The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


ARCTIC AVE., 13016-Y. and Mary S. Calis to Wayne Grey, $185,000.

BAUER DR., 14620, No. 3-Charlotte A. Brown to Kyung Ae Choi, $120,000.

BURNSIDE DR., 5509-Edward F. Cavanagh to Aida O. and Manuel J. Rios, $175,000.

CANTERBURY LANE, 14106-Charles S. and J.H. Rasch to Nancy D. and Agustin Lopez, $285,000.

FREELAND RD., 13003-Robert J. Fishman to Christine M. and David A. Bloodgood, $230,500.

HANNANS WAY, 15305-E.S. and John A. McQueston to Ericka Aguirre Paiz, $457,500.

KEATING ST., 13407-Kevin M. Fahey to James D. Colliver, $229,900.

TURKEY BRANCH PKWY., 13206-Household Finance Corp. to Juvenal Yaya, $180,000.

VANDALIA DR., 13107-Jose and A. Bonilla to Rosangzuali and Lalzawmpuia Zadeng, $244,900.


BANNOCKBURN DR., 6519-Susan K. Kuznick to Alison S. Osnos, $479,000.

BATTERY LANE, 5007, No. 1-Joseph M. Reiss to Steven J. Weisel, $375,000.

BRANDT PL., 8606-Beth R. King to Kimberley Barrett Alexander and Robert William Alexander, $392,500.

BRITE DR., 5511-John L. Nicholson to Geraldine M. and David A. Governey, $546,000.

CARLTON ST., 5302-Elizabeth T. McFadden to Chase Builders Corp., $425,000.

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 7425, No. 302-Andrea Tokarcik, trustee, to Laleh Eshkevari, $160,000.

FARNHAM DR., 10533-Alexander and O.P. Gritz to Mindy J. Hicks and Michael A. Raithel, $440,100.

FENWAY DR., 8624-Homayoun T. and E. Hadjebi to Kristen G. and Gilbert S. Keteltas, $955,000.

GREENTREE RD., 8004-Peter E. and M.N. Mahoney to Alicia A. Billings and Bradford C. Brown, $740,025.

HAMILTON SPRING RD., 7802-Kenneth J. and M.E. Shepherd to Nora Halpern and Kerry Brougher, $590,000.

HARLING LANE, 4615-Arthur H. Sullivan, trustee, to Brian M. Dewey, $425,000.

KING CHARLES WAY, 5311-Elihu Bergman to Michael L. Kaufman, $331,000.

KIRBY RD., 5924-Chtira M. De Silva, trustee, to Cafritz Kirby Corp., $495,000.

MAPLEWOOD PARK PL., 5929-S.A. and James R. Holder to Sharmila Saxena, $535,000.

MARJORY LANE, 6403-Arpatsorn and B. Bunnag to Velia C. Mitro and Matthew K. Olson, $440,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 6213-John C. and Betsey M. Merwin to Alla and Kevin F. Iaquinto, $490,000.

MELWOOD RD., 8605-P.F. and Virginia E. Kimonis to Timothy C. Hartung, $376,000.

MIDDLEBURG LANE, 6409-C.F. and Jerome S. Antel Jr. to Mark C. Livingstone, $450,000.

MOHAWK LANE, 8914-Albert H. and D.L. Lechner to Elizabeth A. Kessler and Scott E. Hembrough, $634,000.

MONTAUK AVE., 9805-Abnan Hafeez to Chris D. Kaufman, $346,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10417-M.P. and Michael C. Rhoades to Giovanni A. Bonita, $170,000.

ORKNEY PKWY., 7208-Edwin H. and C.G. Marschka to Lori A. and Robert A. Maggin, $625,000.

RAYLAND DR., 5209-H. Warren and M.C.B. Willis to Sharon G. and Daniel V. Becker, $465,000.

RIDGE RD., 8727-Carole L. and Sherman to Lisa and Douglas J. Davison, $554,000.

ROLSTON RD., 5902-Marc J. Zwillinger to Leeann T. Bartz and Philip D. Bartz, $606,000.

SANGAMORE CT., 3-Susan J. Mack to Pauline A. Siple and Jonathan Nowick, $430,000.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7529, No. C1-Robert E. Vayhinger, trustee, to Perla Aizenman, $176,000.

STONE TRAIL DR., 8213-Barbara A. Tyson to Julia L. and John B. Cashmere, $624,900.

SWANSONG WAY, 7124-Susan E. Koricki to Rajani and Supratim Choudhuri, $270,000.

TIFFANY HILL CT., 9805, No. 64-John B. and S.V. Buffalo to Lavanya Sithanandam and Charitha F. Amerasinghe, $412,000.

WELBORN DR., 5904-Michael A. Schwartz to Ashley G. and Douglas B. Sharp, $695,000.

WESTLAKE DR., 10300, No. S103-Bill and E. Putman to Dalit and Erez Halfon, $175,000.

WESTLAKE DR., 10320, No. E403-Ismael Moreno to Joan Muller, $165,900.

WESTLAKE TER., 7401, No. 1412-S. and Sanjeev Garg to Yanhina S. Rodriguez, $191,000.

WESTLAKE TER., 7420, No. 603-Cynthia B. Garlock to Soudabeh M. Solhjoo, $305,000.

WESTPATH WAY, 5229-Jonathan D. and Miriam M. Adams to Noelle S. McHugh and David M. Miles, $717,500.


HOYLES MILL RD., 14011-Country Commitment Ltd. to Rona M. Faust, $299,000.


EPSTEIN CT., 2431-Marilyn J. Caruthers to Darren W. Piccirillo, $296,000.


ALDORA CIR., 14112-Valerie S. Palmer to Amy B. Mohney, $119,900.

ALDORA CIR., 14163-Melody D. Mitchell to Vincent A. Legendre, $123,000.

ALMANAC DR., 14649-Joyce A. Deleeuw to Ann D. and Michael F. Pupjak Sr., $185,000.

CLOUDBERRY CT., 4208-Cristal Hill to Vijay B. Kushawaha, $138,000.

REGALWOOD TER., 4310-James M. and M. Mullen to Shilpi S. and Stanley N. Dean, $184,000.

REGALWOOD TER., 4426-Barbara M. Walker to Eric M. Rodkin, $149,300.

SWAN HOUSE CT., 3810-Joseph A. Dibattista to Mary N. and Steve M. Hood, $202,000.

TURBRIDGE DR., 3524-Ernst Gaston to Standley Villard, $249,900.


81ST ST., 6615-William Y. and Brown to Matthew G. McGuire and Sarah Craven, $850,000.


AMBERSTONE CT., 1901, No. 15-Edward J. and A.C. Oconnor to Carmen M. and Francisco R. Cruz, $195,000.

CASTLE TER., 3732, No. 120-Ernestine Jones Cooper to McKinley C. Joyner III, $129,900.

CASTLE CLIFF CT., 3-Donna B. Kinnaman to Merle J. Lewis, $250,700.

COPLAND CT., 13241-An Y. Kim to Savyasachee L. Mathur, $228,000.

COPLEY LANE, 505-Noor U. and D.M. Malik to Denise H. and Earl L. Twisdale, $385,000.

DEER RIDGE DR., 2628-Leena S. Deshpande to Porntip Thanasattayavibul, $182,000.

DOWNS DR., 1009-Martin W. and L.B. Bennertz to Kristine E. and Richard J. Rives, $309,900.

FEATHERWOOD ST., 1764-Carmen A. Santa Cruz to Alvaro M. Guzman, $170,000.

GERSHWIN WAY, 13025-Saied Dadkhoo to Abdul H. Malik, $262,900.

LOFT WAY, 1719-Dale A. and M.A. Hance to Susie K. and Reynold Mosier, $383,000.

MAPLE ST., 12820-Geraldine A. Grotto to Eric A. Dunbar, $172,500.

MUSICMASTER DR., 13287, No. 194-A. and Desmond Abban to Ellen C. Lammy, $148,000.

PENTENVILLE RD., 12615-Roswell S. Bowersett, trustee, to Kirsten E. and Thomas J. Norris, $370,000.

QUARTET LANE, 3113, No. 218-Deborah R. Kleinberg to Ebony N. Kelly, $114,000.

SCOTT DR., 314-D.L. and Timothy M. Sasser to Maria L. Cepeda, $395,000.

SHEPPERTON TER., 2955-Russell Lewis Jr. to Ankuraben D. Dave, $132,900.

SWEET CLOVER DR., 12162-F. and Kesuith Smith to Mehari Mekonnen, $199,000.

TAMARACK RD., 12910-Reshad A. Hamidi, trustee, to Chris Asher, $175,000.


CONNECTICUT AVE., 8909-Robert B. Johnson to Sylvia R. Reyes, $227,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4242, No. 401-Eva Gnjatovic to Janet Canale and Steven Ferriera, $124,000.

HAWKINS LANE, 8823-Barbara Glancy to Kathryn G. Sessions, $354,000.

HILLANDALE RD., 6644, No. 50A-Marilyn Strauss Levy, trustee, to Mohanned H. Kurton, $118,000.

LELAND ST., 4233-William G. and E.L.T. Reed to Maureen E. Donahue and John C. Hardwick Jr., $653,000.

OXFORD ST., 25-Rogelio and N.M. Novey to Lisa B. and Armond Spikell, $1,075,000.

RIDGE MANOR DR., 25901, No. 7000D-Robert L. Poole to Virgina A. and Edwin S. Billhimer III, $119,500.

ROSS RD., 2704-L. and Ann D. Cannon to Brian B. Maloney, $385,000.

STANFORD ST., 4300-Leonard W. Stern to Julie S. and William P. Beaman, $849,175.

SURREY ST., 5412-Livia T. Laffey, trustee, to Sandeep Kapur and Mamta Murthi, $605,000.

TAYLOR ST., 3615-Rodd J. and J.B. Macklin to Deborah B. and Howard A. Scheck, $723,500.


BEAUFORT PL., 15340-Elaine F. Scherer to Margaret S. and Stewart M. Wills, $271,000.

ELM GROVE CIR., 1347-A. and Varghese E. Skariah to Edith Salazar, $178,000.

JAYSTONE DR., 14620-Bliss C. Cartwright to Laura K. and Joel Dechter, $420,000.

LOCUSTWOOD LANE, 14621-M.V. and Michael J. Schmidt to Barbara G. Sines, $399,000.

PEACH ORCHARD RD., 15420-John R. Hardesty to Michael V. Falcone, $205,500.


APPLECROSS TER., 25004-James T. and A.M. Hitchock to Julia E. and Todd S. Virts, $245,000.

SHELLDRAKE CT., 37-N.E. and Richard W. Crown to Raymond Barrett, $144,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 25109-Steven G. Poyourow to Carlo Fiore, $395,000.


DOWNLAND TER., 4902-Byung S. and J.K. Kim to Suk T. and Eun O. Hong, $450,000.

EPSILON DR., 7828-Kevin J. and A. Henson to Erifili and Mark Kotsatos, $135,500.

NUTWOOD CT., 7600-Francis R. and C. Haines to Vivien and Gerardo Berdan, $202,000.

OLDE MILL RUN, 16937-M.G. and Alexey A. Ralli to Thomas C. Socey, $359,000.

WILLOW OAK DR., 18604-Thomas E. and D. Reddin to Ruby J. and Charles R. Noyes, $649,000.


AFTERNOON LANE, 20406-Charles F. Palmer to Michael A. Zangardi, $215,000.

APPLEDOWRE WAY, 11467, No. 7-Maxine B. Blank to Jennifer L. Gaddis, $143,000.

AUTUMN MIST CIR., 13207-Phyllis J. Zumbrun to Margaret and Henry L. Cassi Jr., $287,500.

BLOOMINGVILLE CT., 20403-Fa F. Dai to Rosario Amezquita, $272,000.

DRUMCASTLE CT., 2-S.J. and Thomas J. Withrow to Robert J. Desanto, $189,900.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12205, No. M-Michael J. Vanthournout to Sheryl K. Diamantides and James P. Diamantides, $118,500.

HOTTINGER CIR., 19322-Sandra R. Meadows to Selamawit and Teshome Jiffar, $155,000.

JUMP DR., 14045-Lydia B. Rivero to Jiang Chen, $203,000.

LONG CHANNEL DR., 14325-Soraya Farman Farmaian to Linda L. Hardenstein, $230,000.

TRAILSIDE WAY, 13005, No. 5-Edwidge Saint Felix to Orafiri P. Enabosi, $125,300.

VIRGINIA PINE DR., 11713-Dinesh and J. Mehra to Pamela J. Bruce Staskal and John P. Staskal, $399,000.


BADENLOCH WAY, 7903, No. 103-Jasmine Sukumaran to Rehan Khan, $89,000.

BARN SWALLOW TER., 18712-Keith A. Matthews to Juanita V. Wilson Hargette, $164,750.

BILLINGSGATE LANE, 104-James R. Weddel to Susan J. and Fred M. Dorsey, $335,000.

BLACK FOREST WAY, 11103-C. Laura Flicker to Sheng Ching Wang, $140,000.

BOAT HOUSE WAY, 14600-Kenneth R. and J.S. Possenriede to Tracie L. and Kenneth J. Saltzman, $400,000.

BRIAN CT., 42, No. 150-Herbert Gerstenzang to Eduardo Walters, $125,000.

BRISTOL DOWNS DR., 223-Thanh T. Nguyen to Lana Shami and Amer N. Abu Obeid, $357,000.

BROADWATER WAY, 19137-Michael A. McLean to Jose B. Granados Pacheco, $155,000.

BUTTERWICK WAY, 20306-P. and John Kidwell to David H. Jaffe, $280,000.

CASE ST., 35-Michael T.H. and J.M. Cho to Yunfei Huang and Xinjun Zhu, $358,000.

CENTERWAY RD., 8927-Ruth Genies to Lucille Demar, $106,000.

CENTERWAY RD., 9118-Delgia Martinez to Xin Wei Xu and Ying Tao, $152,500.

CHAGALL DR., 12307-Y.F.M. and Kuang T. Liang to Karen M. Preysnar, $432,700.

CHESTNUT HILL ST., 314-Patrice Brown to Malcolm Allison, $355,000.

CORIANDER DR., 7903, No. 103-Sherri L. Simmons to Ping Guan and Chensi Tian, $92,500.

CROSS COUNTRY LANE, 18751-G.L. and Judy A. Logeman to Steven A. Buechler, $285,000.

CURRY FORD LANE, 709-Michael S. Coene to Roya Rafatzad, $212,000.

DEER PARK LANE, 138-A.E. and Carlos F. Peralta to Karen L. Wilson, $170,000.

DELCRIS DR., 8729-Minda R. Lynch to Robert A. Haas, $210,000.

DOCENA DR., 9707-Sen T. Chou to Luis and Kenia Escobar, $117,000.

DODIE TER., 14609-Mohammed T. and N. Parvizian to Leslye D. and George S. Johnson, $499,000.

DUVALL LANE, 118, No. 111-Cesar E. and Schipani to Yvette and Melvin Tucker, $68,900.

ESWORTHY RD., 12810-Faris A. Bandak to Virginia A. and David W. Geer, $625,000.

FALCONBRIDGE TER., 15224-M.R. and Jeffrey S. Levine to Shawn P. Neville, $429,000.

FAWN VISTA WAY, 19800-John J. and L.M. Ayob III to Kristen L. and Steven J. Durning, $309,000.

FEATHERTREE TER., 9801, No. 204-Gail S. Bousum to Haiding Zhao, $146,000.

FEDERAL CT., 6, No. 116-Gilberto J. Gomez to David O. Bonilla, $130,000.

FILBERT DR., 19816-Blair L. Lough to Yasmin M. Perez, $185,000.

FILBERT TER., 7524-Melissa H. Joswick to Barbara J. and Andrew Ratti, $180,000.

GIRARD ST., 458, No. 400-Maher Rizkallah to Jose D. Reyes, $75,000.

GOLDEN ASH WAY, 36-M.C. and Brian R. Frick to Mary M. Morrow, $218,000.

GOODPORT CT., 32-Evan H. and P.S. Homan to Suzanne R. and Stevan D. Crowder, $199,000.

HALLMARK CT., 18411-L.E. and James R. Sobers to Adam Lambert, $201,000.

HILLSIDE LAKE TER., 907, No. 512-Debra L. Blecker to Shlomo Sudai, $128,000.

HILLSIDE LAKE TER., 987, No. 904-David A. Lusk to Barbara A. Meehan, $162,000.

INSPIRATION LANE, 327-Brenda J. Smola to Andrew Goldman, $625,000.

KENDRICK PL., 102, No. 32-Christine A. Jones to Robert K. Carr, $222,000.

LAKE GENEVA WAY, 13233-Charles E. and M.A. Brooke to Aba S. and Thomas Kumi, $253,000.

LONGDRAFT RD., 106-Donald W. and J.M. Rary to Yaqing Li and Biao Ruan, $257,500.

LONGPOINT WAY, 118-A.V. and Norberto E. Soto to Syed A. Rahman, $290,000.

MEDITERRANEAN DR., 19000-Jerry A. Howard to Junzhwan Wang and Delong Huang, $275,000.

MORAN DR., 13209-James L. Millette, trustee, to Joan K. and Brian K. Atchinson, $650,000.

OTTER COVE CT., 7916-Bert T. Fangmeyer to Ying Jian Tang, $139,999.

PEPPERWOOD LANE, 8131, No. 2A-Santiago and M.C. Ayala to Maria and Jose Guifarro, $135,000.

QUONDAL CT., 18305-Cham Tran to Sandra Young, $228,000.

RAVENSDALE CT., 20212-Amy Lafferman to Michael S. Mullin, $135,000.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 309-Alan E. and C.D. Kresse to Margaret M. Christopher and Robert J. Christopher, $329,000.

SANDY LAKE DR., 19424-Alisa K. Abel to Laverne P. Jackson, $175,000.

SILENT VALLEY LANE, 11821-B.D. and Michael C. Quinn to Anthony D. Desomma, $375,000.

SUFFIELD DR., 704-John D. Peterson to Mandy Chen and John T. Chang, $250,000.

SUMMER WALK DR., 104-Ronald J. and A.R. Schwartz to Susan G. Marshall and John M. Pike, $380,000.

SWALLOW POINT RD., 20300-Heidi L. Bowen to Patty J. Munday and Charles M. Cowles, $319,900.

TOMAHAWK DR., 16445-M.R. and Thomas J. McAleavey to Athena S. Lai, $364,100.

TURTLE DOVE CT., 6-Patricia L. Lepovetsky to Emily N. and Timothy M. Benas, $175,000.

WIGHTMAN RD., 9631-N.L. and Paul E. McGee to Brent R. Berisford, $180,000.

WILD FOREST DR., 914-Kajaz Safarian to Alexander Leffers, $229,000.

WINDJAMMER WAY, 1830-David B. and K.L. Nichols to Etna P. Cavalcante and Richard Foster, $215,000.


VASSAR CIR., 11-C.D. and Michael L. Depaolis to Randall R. Yazhary, $172,000.


DEVERE DR., 1018-Kathleen M. Chaney to Lisa and David V. Felber, $290,000.

MANTZ RD., 10611-Mark F. and Desrosier to Carolyn M. and Russell R. Lonser, $550,000.

PAULA DR., 1511-Jeanette P. Morris to Eduardo Valencia, $230,000.


CALVERT PL., 3819-Carl L. and F.S. Orndorff to Denise R. and Michael B. Hammond, $300,000.

CRESTWOOD RD., 10136-R.M. and Dieter Bilitza to Catherine L. Smith, $405,000.

DRUID DR., 4905-James H. Lewis to Josef Finn, $335,000.

HILLRIDGE DR., 9607-A.R. and Steven W. Horton to Dennis P. Bourgault, $657,350.

KENT ST., 3204-Donald E. and S.B. Claycomb to Nancy Alexander and Mark Barnard, $695,000.

KENT ST., 3507-J.M. and Thomas W. Allen to Julie Anderson, $400,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3333, No. 1103-Judy D. Bowie to Jule Kaplan, $87,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3333, No. 1111-Rosemarie Johnson to Anneliese Simmons and William L. Fanjoy, $148,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 3942-Marian Ronsaville, trustee, to Thomas K. Cosgrove, $75,000.


MELROSE SQUARE WAY, 9510-Carlos E. Flores Reyes to Lorna Tonn, $175,000.

OLNEY LAYTONSVILLE RD., 6016-C.A. and Wiley G. Griffith to John West, $240,000.

WHITE PILLAR TER., 9535-William J. Foley to Eugene J. Rose, $162,500.


BREMERTON WAY, 9359-Freddy Perez to Juan Ramon Mollinedo, $170,000.

MARKETREE CIR., 8307-Michael S. Bonavia to Bailona B. and Oscar H. Navarro, $250,000.

PIER POINT PL., 18637-Darlene Haeger to Wayne D. Parrott Sr., $160,000.

STRATH HAVEN CT., 2-Kimberly L. Stup to Jose L. Perez, $152,000.


BROWN CHURCH RD., 8940-David E. and D.J. Young to Kelly A. and Robert M. Hudlow, $255,000.


BAILEYS CT., 1-Marelyn M. John to Presca Citoye, $170,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3740, No. 12-Edith Y. Jefferson to Jose Velasquez, $78,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3902, No. 8-Kyung S. Park to Douglas K. Johnson, $57,700.

BEL PRE RD., 3910, No. 6-Venita B. Thornton to Naomi Woubou, $74,900.

BELLE CREST LANE, 2608-Roy W. and S.K. Eckert to Megan E. Carroll Virga and Michael Virga, $340,000.

BLUE KNOB TER., 2117-Adenike A. Omotosho to Lauren Laws, $249,500.

GREENERY LANE, 2205, No. 9-Frances and Charles Kasmir to Karen M. Morrell, $116,000.

HASLEMERE CT., 15048, No. 263-E-William A. McGowan to Myra S. and Alvin M. Neviaser, $115,000.

HEWITT AVE., 3301, No. 404-Thomas J. Neal to Santos P. Medrano, $100,000.

HOLDRIDGE RD., 12611-Arthur P. Kulick to Robert L. Clark Jr., $58,000.

HUGO CIR., 1553-V. and Srini Vasan to Atif Memon, $262,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3310, No. 604-L.C. and Stewart L. Baker to T. Robert Romero, $320,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3310, No. 831-Roger W. and R.E. Allen to Betty Pat Morris and H. Robert Morris, $292,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 3005, No. 711-Marie A. Prestipino to Arnold Schwartz, $290,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 3005, No. 818-Althaea Langston to Sondra and Hyman Laskin, $200,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 3235, No. 106C-Charles S. Schweitzer to Dorothy B. Henry, $147,000.

MATEY RD., 12822-Augusto M. Fernandese to Maria C. Queiros, $204,000.

MCKISSON CT., 14909, No. 6C-Ellen S. Bolton to Carmen Romero, $83,023.

MIDDLE RD., 12205-Roberto Gonzalez to Jorge H. Maldonado, $190,000.

OLYMPIC ST., 3521-Steve and C. Abbe to Alice E. and Douglas F. Dillon, $230,000.

TYNEWICK DR., 3816, No. 28-Elisa Gomez to Marguerite Grammont, $190,000.


BARNSLEY LANE, 4121-Robert F. and C.A. Geisler to Sheila Etzkorn and Michael Binder, $299,000.

BOASTFIELD LANE, 4549-Elizabeth L. Graham to Bethany J. Pautrat and Christopher A. Pautrat, $164,000.

BUEHLER CT., 3341, No. 104-Hamidreza and G. Nadjmagadi to Heidi K. and James F. Simon, $205,000.

CARNEGIE HALL CIR., 3207-Doron and C.C. Netanel to Priscilla and Carmelo Negron, $270,000.

CLOVERCREST CIR., 18653-Deneane Butler to Curtis L. and Ann J. Heflin Jr., $256,000.

HERITAGE HILLS DR., 18528-N.E. and Steven M. Ruben to Matthew Fioretti, $355,000.

MEGANS WAY, 3317-K.V. and A. Judson Hill to James Forlenza, $427,000.

MOSS SIDE LANE, 17117, No. 22-Leanne R. Trautman to Judy A. and Donald C. Moore, $170,000.

OLNEY MILL RD., 19329-Thomas M. and S.E. Melton to Heather L. and John D. Johnson, $305,000.

QUEEN MARY DR., 3722-Helen A. Martin, trustee, to Brian N. White, $399,900.

SPARTAN RD., 2816-Charles J. and L. Chamberlain to Audra and Brian Bray, $422,500.

STAKEBURG PL., 18500, No. 13-James D. Voss to Shannon L. Mulligan, $106,072.

WINDING OAK DR., 4500-Frederick T. and P.D. Billig to Carl O. and Lawrence Bergner, $463,000.


BRUNER WAY, 19608-Edward V. and T.A. Tarney to Steven C. and Kimberly M. Deffinbaugh, $352,050.


BEEKMAN PL., 11805-Charles R. and N.L. Leins to Lynn E. and John J. Calkins, $925,000.

BENT CROSS DR., 9920-Sydney and D. Polakoff to Saroj and Ghanshyam Gupta, $2.3 million.

CANAL VISTA CT., 13613-Diamant E. and M. Disandro to Patti and Avram Weinberg, $885,000.

COPENHAVER DR., 8828-Robert J. and A.H. Levin to Katarzyna and Martin D. Coulter, $637,010.

MAPLECREST CT., 1-Sasan Ghafari to Marcelo Smulevich, $775,000.

ORCHARD BROOK DR., 9336-Kurtis S. King to Drew A. Greenblatt, $669,000.


ACADEMY WAY, 12205, No. 194-Jack Binstock, trustee, to Landon School Corp., $106,000.

ANTIGUA TER., 10808, No. 181-Lawrence S. Frank to Kelly M. Vervisch, $183,000.

AZALEA DR., 724, No. 10C-Margaret A. Cahoon to Donna Y. Michael, $159,000.

AZALEA DR., 754, No. 13-Cynthia G. Shearin to Virginia R. Dunn, $177,000.

CEDARWOOD DR., 11147-Mark N. Mandell to S. Bali, $410,000.

CLOISTER DR., 5016-Joseph W. Potts to John M. Gogarty, $368,831.

DIAMOND COVE TER., 15311, No. 5E-J. Moses Brookstone to Anastasia M. Piotrowsi, $150,000.

EMPIRE WAY, 5911-Brian Siritzky to Meryl and Andrew L. Steigman, $443,500.

FIRE PRINCESS CT., 8-Timothy P. Grambley to Joseph R. Clausen III, $415,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10401, No. 1016-Joe Ann Bennett to Gregory Gordon, $185,000.

HAMPTON MILL TER., 10827, No. 1701-Kambiz Aghazadeh to Jacqueline J. Lewis, $246,500.

INMAN PARK CIR., 5820, No. 704-Hossein Razavi to Jean K. Bae, $276,800.

JUNIPER HILL RD., 9917-Relocation Resources Inc. to Dianne Lee and Hans Anthony Brings, $669,000.

JUNIPER HILL RD., 9917-N.J. and John R. Aprill to Relocation Resources Inc., $669,000.

VALERIAN LANE, 6049-Martin S. Horn to Jonas Tahardi, $550,000.

WINDY KNOLL CT., 3012-M.B. and Sha W. Chu to Martin K. Woorman, $545,000.


NORWOOD RD., 17511-C.H. and Norman W. Shorb III to Robert J. Deluca, $257,400.


COLESVILLE RD., 8908-Yoshiaki Itoh to Susan R. and Joel Becktell, $395,000.

CURRAN RD., 9405-A. and Aaron Josowitz to Heather L. Wright, $234,950.

DAY AVE., 10101-James T. Whitcomb to Zofia Zukowska, $340,500.

EASTWOOD AVE., 10711-Craig B. and B.M. Greaves to M. Veronica and John C. Johnson, $275,000.

FINALE TER., 101-Stephan A. and B.R. Alkins to Alice and Todd L. Haskins, $215,000.

FRANKLIN AVE. E., 4-Helen Wilson to Sean W. Pender, $340,000.

GRUBB RD., 8201, No. G202-Joseph P. Terrell to Gary H. McFall, $160,000.

GRUBB RD., 8335, No. G101-Catherine B. Saunders to Dangkhoa T. Nguyen and Ammie I. Roseman Orr, $105,000.

LOCKWOOD DR., 11031-Luis R. Vergara to Bruno A. Chumpitazi, trustee, $335,000.

MARGATE RD., 10708-Walton R. and D.F. Hardy to Katherine T. and Michael D. Roberts, $255,450.

SEPTEMBER LANE, 9138-Kimm Hudley to Fasil Asnake, $200,000.

ST. LAWRENCE DR., 308-James W. and D.M. Ford Jr. to Jorge Delgado and Madeline C. Williams, $380,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2232, No. W104-Gloria M. Garcia to Joshua Hartzell, $140,000.

WATERFORD RD., 317-Jeffery L. and Brown to Eric G. and Judith L. Sarriot, $250,000.

WAYNE PL., 305-M.G. and Andrew H. Smith to David J. Pass, $345,000.

WOODBURN RD., 9923-William S. Alewine to Amy L. and Eric J. Pelletier, $310,000.

WOODLAND DR., 8813-Mary A. Wileden to Michael P. O'Connor, $290,000.

WOODSIDE PKWY., 1014-B.T. and Winston H. Taylor to Rosa Gwinn, $454,200.


HILTON AVE., 7203-Gigi Felix to Glenn L. Robelen, $226,000.


HALSEY RD., 6004-R.L. and Wilson F. Herrera to Jacques Bankier, $125,000.

MIDWAY AVE., 13207-P.A. and David S. Vossler to Richard M. Jolles, $180,000.

OKINAWA AVE., 13103-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Daniel Ropero, $185,000.

VEIRS MILL RD., 1312-Ramsaran and B. Dasai to Gaitre Singh and Karla Jaundoo, $200,000.

WAINWRIGHT AVE., 5720-M. and Saeed Saeedi to David Fenick, $176,000.


ALBERTI DR., 1912-Alberta R. Reid to Pastor I. Iglesis, $205,000.

AMHERST AVE., 10503-Philip E. and C.I. Broadbent to Elizabeth F. and Charles I. Johnson, $215,000.

BELGRADE RD. N., 705-Charles A. and M.K. Mast to Sarata M. Head and Francis G. Chase, $257,000.

BLUNDON DR., 9901, No. 7-S.R. and Norton B. Crichlow Jr. to Amanda Bullard, $152,000.

CLINTWOOD DR., 932-Mark R. and F. Brunswick to Michael D. Colton, $349,000.

DONALD PL., 1710-Karen M. Preysnar to Kathi S. Westcott, $250,000.

HARDY AVE., 2916-Darrel J. Cherry to Maria C. Velasquez and Vicente Espinoza, $224,000.

IMPERIAL DR., 1700-Patricia L. Shultz to I. Jeannine Cummings, $283,000.

KENTON CT., 7-Eleanor V. Warner to Solange Matacena and John C. Bockelman, $417,450.

SCHOOLHOUSE CIR., 2917-Anmer A. Fuentes to Michael L. Benton, $219,900.

WINDING WAYE LANE, 1321-Margery J. Lemieux to Mary and Dennis Keyser, $338,500.