J. King, $190,000.


BIRCH LEAF CT., 6456, No. 28A-Bokhee and Bok H. Orndorff to Mi K. Han, $130,000.

BRIXHAM CT., 5436-Quyen T. Ngo to Vishal Shah, $231,500.

DAHLGREEN PL., 5110-Cristina T. Ayala and Maria C. Zavaleta and Marco A. Saavedra to Carlos E. Funes and Melvin E. Sorto Funes, $190,000.

HOME GUARD DR., 9111-Wolodymyr O. Demchuk, trustee, and Tatiana L. Demchuck, trustee, to John R. and Marguerite D. Knickmeyer, $415,000.

JACKSONS OAK CT., 5828-Ann M. and Edward T. Dewald to Steven C. Jaren, $210,500.

LAKESIDE OAK LANE, 5708-Peggy E. Futrell to Scott C. Whitfield and Eva T. Nguyen, $251,000.

MYRTLE OAK CT., 10662-April J. Enriquez to Raymond Remeika, $123,800.

OAKSHORE CT., 5747-Steven C. Johnson to Jennifer Nielsen and Aurelio Cabestrero, $255,000.

SCORPIO CT., 9608-Ernest J. Jr. and Dava L. Burke to Warren S. and Shannon M. Matheny, $347,102.


AMPSTEAD CT., 14920-Brenda L. Stanton to Amy G. and John A. Suppes, $190,000.

BATTERY RIDGE CT., 14515-William D. Jones Jr. to Joan Lynch, $232,000.

BATTERY RIDGE LANE, 14623-Theresa M. Ridderhoff to Todd M. Byrd and Julianna S. Kruger, $218,000.

BETSY ROSS LANE, 14137-John J. O'Connor and Shannon L. Drumheller to Peter J. and Stephanie D. Sursi, $238,000.

BRADDOCK RIDGE DR., 5432-Dante L. and Erin A. Petrizzo to Paul and Janice Lebahn, $335,000.

CHASEWOOD CIR., 6854-Raymond D. and Crystal L. Cosby to Yeoanny A. and Angela M. Venetsanos, $191,500.

CHASEWOOD CIR., 6860-James A. and Patricia A. Rollins to Michele S. Landry, $195,000.

CHOPTANK CT., 13811-Kurt E. and Young L. Nauss to Bobbie S. and Daniel Webster, $305,000.

EARLY AUTUMN DR., 6102-Regan L. and Steven E. Judd to Young S. and Kwi S. Lee, $273,000.

EMERALD POOL DR., 14390-Francine and M. Barry Zimmerman to Edward J. and Ann K. Nuttall, $382,330.

FOREST POND CT., 13643-Terri Michaely to Dat Nguyen, $167,990.

FOREST POND CT., 13645-Andrew T. Harry to Diana K. Phillips, $158,500.

GRINGSBY CT., 14455-Donald E. Voght to Christine D. Arradaza, $142,000.

HAVENER HOUSE WAY, 5957-Janice M. and Joseph D. Falvo to Kimberly A. Grace, $155,000.

INDIAN SUMMER CT., 14600-Andrea M. and David Schuetz to Thomas E. Meyer, $273,100.

MARY TODD CT., 6311-Jang W. and Soon Y. Lee to Karen F. Adams Ambrose, $234,500.

PREACHER CHAPLE PL., 13944-Todd K. McAnally and Kristina M. Nyman to Melanie R. Abbott and James Schoonmaker, $209,900.

RIDGE WATER CT., 6899-Linda M. and Robin C. Bogart to Heidi C. and Dahl H. Curry, $254,900.

ROCK LANDING CT., 13866-Carol M. and Ronald N. Koontz to Alexander and Kristen K. Nicklas, $207,000.

ROSY LANE, 14302, No. 33-Bobby R. and Judith L. Edmondson to Carmen Serrano, $138,000.

RUSTLING LEAVES LANE, 14469-Rashid M. Ford to Peter Halim and Lisa A. Wijaya, $124,000.

STILLFIELD PL., 15122-Mark L. and Suzanne C. Frund to Christina R. and Mark W. Cutlip, $424,000.

STONE CHASE WAY, 14217-Dewey G. and Cynthia T. Gibson to Eun S. Kim and Sandy R. Choe, $530,000.

TURIN LANE, 14449, No. 67B-O. Paul Fouch III to Caroline R. Johnson, $98,500.

WHARTON LANE, 5612-Margaret G. and Wallace S. Covington to Neighborhoods Corp., $275,000.

WILLOUGHBY NE DR., 5612, No. 38-Smriti Bhatia to Jennifer R. Wilhide, $158,000.

WYCOFF SQ., 6075-Secundino M. Polanco and Lillian Garcia to Cesar B. and Olga A. Delrio, $139,200.


EAGLE CHASE CIR., 14011-Aniello J. and Sonja N. Avino to Christopher J. and Jacqueline C. Laiti, $510,000.

LOUIS MILL DR., 15214-Ricardo L. and Susan Perez to Christopher V. and Frances McGrath, $289,950.

ORR DR., 4401-Nirmail S. and Surinderpal K. Dhaliwal to William J. and Laurie J. Kisner, $275,000.

PHILIP LEE RD., 15204-Joseph M. Gheitachi to Matthew P. and Rebecca L. Goers, $389,900.

SAMUELS PINE RD., 4602-Chad H. and Kristi A. Webb to Martin J. and Alison S. Burns, $285,000.

WESTBROOK PL., 14002-Elizabeth A. and Robert A. Gallegos to Gregory W. and Suzanne C. Germain, $397,500.

WINTER HARBOR CT., 4124, No. 129F-David L. Martin to Angela Marcos, $125,000.


CHAPEL RD., 11701-David K. and Karen G. Delong to Elizabeth A. and Richard C. Doyle, $581,000.

ORCHARD DR., 13530-Robert G. Miner to Sophia I. Ramos, $140,000.

ROCKLAND DR., 6511-Aileen C. and Robert E. Barr to Carol L. and William S. Craig, $539,000.

SOUTH SPRINGS CIR., 6325-Leonard G. and Rosetta A. Whiting to Kathleen B. and Mark G. Unterkofler, $390,000.

SPRINGSTONE CT., 13700-Laurie A. and Roderick L. Rohrer to Joseph B. and Mary Moles, $425,000.


ARGONNE DR., 4202-Jack W. and Vivian B. Morris to Elisa D. and Theodore H. Miller, $361,100.

BABSON CT., 9506-Suk W. Han and Cheol H. Kim to Won K. Huh, $320,000.

BAILEY LANE, 9263-Patricia O. and Patrick M. Folan to William O. and Dona M. Thewes, $326,500.

BYRD DR., 11005-Mark W. and Hope B. Baker to Juana M. Cruz, $292,000.

CARTERWOOD DR., 4717-Mary E. and Richard C. Kindsfater to Anne B. and James W. Reynolds, $379,999.

COLONY VIEW DR., 10311-Amy C. Hopkins to Victoria C. Aguilar, $202,000.

COMMONWEALTH BLVD., 9719-Paul W. and Betsy J. Dvorak to Carmen R. and Ruben Alvis, $305,000.

COVINGTON ST., 3115-Scott K. and Rosemary Romoser to Katia L. Nemes, $186,000.

CUSTOM HOUSE CT., 13214-Ryan L. and Eleanor R. Haynes to Vincent M. and Angela P. Coyle, $218,275.

EAGLE NEST CT., 10272-Betsy W. and C. Robinson Porter to Young and Hye K. Kim, $227,000.

FAIR CREST CT., 12761, No. 29-Robert A. and Virginia M. Jones to Paul M. and Elizabeth J. Kerlin, $205,000.

FAIR VALLEY DR., 4521-Robert E. Duignan and Karen D. Petruskevich to Jung M. Choi and Sangwook Kim, $358,500.

FOX LAKE DR., 4256-Joanne T. Jones to Thomas M. Ekman and Kristin M. Netherland, $285,000.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12022-Murad Mahmood to J. Scott Olmsted, $180,000.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12926-Abigail L. Crouch to Tom D. and Nancy A. Crouch, $125,000.

HERON NECK LANE, 4824-E.R. Lang to Pavan K. Veluri and Indrakshi Valavala, $312,000.

KILDARE LANE, 2971-Wahn Khang to Tyler Faloon and John Radda, $389,000.

KINGS CROWN CT., 9725-Scott J. Marting to Viswanathan Sethuraman, $142,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9730, No. 204A-Everett Sigrist Jr. to Hui Shen, $95,000.

MOUNT ROYAL LANE, 12824-Daniel M. and Vicki C. Weintraub to Heather and Reed Hitchcock, $319,900.

PENDERWOOD DR., 3758-Fair Lakes Chase Partnership to Mohammad and Selina Sikder, $585,078.

POINT HOLLOW LANE, 4106-Joan N. and Thomas Hopkins to Khalid and Aysheh Elayan, $334,900.

POMMEROY DR., 5214-Christopher G. and Nora C. Lutyk to Doreen S. and John R. Peiffer, $312,700.

RIDGE KNOLL DR., 12000, No. 704B-Eric S. Stephan to Marguerite K. and Richard A. Gallotta, $210,000.

SEDGEHURST DR., 4401, No. 306-Diane R. Titus to Jen M. Jensen, $171,000.

SLEEPY LAKE DR., 4284-Anthony P. Brigidini to Eric L. Ferraro, $265,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 4627-Florence A. Reagle to Burton and Lisa K. Field, $399,900.

VALLEY RIDGE CIR., 11776-Cosmo A. Quattrone to Mary C. Fitzgerald, $325,000.

WINDSOR HILLS DR., 5313-Jerome P. and Marion R. Dion to Michael J. and Selinda L. Altomare, $385,000.


CHASE GLEN CIR., 8620-James M. and Martha E. Bucher to John H. and Karen A. Heinz, $549,000.

CROSS CHASE CT., 8629-Deborah L. and Gary T. Hobar to Richard E. and Ellen M. Teahan, $549,000.

WILLOWBROOK RD., 7506-James E. and Joann Fargo to John C. and Carolyn B. Thompson, $475,000.


ARTHUR DR., 7206-Margaret D. and Todd A. Newman to John R. and Melissa L. Huston, $300,000.

DEBORAH DR., 7219-Holly A. Zaumseil to Corinne J. MacAluso, $345,000.

FAIRMONT ST., 2906-Thomas D. Peterson to Wade E. Pickren, $200,000.

GRAHAM RD., 2943-Lorraine E. Maiatico, Judith A.M. Nightingale and Jerry A. Maiatico to Hugo A. Cespedes, $215,000.

GREENWICH ST., 2353-Kelly M. O'Donnell to Victoria H. Kimmel, $560,000.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 2752, No. T2-Byron L. Perez to Edna P. and Rolando S. Molina, $84,000.

INVERSHAM DR., 7719, No. 123-James R. and Kerry G. Brink to Seung W. Jeong, $160,000.

INVERSHAM DR., 7719, No. 126-Marta M. Sanchez Aizcorbe to Shelley S. and H. Knox Thames, $181,000.

LAWRENCE DR., 3007-Kelly E. and Louis J. Pelletier to Ashton D. Berry, $270,000.

LE HAVRE PL., 8002, No. 6-Mireya Coplin and Jose Picado to Lidia Rodriguez and Ruben A. Duran, $140,000.

MIDDLEBORO DR., 2813-Nasir A. Khattak to Jill S. Walworth, $230,000.

MIDDLEBORO DR., 2857-Dale I. Koeman to Kimberli J. Fleck, $215,500.

NORTH WEST ST., 814-Daniel V. and Donna L. Boring to Colleen E. and Richard G. Nappi, $350,000.

POPLAR TREE LANE, 7701-Denise L. and Jeffrey I. Freund to Christine Barrau and Jason Brownlow, $350,200.

SUMMERFIELD RD., 2835-Brian D. and Laura B. Shannon to Anthony and Lori Tempesta, $352,000.

WOODLEY LANE, 7027-Charlotte S. and Gene O. Hurdle to William B. and Petronella L. Palmertree, $224,000.

WOODLEY PL., 2637-Albert T. Swink to Mitchell N. and Melissa M. Dwoskin, $458,000.


DOMINION WAY, 2141-Daniel W. and Deborah A. Bates to Charles H. and Lydia M. Leone, $291,000.

FALLS REACH DR., 6990, No. 406-Camille N. Degroef to Davina J. Myers and James T. Knochenmus, $201,500.

FALLS REACH DR., 7000, No. 112-Aaron M. Ashe to Paolo T. Verzeni and Grazia M. Goseco, $300,000.

GREENWICH ST., 2125-James B. and Lorraine H. Kramer to Melissa S. and John A. Crowley, $387,000.

JACKSON DR., 2645-David P. Michalski to Nhan T. Nguyen and Van K. Dang, $386,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2300, No. 613-Linda Coble to Susan L. Golesorkhi Sarshar, $119,000.

SENSENEY LANE, 2258-Bonnette G. and Frederick W. Herr to Deborah J. Gattuso, $390,000.


BEACH MILL RD., 10209, No. 401-Kathryn R. Hallett to Philip Y. Hildreth and Deirdre J. Maull, $649,000.

BREVITY DR., 10510-Billy D. and Jilla N. Vanover to Pari Doustar Rezaian and Michael M. Rezaian, $565,000.

CAVALCADE ST., 10616-Robert D. and Flor M. Nasser to John H. and Valerie J. Morgan, $499,000.

CLUB VIEW DR., 340-Dennis W. and Judith A. Ousley to Andrew and Mary E. Matuszewski, $725,000.

COLUMBINE ST., 10105-Elaine T. and George C. Wyant to V. Bruce and Valerie A. Goddard, $571,000.

COLVIN MILL CT., 1105-Sepideh Farivar to Homa and Reza Behbehani and Cyrus Behbehani, $741,000.

CRIPPEN CT., 11716-Khalifa Sulaiman and Huda Alrukhaimi to Michael Samra, $810,000.

GOLDEN ARROW ST., 860-Sally C. and Frank R. Marvin to Margaret N. and Peter E. Mahoney, $900,000.

HOLLY KNOLL CIR., 12181-Edmea F. Cettina to Jeffrey R. and Mary J. Helton, $270,000.

MILLER AVE., 743-Martha A. and Ralph W. Sullivan to Hee M. and Elizabeth H. Yang, $382,000.

TACKROOM LANE, 9615-Paul P. and Gretchen K. Gregg to Patrick F. and Terri S. Allen, $1,250,000.

WELHAM GREEN RD., 934-Ghida T. Alaskari and Amin Yousif to Robin L. Dillon and Thomas I. Merrill, $608,000.


ALTON SQ., 12911, No. 302-Eric D. West to Robin J. Cureton, $155,000.

APRIL WAY, 1328-James C. and Joan S. Watkins to Dae B. Kim, $269,000.

ARBOROAK PL., 1109-Suzanne and William McGowan to Thomas M. and Mary D. Cowperthwaite, $845,000.

BLUEMONT CT., 1409-Cheryl A. Curtis to Steven E. Angelo and Elizabeth M. McCall, $219,900.

IRON FORGE RD., 2489-Robert S. and Jan M. Speroni to Jonathan S. and Patricia A. Collins, $540,000.

JEFF RYAN DR., 1025-Juan C. Murillo to Karen J. Mocbeichel, $309,000.

KIDWELL FIELD RD., 13151-Jae Eun and Steven S. Paik to Yinong Wang, $275,000.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2620-Jeannie W. and Ward L. Harris to Uday and Neetha Metpally, $319,900.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2650-Jack C. Dye to Valerie D. Ngo and Hoang A.N. Nguyen, $350,000.

MERLINS LANE, 618-Alan M. Clark and Jean M. Luther to Michael K. Vonbuhr, $264,900.

OAK FARMS DR., 12754-Kathryn M. and William R. Steele to Cynthia and Paul Vizza, $677,000.

OTSEGO DR., 2815-Gaylord D. and Judith K. Shaw to James J. and Martha E. Boyle, $480,000.

PLOTNER FARM RD., 13102-Jonathan Lee and Do Nhu Nguyen to Gail R. Johnson, $250,000.

POLLY JEFFERS WAY, 2508-Robin E. and Theodore D. Walters to Sook H. Yim, $299,000.

TREVINO LANE, 1066-Dale K. and Mary O. Koger to Murugesan Vijayanand, $249,900.


FORT DR., 2404-Brenda A. and Paul S. Jarvis to Julia Doctor, $183,600.

MONTICELLO RD., 5847-Bradley W. Mitchell to Linda J. Coble, $152,000.

MONTICELLO RD., 5851-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Peter C. Herrman, $167,100.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5904, No. 216-Margaret A. and Peter E. Colyn to Catherine P. and David C. Clagett, $257,000.

N. KINGS HWY., 6102-Rene Chicas to Juan F. Chicas, $111,000.


AUDUBON AVE., 7975, No. B3-Ralph L. Woody to Shafqat Ali, $54,000.

HUNTLEY MEADOW LANE, 3726-Freddy W. Mullins to Roshan Pokharel and Roshana Devkota Pokharel, $259,000.

RANSOM PL., 3603-Joan K. Johns to Bradley and Michelle Wollmann, $250,000.

SOUTH KINGS HWY., 6667-Basim M. and Siham E. Mansour to K. Dinh, $309,000.

STOVER DR., 7241-Joseph F. Heath to Ahmad I. and Adea A. Issa, $198,000.


DOGUE INDIAN CIR., 7804-Kathy D. and Donald R. Torrence to Richard Davis and Barbara A. Sergi, $263,500.

ENOCHS DR., 8594-David L. King to Rusty T. and Zuleika F. Wallace, $218,000.

GUNSTON WOODS PL., 7929-Veronica A. Wilson to Steven G. Sherman, $196,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9693, No. B-Pravina U. and Umakant B. Tailor to Satish M. Amin, $77,000.

HAMILTON CT., 6915-Stanley B. and Jennifer L. Brawner to Judy T. and Robert M. Remy, $200,000.

OLD COLCHESTER RD., 10020-Kurt D. Moses to Charles L. and Anne L. Keeney, $395,000.

SUSQUEHANNA ST., 8723-David and Rebecca Dunyak to Michael G. Ortuso, $179,250.

TIDDLE WAY, 6785-David H. and Wendy N. Wan to Steve Kayizzi Mugerwa, $500,000.


BROOKEWOOD CT., 8404-Michael G. and Susan W. Sadler to Cornelius A. Dolby, $2,195,000.

DUNAWAY CT., 6307-Canan and Hakki Y. Yazgan to Christopher R. and Trang L. Gulian, $748,000.

EAST AVE., 1659-Benita P. and Tony C. Liu to Parviz and Afsaneh Nowzari, $385,000.

EVANS FARM DR., 1496-Hampstead Village Corp. to Gregory V. Novak and Tracy W. Druce, $1,310,270.

FOREST VILLAGE LANE, 1586-Timothy C. and Margaret McGhollinger to Stephen J. Rodocanachi and Antoinette Devito Rodocanachi, $659,000.

GELSTON CIR., 1030-VU Corp. to Robert C. and Carol B. Moeller, $1,860,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8350, No. 118-Tynlee P. Roberts to Roberta K. Geheren, $205,000.

HAMPTON HILL CIR., 1480-Anne Magruder to Julie A. Joy, $525,850.

HOOKING RD., 7346-Barbara and Matthew D. Forman to Joao and Vivian P. Ascensao, $740,000.

INGLESIDE AVE., 1216, No. A-John D. and Sylvia G. Lacopo to Maurice J. and Susan A. Hannigan, $1,195,000.

LA SALLE AVE., 1659-Joshua T. Morimoto to Monica M. and Noel A. Fernandez, $450,000.

LANCIA CT., 8600-Somerset Custom Homes Corp. to Leslie W. Kingslow and Andrea A. Williams, $1,229,150.

LANGLEY SPRING CT., 6800-Mary M. Seco to Anthony M. and Lora K. Picini, $1,200,000.

LOUGHRAN DR., 7825-Basheer Edgemoore Reserve Corp. to Keith G. and Marjorie H. Swirsky, $1,817,312.

MCLEAN MEWS CT., 1412-Subhash C. Dhingra to Thomas D. Stickels,


PANARAMA CT., 1823-James S. Cunningham and Maria E. Ramos to Marla J. and Christopher E. Belvedere, $465,000.

THRASHER RD., 7116-Billy S. and John C. Crawford to Margaret A. Hackbarth and Phillip A. Brooks, $535,000.

WILSON LANE, 1923-Michael Kosmides to Melissa H. and Naomi R. Depoix, $135,000.

WOODHURST BLVD., 1415-Deborah J. and Marion C. Dean to Warren E. and Sue S. Zirkle, $1,362,500.


ADRIENNE DR., 4007-Ann and Lawrence F. Gallagher to David E. Simon, $296,000.

ASHTON ST., 7924-Mary E. Fricano, trustee, to Louis Smith and Debbie Sanchez, $300,000.

BENECIA CT., 8413-Karen K. Steen to Phoenix Investment Group Corp., $73,500.

BOUND BROOK LANE, 8511-Robert M. and Sharon G. Berg and Sharon G. Berg Living Trust to Philomena R. and Amisi B. Mubangu, $375,000.

DREWS CT., 3623-Wesley G. and Heike E. Gillman to David R. and Rebecca C. Nielson, $559,000.

EL CAMINO PL., 3814, No. 13-David E. Burzynski Jr. to Erika F. Oropeza, $96,400.

GROOMBRIDGE WAY, 4420, No. H-Carole L. and E. Scott Stewardson to Deidre M. Corcoran, $92,500.

HUNTER MURPHY CIR., 8373-Rene S. and Denana Heidler to Chau and Jessica To and Mary To, $225,000.

MIRAMONTE PL., 3832, No. C-Frances W. and Michael T. Mitchell to Luis F. Garcia and Lauro Gonzalez, $83,000.

OAKLAKE CT., 8122-Sharon D. Alexander to Eric B. Feris, $225,000.

PEMBROOK VILLAGE DR., 4379, No. 71-Arthel Calvin to Emebet M. and Fikirte H. Beyene, $130,000.

SHADWELL CT., 5708, No. 105-Michael G. Weiggands to Natalie L. Hamm, $80,000.

VILLAGE GREEN CT., 8754-Kyoung E. and Ok Y. Kim to Hung Tran and Thanh Ta, $170,400.

WOODLAWN CT., 8608-Yvonne H. to Jennifer Aufdenberg and Kelley Morgan, $275,000.


BOSTWICK DR., 6705-John M. and Daisy M.W. Larrick to Roberta R. Szyslak, $281,000.

ELGAR ST., 7312-James G. Kanala to Shao P. and Bing T. Ong, $290,000.

ELLET RD., 7924-Briggs S. and Jody A. Carroll to Jason D. and Mayra T. Johnson, $270,000.

HINTON ST., 5514-Kimberly T. and Kristofer D. Hjort to Lisa G. and Brian L. Milman, $274,000.

JERVIS ST., 7523-Rosemarie P. Slavin to Ralph A. and Nicole Suris, $285,000.

MILES CT., 5517-Michelle A. Wolpe to Keith A. Bare, $234,000.

NUTTING DR., 5301-Mark Langstein and Marie Campagnone to MLMC Inc., $291,000.


BLAKE LANE, 10007-Blake Lane Developers Corp. to Kwang S. and Joo H. Cheong, $498,692.

EMERALD ROCK DR., 10335-Dian Q. and James T. Leeper to Stanley and Karen Hodell, $300,000.

MILLER RD., 10505-Patricia W. and William R. Anderson to Gina P. Jones, $499,000.


AUTUMN RIDGE CIR., 1537-Jason Himmelright to Thomas Petzold, $264,900.

BLUE SMOKE TRAIL, 11710-David W. Lawson to James R. and Jan E. Keith, $415,000.

BRENTON POINT DR., 2524-Dudley and Adelaide Coy to Suresh S. and Claudia J. Patil, $410,000.

CEDAR HOLLOW WAY, 1661-Carlos E. Gonzalez and Robert Hagen to Augustin and Rosmari N. Borges, $330,000.

COLTS BROOK DR., 2303-Rahul Chettri and Behiye A. Tapan Chettri to Shien and Chih Lee, $389,000.

DASHER LANE, 1311-David A. and Sheryl H. Kimball to Lendell and Laura Porterfield, $685,000.

DEER POINT WAY, 1548-Linda Springer to Elizabeth M. Quilici, $324,900.

FOREST EDGE DR., 11134-Beverly J. Ely to Dilip Kumar and Rita Das, $237,575.

GLADE DR., 11162-Lisa L. Riofrio, trustee, and Whitmore Revocable Trust to Delkhwaz Jaff, $270,000.

HARBOR CT., 11298-Stephen B. and Terri A. French to Michael W. Conboy, $243,000.

OLD TRAIL DR., 2348-Michael K. and Kelly C. Tait to Abdessamad Nhairy, $259,950.

OLDFIELD DR., 10705-Diane K. Corcoran to Patrick Mulvaney and Khuong Ta, $385,000.

SAFFOLD WAY, 11027-Helen Nappier to Robert and Caroline Murphy, $158,000.

TOURNAMENT DR., 12804-Girish B. and Ranju Verma to Feng Xie and Xueqin Tian, $419,000.

UPPER LAKE DR., 1926-Harvey W. Austin and Ellen J.S. Tolliver to Robert S. and Diane C. Brodsky, $799,500.

WOODHOLLOW CT., 11578-John R. and Mary K. Bates to Michael C. Hartzell and Kathy L. Krafka, $290,000.


HILLSBOROUGH DR., 6322-John W. and Christine A. Cozart to Larry L. and Tamara E. Janeshek, $378,550.

MEETING ST., 3027-Elaine L. and Travis J. Farris to Isha R. Youhas, $325,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3111, No. 625-Christopher S. Saunders to Angela B. Ives, $122,000.

VALLEY LANE, 3063-Brigitte Hartke and Rosemary Begue and Suzanne M. Laurent to Bowyer Associates Inc., $330,000.


ASHVIEW DR., 7226-Donald G. and Patricia L. Housman to Michelle P. and William T. Bickley, $309,500.

CARBONDALE WAY, 8006-Larry D. and Joyce D. Epperson to George E. and Marion T. Fryer, $221,500.

CHARLOTTE ST., 7401-Marcie and Nathan Jackson to Miguel A. and Berta L. Orellana, $282,000.

DEBRA LU WAY, 6690-Janet N. and Everett Maynard to Timothy C. Vert and Wendy A. McCombie, $299,000.

DORMONT ST., 7205-Jonathan C. Windle to Silvio Chuchon, $299,000.

EUCLID WAY, 7753-Amy M. and Paul A. Maingault to John P. Kouns, $192,100.

FLANDERS ST., 6002-John B. Schoppert to Charles K. and June E. Jones, $264,000.

GAMBRILL CT., 7946-Angela S. and Eric A. Patten to Richard P. and Heather G. Wagenaar, $277,000.

GAMBRILL LANE, 8403-Kelly K. and Timothy J. Will to Leslie and Herbert Dey, $363,900.

GAMBRILL RD., 7312-Rebecca H. and Wade F. Hall to Craig S. and Joanne L. Rosenthal, $384,000.

GARNER ST., 5221-Doris and William J. Dobson to John P. and Robyn L.M. Holland, $269,900.

GAVELWOOD CT., 9074-Frank L. Prindle and Neil W. Ryan to Okhie Whang, $243,500.

GLENDOWER CT., 7322-James C. and Lynette S. Adams to Elizabeth M. McLaughlin, $219,950.

GOLDEN SUNSET LANE, 9053-Wendy J. and Franklin H. Davenport to Farshid Assadzadeh, $298,900.

HAVELOCK ST., 7507-Betsy J. and Edward F. Bodling to Eugene W. and Stephanie A. Mittuch, $294,900.

HIBBLING AVE., 6019-Charlotte S. and Samuel A. Custer to Stephen G. and Tamara A. Shepherd, $297,500.

HILLTOPPER CT., 7708-Dennis C. and Pamela K. McBride to Jennifer L. Little, $380,500.

HUNT SQUARE CT., 9543-Bertram B. and Marlene D. Smith to Thomas J. and Nuria Barmonde, $253,000.

KINGS POINT CT., 8102-William R. Gregg, Claudia C. Levecque and Georgette Gregg to Jerry L. and Emme E. Edwards, $327,000.

LACKAWANNA DR., 7318-Basheer Edgemoore Southampton Corp. to Danne G. Sylvain and Keith W. Walley, $666,066.

LAURAL VALLEY WAY, 7916-Edmund R. and Kathryn C. Bourke to John A. and Mary J. Ochranek, $370,000.

LUCE CT., 8358-Tassawer Irshad to Bushra Imtiaz, $199,000.

MONTICELLO BLVD., 7213-Elizabeth A. Corker to Ever and Victoria Lainez and Evodio Estrada, $250,000.

SONTAG WAY, 7125-Douglas G. and Sheryl W. Stinchcum to Betsy J. and Edward F. Bodling, $379,500.

STEEPLECHASE CT., 8093-David C. and Judy C. Ravenscroft to Troy and Kristen Self, $187,000.

TANGIER DR., 7773-Akiko B. and Kenneth R. Dirnberger to Christine M. and Sean J. Byrne, $335,000.

VILLA DEL REY CT., 6983-Gloria S. and James F. Abramovitz to Jenny T. Cupp and Joseph A. Sheehan, $187,000.


CELESTA CT., 1407-Christian J. and Desiree C. Nielsen to James D. and Kristin F. Sharpe, $525,000.

CURZON CT., 2704-Myung H. and Hyekyung Choo to Jon Taillon and Rebecca Whittemore, $405,000.

GERKEN AVE., 2232-Jeanne B. and Robert H. Lynch to Dana D. and Thomas F. Hanton, $560,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2438, No. 239-Colleen A. Lovelace and Neil P. McNerney to James A. Hall, $154,900.

GLENGYLE DR., 2566, No. 163-Eugenia Ryabinky to Chang W. and Soon W. Cho, $165,000.

JAMES DR. SW, 206-James O. and Constance J. Mathers to Scott and Andrea Woodhouse, $290,000.

LEEDS CASTLE DR., 1613-Deborah J. Walker and Randall J. Soderquist to Timothy and Carol Pfau, $426,900.

LOCUST ST. SE, 211, No. C-Peter M. and Stacey S. Rothfuss to Launa A. Stewart, $225,000.

MASTERWORKS DR., 9612-Marguerite A. Thompson to Michael A. and Diane P. McCoin, $310,000.

OAK VALE CT. N., 2409-Michael F. and Patricia K. Bates to Nicholas Noyes and Julieta A. Valls Noyes, $519,900.

OLD COURT HOUSE RD., 9126-Jerry G. and Shirley S. Prehn to Hosin I. Mabudian, $460,000.

ROBNEL PL., 9323-Moushira S. and Raouf N. Youssef to Neeraj K. and Urvashi P. Malhotra, $640,000.

SADDLE VIEW CT., 10305-Peter A. and Anne Y. Loughlin to Timothy P. and Diana K. Morahan, $450,000.

SIBELIUS DR., 9328-Gerald A. Boutcher to Christian J. and Desiree C. Nielsen,


TOWLSTON RD., 1321-Amy F. and Stephen M. Stern to Khalil and Carin G. Bouharoun, $476,000.

TRAP RD., 1644-Hope A. and Luther L. Marshall and Paul B. Marshall to Hope A. and Paul B. Marshall, $121,000.

TRUMAN CIR. SW, 607-Jane E. and William A. Weech to Joel D. and Marisa N. Wright, $341,200.

VILLANOVA DR., 2425-Paul G. and Sharon O. Hayeck to Christopher S. and Sharon J. Burns, $380,000.

WESTCHESTER DR., 8216-Carmine Mongeluzzo to Linda and Franklin Walthall, $275,000.

WESTWOOD DR. N., 1011-Addy M. and Roy G. Huffman to Diane P. and Steven C. Barrett, $449,000.

WINDER ST., 8237-Ernest F. and Janice G. Tello to Anton Vassiliev and Elena Negru, $384,100.

WOODFORD CT., 8407-Hayat T. and Nagi T. Wakim to Shirin S. and Khodarahm C. Abadian, $377,000.


ARMENDOWN DR., 9047-Belinda B. and David C. Osborne to Alyson B. Danowski, $220,000.

BROMPTON ST., 8005-Freba and Karim A. Aminzay to Craig and Charmin W. Walker, $300,000.

CANEEL CT., 6706-Mary L. and William T. Snyder to Angel L. Lugo and Patsy R. Jones Lugo, $387,500.

CARRLEIGH PKWY., 8201-Carmen D. and Gary E. McCain to Cynthia D. Hatley, $289,900.

EVERETT CT., 9132-John P. and Katina A. Doulis to Shannon R. Moriarity, $188,500.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8332, No. 446-Samara F. Jalala to Shaima J. Atmar, $128,000.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8407-Kenneth I. and Patricia A. Hobitz to Michael L. and Sarah J. Drickey, $289,900.

HARROWGATE CIR., 7828-Stephen M. Soffe to Kelly L. Casey, $110,000.

KINGSFORD RD., 5903, No. D-Craig Vangrootenbruel to Marcela and Carlos Buendia, $82,000.

MULVANEY CT., 9006-Robyne D. Doten to Christopher Medvigy, $246,700.

O SHAD LANE, 9142-Gregory D. and Sioned V. Custard to Yao Liang and Mei Wang, $235,000.

ROLLING RD., 6802-Christina D.G. Lief to Nabil T. Elhalabi, $290,000.

SEABRIGHT RD., 5972-Robert and Roseann Kwiatkowski to Douglas E. and Stephanie G. Morgan, $245,000.

STREAM WAY, 7355-Joseph J. Ammirati and Kathleen Herlihy Ammirati to Daniel A. Fuhr, $215,000.

SWEET BIRCH CT., 9005-Edward E. and Julia A. Dyson to Andrew L. Branigan, $230,000.

VIOLA ST., 7902-Richard T. and Ida G. Williams to Vikki Middleton, $359,500.

WRENFORD CT., 8333-Daniel S. and Patricia B. Morgan to Thomas Vadnais, $255,000.