Prince William

The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


GENTLE SHADE DR., 12825-NVR Inc. to Marian V. and Gerald A. Lofton, $351,434.

IZAAK WALTON DR., 12625-Lori Ann and David C. Suon to Jo Anne E. Walser, $429,500.

MOAT CROSSING PL., 8887-Tabatha D. and Eric A. McCoy to Stacy and Vince Marroquin, $212,999.

MOSS TOWER PL., 10201-NVR Inc. to Rocio P. Rojas, $399,853.

PALE ROSE LOOP, 10104-Gerassimos Kollas to Candy G. and Colmon Foster, $225,000.

QUICK FOX CT., 12150-Jacqueline F. and James L. Suter to Katherine D. and David C. Mills Jr., $281,990.

SANDOWN CT., 12116-Richmond American Homes to Helen Joyce Richardson, $285,240.

SHERBORNE ST., 12257-Richmond American Homes to Anju and Rajesh K. Gulati, $318,115.

WISHING WELL WAY, 12839-NVR Inc. to Bendik and Teresa M. Brorson, $236,405.


ANTRIM CIR., 3166-Stephanie D. and Benjamin D. East to Erin R. and Brian W. Blinn, $145,500.

HICKORY CREEK CT., 2953-Susan R. and Michael J. Neri Jr. to Elizabeth T. and Gregory L. Gross, $280,000.

HYACINTH PL., 15245-Anne M. and Jeffrey L. Bennett to Mary and Cameron T. Naron, $255,000.

KAGERA DR., 17429-Maribel Santa Cruz and Kyle Keenan to Bashir A. Tookhi, $181,000.

LOCUST CREEK DR., 17309-Stephanie D. and Scott J. Rekdal to Min H. Park, $205,000.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL LOOP, 3286-Kimberly A. Dennis to Lisa R. Bailey and Robbie L. Mungin, $217,000.

OAK CREST CT., 15009-Tammy and James Brady to Yvonne A. Walters, $156,000.

SHEFFIELD DR., 16211-Lalit Marwaha to Ana R. Anaya, $247,000.

SOUTHWOOD PL., 4492-Jenny G. and P. Gale to Dawn M. and Richard A. Lopez, $275,000.

SPRING BRANCH BLVD., 5126-Margaret S. and Troy L. Smith to Nergiz and Johnny B. Knox III, $154,000.


BOBEDGE DR., 7480-Norman G. Wear to Alexandra and William J. Lohr, $399,900.

FOWLERS MILL DR., 14427-Daniel J. Whitaker to Kim Ferruche and Nadeem Ashraf, $236,500.

SAUVAGE LANE, 7013-Steven Mahorney to Brian T. Rogers, $209,000.

TACKHOUSE CT., 13530-Billye Joyce Roberts to Allen J. Perdue Jr., $214,900.

TOWN COMMONS WAY, 14205-Richmond American Homes to Ellen L. and William J. Thaxton, $254,925.

TOWN COMMONS WAY, 14267-Richmond American Homes to Kristina P. and Emmanuel Jean, $252,965.


ASHBY OAK CT., 14807-Laurie L. and James A. Henderson to Heather N. and Garth R. Porter, $450,000.

GAP WAY, 14804-Sarah J. and Peter J. Meade to John T. Doherty, $211,000.

INGRAM DR., 3324-Michele M. and Jonathan P. Bakke to Virginia Ann Roelofs, $235,000.

SAWGRASS PL., 15065-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Vonda F. and Donald E. Chaney Jr., $650,359.

SHOAL CREEK DR., 5659-Page and Rick Zambrano to Janet G. and W.P. Alwine, $479,000.

SYCAMORE HILLS PL., 15074-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Dina M. and David J. Pastor, $498,794.


BLACK HORSE CT., 7749-Audrey B. and Grant R. Soma to Bruce H. Joffe, $199,900.

BONAIR DR., 9605-Robert D. Russell Jr. to Ena E. and Steven W. King, $262,900.

CALLAN DR., 7686-Thomas Mathew Dinser to Fidel Angel Machado, $108,500.

CAMPAIGN CT., 10843-Rebecca L. and Timothy J. Vargo to Nasir A. Bajwa, $174,000.

CARRAGEEN DR., 13408-Ara B. and James C. Richards to Elaine and David F. Salisbury, $246,500.

COMMUNITY DR., 7965-Sandra K. and David A. Henderson to Buddie R. Almond, $80,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 7968-Eve Norma Piper to Juan M. Goris, $114,000.

CORAL BERRY DR., 10440-Chris A.B. Wilkinson to Kelley A. and Mathew F. Schimler, $329,500.

EMERALD DR., 7393-Leta Lavonne Boyer to Vicente Alvarez, $145,000.

FOLKSIE CT., 11021, No. 91-Lydia H. Snead to Brandon R. King, $125,000.

GOSHEN CT., 7410-Oak Ridge Inc. to Delores F. and Kevin Robert Bainum, $431,580.

HUDSON CREST DR., 10408-Richmond American Homes to Soukdara and Joe Souksavath, $475,990.

IRONGATE WAY, 10155-Juanita Alvarado and Jose T. Carranza to Carlos R. Banegas, $115,500.

KINGS ARM DR., 7218-Eric W. Brickson to Christopher J. Dinapoli, $356,000.

KOMAN CIR., 11014-Margaret A. and Paul C. Goebel to Penny Y. and David Calvin, $117,000.

LAFAYETTE AVE., 9444-Luella L. and Rex R. Jones to Bernard L. and Lydia H. Snead, $170,000.

PURCELL RD., 12254-Christopher Haddow to Salvador Cayetano Lopez Ayala, $252,500.

REMINGTON RD., 7510-Pauline Dross and Lorraine Campbell to Marvin De Jesus Lozano and Juan J. Alvarado, $128,000.

SABRE CT., 7825-S.E. Zaldumbide and John E. Campbell to Jessica L. and Richard J. Martin, $189,100.

SHARPSBURG CT., 7904-Sifredo Quijada to Bertha L. Rodriguez and Alfonso Romero, $125,000.

SPRIGGS RD., 13312-Ae Cha and Mun H. Kim to Kwang Chol and Myong Hwa Lee, $150,000.

TRENTON CHAPEL WAY, 8658-U S Home Corp. to Michelle N. and David H. Davis Jr., $320,053.

VERNON ST., 8273-Kristina L. and Derrick W. Cox to Elvis G. Villafranca and Hector L. Fuentes, $166,999.


AIDEN DR., 1515-Constance J. and Edward J. Malloy to Umberto Aranha Rodrigues, $164,000.

ALLSPICE CT., 12208-Naoum and Adele Korban to Joseph T. Brown, $123,000.

ASHBY CT., 3510-Joseph M. Fleming to Frederick D. Flynn, $167,900.

AVIARY WAY, 3433-Teresa Schatteles to Katie L. and Troy L. Gwartney, $150,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1469-Juan F. Chicas to Maria Amaya and Enemecio Zelaya, $213,000.

CAMPBELL LANE, 15117-Jane Kelly and Charles Brobbey Jr. to Tilson, William and Vilma Hernandez, $192,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 11982, No. 11982-Paula Marie Toney to Marie A. Jordan, $114,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 12026-Jan C. Glover to Claudia L. Bourdette, $105,000.

CARLSBAD RD., 15010-Roberta R. Masciandaro to Ashraf Y. Samren and Niveen S. Bashir, $159,900.

CASS BROOK LANE, 16918-Donna I. and James E. Shaver to Tami L. and Earl S. Glascock, $278,000.

CHEVOIT HILL CT., 2890-Susan A. and Lester T. McMannes to Marie O. and Clarence E. Hodges, $294,950.

CHICKASAW CT., 12342-Christin R. and Timothy M. Wiley to Erika and Marvin Alfaro, $172,000.

CUDDY LOOP, 14151-Mark and Marian R. Rufeh to Elizabeth B. Thomas, $93,000.

CUDDY LOOP, 14184-N.P. Investment Co. to Harvey Brianne, $124,000.

DARLINGTON LOOP, 2026-Lisa A. and John L. McPherson to J.L. Pearson, $105,000.

DEL MAR DR., 3705-Donald E. and Janet S. Cissel to Jose C. Vigil, $200,000.

DERRIFORD CT., 12101-Carol C. and Raymond F. Lopez Jr. to Pamela L. and Michael P. McGee, $223,500.

DERRIFORD CT., 12140-Lee Mikel Batts to Linda J. Oakey, $215,900.

GOA PL., 12422-K. Hovnanian at Lakeridge Crossing Corp. to Keown De'Shauna and Michael Thornton, $225,663.

GOLDEN CT., 14062-Donna L. Daily to Jill A. Dunham, $130,000.

GRASSY KNOLL CT., 14912-Karen Z. and James D. Whitworth to Janette K. and Ricardo D. Castro, $324,000.

HADDOCK RD., 13136-Andrea L. and Wayne Williams Jr. to Oscar Argueta, $186,000.

HALTER PL., 13561-Elaine M. and Earl E. Delauder to Kathryn Y. Cooper, $290,000.

HAMILTON DR., 4611-Robin A. and Anthony J. Mingo to Sandra M. Moore, $165,000.

HEDRICK LANE, 4753-Nancy A. and Michael D. Goretsas to Mercedes D. Gregory, $104,500.

INDIANA AVE., 1423-Emmy M. Lightfoot to Sergio Munoz and Juan Alvarez, $188,000.

IRONHORSE DR., 3172-Joyce E. and Matthew W. Pifer to Marilee S. and Russell M. Warner, $285,000.

JENNINGS ST., 2135-Joseph F. Johnson Jr. to Bernadine G. and Anthony F. D'Souza, $340,000.

JOYCE RD., 13715-Kim C. and James P. Hunt to Andrew L. Dere, $125,500.

LADINO CT., 3335-Anna Marie Cousins to Cristina Goszulak, $135,000.

MARSH OVERLOOK DR., 15496-Sorensen Construction Corp. to Perri L. Lilly and J. Craig Walsh Jr., $406,952.

MAYFLOWER DR., 1987-Michael Joel Browning to Jill R. Cleven, $104,500.

MAYFLOWER DR., 2007-M.J. and Charles C. Werner to Belay Tilahun, $150,000.

MILES CT., 5272-Brinda J. and William Phillip Council to Russell D. and Marzetta C. Waller, $125,000.

MONARCH CT., 12606-Kathleen A. and Geoffrey M. Mack to Charlotte R. Lloyd, $130,000.

MOONBEAM DR., 5904-Pulte Home Corp. to Mona O. and Julio F. Esquetini, $353,950.

OAKWOOD DR., 12515-Karen D. and Cecil L. Turnbow to Mandy S. and Mark J. Basile, $165,000.

PECAN CT., 14934-Pulte Home Corp. to Catherine R. and Charles M. White, $348,350.

PHEASANT LANE, 2911-Melinda Flanary and Shannon L. Beaty to Michael Kosmides, $79,000.

RENATE DR., 1604-Arjan Farsani to Ruth Woodard, $71,500.

RENLEY CT., 14174-Patricia A. and Timothy M. Purcell to Carolina and Gerri R. Bartell, $196,000.

SEAFORD CT., 12214-Leslie R. Fulcher to Imogene P. Lee, $199,950.

SHAMUS CT., 5380-Anne E. and James L. Gallihugh to Luis Talledo, $192,000.

STARGRASS CT., 2050-Mark D. Wood to Jeffrey D. Mauch, $152,600.

VALLEYHILL ST., 12821-Bonzetta L. and Darryl K. Hairston to Richard M. McGivern, $286,000.

WHEEL COG PL., 2297-Denise K. and James C. Tabron Jr. to Lisa M. Kirksey, $213,500.