Charles County The following home sales were recently recorded in Charles County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.

BRANDYWINE AREA MEANDERING DR. W., 15972-Daryl D. and Lee J. Crawford to Lisa M. and John J. Higgins, $350,000.

BRYANS ROAD AREA HAMMOCK CT., 2716-Cheryl P. Booth to Marlys M. Smith, $148,000.


TRINITY CHURCH ROAD AREA ARBORVIEW DR., 7780-William J. and Kathryn S. Brozey to Maureen N. and Randall S. Dotson, $271,500.

COBB ISLAND AREA ORIOLE DR., 17576-Karen E. and Oliver S. Wood III to Heidi L. Siebels, $94,900.

FAULKNER AREA CRAIN HWY., 9880-Clayton O. Tilghman to Ernest D. and Carl D. East, $76,000.

HUGHESVILLE AREA BARNEY DR., 6750-William Koenig to Four Star Construction, $47,950.

GOODE RD., 5700-Southstar Partnership to Hollybrook Corp., $570,000.

TIDEWATER LANE, 16902-David W. and Carmen A. Singletary to Evangeline and Charles A. Haynes, $497,500.

LA PLATA AREA HAWTHORNE RD., 6860-William M. Robey to Thomas W. Sanders, $159,000.

HOLLY DR., 860-Dawn E. and Wilbur X. Edelen to Elvis L. Wright, $89,600.

LAUREL LANE, 835-Kathryn A. and Charles D. Smith to Zsanetta A. King, $100,900.

QUINCE CT., 508-Robert P. Sr. and Mary Kathleen Eaby to Linda L. and Charter G. Harrison Jr., $179,000.

ST. MARY'S AVE., 307-Lola S. Mohler to Jill E. Williams, $142,000.

NEWBURG AREA CHANNELVIEW DR., 12420-Elizabeth A. and George K. Hayden Jr. to Geoffrey T. Griffith, $113,800.

POTOMAC VIEW RD., 12270-Patrick E. and Carole F. Kehoe to Steven Duggan and Susan B. Reilly, $180,000.

POMFRET AREA ABC FARM PL., 8285-Clifford D. and Tiffany M. Carbonneau to Susan and Brian P. Eckerle, $276,000.

PORT TOBACCO AREA GLASGOW LANE, 6901-James L. Jr. and Vanessa A. Thompson to Woodrena S. and Jerry A. Beason, $289,900.

SHIRLEY BLVD., 7492-Valdis I. and M. Colette Goba to Barbara L. and Mark B. Hinton, $295,000.

ST. CHARLES AREA GARNER AVE., 132-Robert J. Stultz Jr. to Carol J. and Philip Boshers Jr., $141,000.

HACKNEY LANE, 2837-Dolly M. and Kenneth W. Boyd to Natalie Jamieson, $182,300.

KELLY GREEN PL., 3852-Denise M. and Stephen A. Harris to Kasia D. Woolfolk, $102,000.

OLD BAILEY CT., 2241-Shirley A. and Edgar L. McIntire to Jed P. Alban Sr., $174,900.

RAWLINGS PL., 4543, No. 32-K-Donna G. and Donald D. Workman to Robert E. Robinson, $93,000.

WALDORF AREA BLUEBIRD DR., 4004-Arthur M. and Martina J. Fowler to George and Deborah Wald, $105,000.

BRITTINGHAM CT., 9475-Hawksbury Corp. to Cynthia S. and Luther D. Keal, $356,150.

COATI CT., 6706-William R. and Stacie S. Swanstrom to Judy and John Hume, $199,900.

COTTONTAIL CT., 6601-Warren M. and Marilyn L. Lea to Rachel and Jack Dehanas, $207,900.

FLYING SQUIRREL CT., 6701-James M. and Patricia A. Meredith to Jennifer A. and Douglas F. Tippet, $204,900.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3031-Robert E. and Michele S. Gregory to Chevron and Herbert Carlene Wright, $74,500.

MEADOWBROOK LANE, 12801-Mary K. and Frank J. Cusimano to Amelia S. Long, $264,000.

MOORE ST., 10871-Lennart and Doris K. Larson, trustees, to Camille and John Nash, $290,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 2490-Robert F. Pickeral to Katherine and Robert L. Welch, $120,000.

PARROTFISH CT., 5906-Barbara J. and John W. Goudie to Bonifacio S. Brillantes Jr., $175,100.

PECCARY ST., 6035-Catherine and William R. Langton Jr. to Michael R. Clayton, $201,000.

ROLLING MEADOWS ST., 2314-William C. and Jacqui Brooks to Robert S. and Gail D. Ackerman, $237,000.

SLOAN AVE., 906-Donald D. and Imogene A. Fluharty to Marie B. and George D. Mason, $148,900.

SNOW OWL PL., 11330-Mathew J. and Paige A. Reynolds Wagner to Elizabeth Garner and Jennifer Logan, $152,900.

STONE CT., 1109-Harry L. and Nancy M. Gray to Veronica L. and Jeffrey A. Johnston, $149,900.

SUN VALLEY DR., 2760-Ricky L. and Heidi J. Oestreich to Pamela R. and James L. Johnson, $219,900.

SUZANNE RD., 6014-Frances S. and Milton Rosaco to Colleen G. Sundstrom, $155,000.

TAPIR PL., 6085-Thomas S. Jr. and Kimberly L. Haines to Kelly Zeigler and Christopher Fultz, $121,900.

TEMI DR., 1712-Paul A. Didomenico to Ruth L. Mallon and Melvin A. Romestan, $154,000.

TORCELLO CT., 11736-David A. Jr. and Denise L. Hill to Paul A. and Carol P. Halstead, $235,000.

VALLEY DR., 8725-Anthony P. and Marcie L. Cossa to Susan and Phillip White, $209,900.

WESTDALE CT., 3341-Karen A. Robinson to Ron V. Jones, $124,000.

WINDOWPANE CT., 5806-Maureen A. Kuske to Shara Hendler, $159,900.

WHITE PLAINS AREA TELLURIDE PL., 10506-Lee Dwiggens to Lori A. Jackson, $155,900.