The following home sales were recently recorded in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office.


GOSHEN RD., 24681-Kathleen and Scott Zetterstrom to Phikoun Keomahathai, $399,900.


ALDERLEAF TER., 20434-Marcello L. Grimaldi to K. McKeever and Michelle Sturman, $200,000.

ALLDERWOOD TER., 44163-Aubrey C. and Ross Abdo to Qui Van Tran, $230,000.

AMITY PL., 43879-Patricia F. and Bradley R. Ware to M. Tinsley and Charles C. Carlin IV, $411,500.

APOLLO TER., 20776-Dolores M. and Steven A. Dargenio to Kae Hwa Kang and Jin Hyun Ju, $229,000.

BLACKSMITH SQ., 43622-Marian V. and Gerald A. Lofton to Kimberly S. and Thomas N. Tetley, $228,490.

CESSNA LANE, 44231-Washington Homes to Lynda and Anthony M. Spinelli, $216,509.

CESSNA LANE, 44237-Washington Homes to Naveed Durrani, $211,845.

GALA CIR., 44115-Donald W. Young to Kristina A. Lumpkin, $237,900.

HEDGEROW TER., 21152-Kathleen Ohara to Mohammed D. Hussain, $225,000.

HIGH HAVEN TER., 22665-Pulte Home Corp. to Frederick J. Hoybach, $256,590.

HUNTERS GREEN SQ., 43078-David C. Redding to Deborah E. and Gregg R. Wyland, $299,900.

HYDE PARK DR., 22015-Susan M. and William J. Grace to Paula J. and Robert P. Zottoli, $492,000.

LEMON SPRINGS TER., 21012-Laurie D. and Lawrence A. Cutler to Debra L. Sweet, $215,500.

LITCHFIELD TER., 44223-Jason M. and Hilda C. Smith to Autumn J. Nicholas, $217,000.

MAIDSVILLE CT., 21380-Pamela D. and Bradford P. Moore to Lori M. and John S. Hastings, $420,000.

MARSH CREEK DR., 21364-Melinda J. and Daniel P. Burns to Sarah Ponosuk and Steven M. Buxton, $395,000.

MIDDLEBURY ST., 20591-NVR Inc. to Signy S. Fisher, $389,885.

MOSSY BROOK SQ., 44188-John C. Rovi to Constance A. Cottrell, $195,000.

MOSSY BROOK SQ., 44210-Jennifer L. and Andrew J. Walker to Leah W. and Shane R. Steward, $215,000.

MOSSY GLEN TER., 21095-Natalie and Robert Saman to S. Sheikhani and Seyed R. Aghazadeh, $246,000.

MUSTOE PL., 20287-Jennifer and Ryan Goehring to Donna B. and Bruce E. Lovett, $385,000.

NATALIE TER., 44092, No. 302-S. Villamil and John Andriulli to Fabiha and Warren Kumari, $195,000.

ORDINARY PL., 20250-Barbara J. and Frederick S. Hayman to Eric West and Jennifer Staub, $334,000.

PAGET TER., 44143-Colleen M. and Chris C. Huhn to Yenci G. and Jonas M. Huffman, $265,000.

PHELPS TER., 43684-Comstock Ryan Park Corp. to Kyong Ae Chang and Sang Gyu Choi, $271,550.

POSTRAIL SQ., 43533-Thomas Brockmeier to John N. Megally, $245,000.

RIDGECREST SQ., 19925-Michael J. Kowalchik to Mariela A. and Juan E. Perla, $223,000.

STONEBRIDGE DR., 43802-J. Cathcart and Christopher Lisle to T. Lokhaiser and Matthew O. Randall, $244,500.

TALLY HO CT., 20686-Katherine L. and Steven E. Cale to Dana Heiberg and Julie E. Precious, $403,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 21001, No. 101-Tuwanda and Joe E. Carter Jr. to Cary E. Johnson, $138,900.

UPLAND TER., 19886-A. McLeskey and Edwin Schlegel to Beth Govoni and Andrew Marshall, $230,000.

UPLAND TER., 19932-V.P. Meade and Jeffrey T. Markley to Jennifer L. Slattery, $210,000.

VALHALLA SQ., 20064-Belmont Land Partnership to Elizabeth A. and Ronald H. Lataille, $452,223.

WESTDALE CT., 21864-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Sarah J. and Jeffrey S. Levy, $392,458.


ADAMS DR., 100-Mae D. and Gerald E. Shaver to Marina J. Politano, $90,000.

ADAMS DR., 105-Lloyd A. Kesner to Rumsey S. Light Jr., $70,000.

ARTILLERY TER., 1518-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Michelle and Matthew A. Vandermast, $291,690.

BARKSDALE DR., 1253-Jennifer F. and Brian T. Moores to Irene L. and Robert J. Muehlberger, $347,950.

BURSTALL CT., 43199-Toni Ann and Phillip T. Vigil to Mary J. and Mark I. Provus, $359,000.

CANDLEWICK SQ., 43066-Frances A. and Graham Reid to Nilsa A. and Melvin Valerio, $232,000.

CANDLEWICK SQ., 43103-James E. Massey Jr. to S. Chenoweth and Michael Giannini, $225,000.

CONNERY TER., 104-Robert D. Cravaritis to Dixiana and Richard Avera, $239,900.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 201-I.D.I. Cortese Blue Ridge Corp. to Carole A. and Christian A. Brown, $296,650.

DAVIS AVE., 131-Peggy B. and Robert W. Davies to Susie A. and Roger D. Ford, $184,000.

ELDORADO WAY, 18313-Renaissance at River Creek Inc. to Henry N. Habib, $798,000.

FOREST OAKS CT., 43260-M.B. River Creek 4 Corp. to Janice B. and Robert E. All Jr., $850,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 118-Sams Ara Banu and Dewan N. Haque to Angel Castro Avalos, $151,000.

HALLYARD CT., 802-Latricia H. and Mark C. Beisler to Karen and Anthony Swanchara III, $384,900.

HAMPSHIRE SQ., 128-Melissa M. and Gavin D. McKelvey to Keisha Deanne Pase, $199,900.

HAMPSHIRE SQ., 143-Tammy M. and Robert L. Potterfield to Melinda L. and James A. Davis, $210,000.

HETZEL TER., 752-Thomas B. Luttrell to Carol J. Dain, $188,900.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1106, No. 202-Ivan Mills and Mark W. Mills to Aliceanne and Robert W. Naylor Jr., $121,000.

LAKE VIEW WAY, 351-Jennifer and Robert Van Shufflin to Melinda C. and Peter J. Cooper, $430,000.

MORVEN PARK CT., 306-Donna L. and Bruce E. Lemert to Ariavni and Ramzi Zarou, $295,000.

MOUNT HOLLY PL., 703-Washington Homes to Shanelle A. and Steven Schulze, $405,021.

NELSON CT., 1013-John W. McKimmey Jr. to Deborah D. Moerke, $146,500.

NIKKI TER., 435-Robin L. Sheflett to Debbara V. Micale, $187,800.

PADDINGTON WAY, 112-Regina M. Puleo to Jessica and Antoine Harden, $167,900.

PEARLBUSH SQ., 428-Kathy and Albert W. Schuster to J. Zawacki and J. Lyndon Douglas, $196,500.

REVELSTORE TER., 832-Engle Homes Virginia to Denean D. Clegg, $331,293.

SMARTTS LANE, 830-K.B. Watson and Victoria Tribby to Kyunghi K. and Daniel J. Mondok, $179,000.

TULIPTREE SQ., 588-S.R. Chastain and E. Craig Telford to Stephanie C. Walley, $214,900.

VALEMOUNT TER., 803-Engle Homes Virginia to Kikue M. and John A. Runfola, $305,000.

VALEMOUNT TER., 829-Jennifer and Daniel A. Rau to Maria Michalska and Krzysztof Kot, $275,000.

VERMILLION DR., 730-The Drees Co. to Marisa D. and Brian P. Murphy, $401,900.

WOODBURN RD., 18854-Gail Hall Hogeboom to Kirstin and Andrew Voell, $430,000.


QUARTER BRANCH RD., 11-Penny H. and Lucian K. Falconer to Siebentritt and Heidi and David Clark, $239,900.


ORANGE DR., 6-Roberta L. and Richard L. Walters to James Haughwout and Anne M. Dixon, $400,000.


FRAZER DR., 227-Mary Lue and Larry S. Wolfley to Janie L. and Colin P. McDermott, $173,500.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 344-Washington Homes to Debbi M. and Kevin R. Alexander, $366,126.

PELHAM CT., 36734-Martha D. and Richard J. Wilson to Veronica J. and John S. Winter, $422,000.

PERKINS CT., 37836-Wendy Bell and Elijah Ray Wilburn to Diana L. Morris Young, $318,000.

SHADY LANE, 12688-Phyllis A. Rock to Wanda L. and Christopher R. Boyer, $154,400.

SUNFLOWER CT., 705-Washington Homes to Vicki A. and Kevin K. Watanabe, $348,812.


MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17205-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Lisa G. and Terrence M. Oneill, $330,300.


CENTER ST., 42693-South Riding Partnership to Lakshmi and Subba R. Kolla, $319,778.

CHAMBERS DR., 25458-South Riding Partnership to Gloria A. Owens, $454,551.

EDGEWATER ST., 43417-Kristine and Joseph Condie to Cynthia L. and Vito Manente, $315,000.

ELK LICK RD., 25466-Carroll Brent Walker to Mary Dipalma and Lonnie Selby, $248,500.

EVIAN LANE, 43507-Brian Lynch to Rebecca T. and Christopher L. Glaze, $279,900.

HYLAND HILLS ST., 43502-Cynthia S. and Paul Orange II to Cynthia and Timothy Burrington, $270,000.

KIPLINGTON SQ., 43569-Lisa M. and James R. Cree III to Nicole A. and Thomas R. Gross, $229,900.

LANDS END DR., 26082-Linda S. Evans to Jaqueline M. and Eric C. Lyles, $225,000.

OBRIEN SQ., 43648-Elizabeth A. and Michael D. Baron to Kathryn P. and Jonathan Jenkins, $239,000.

SHALER ST., 42839-Shazia Qureshi to Eugene J. and Kelly A. Homan, $295,000.

UPPER CLUBHOUSE DR., 25482-Eileen Sinon and Erick L. Jackson to Maria J. and Charles S. Begeman, $233,000.


ALDRIDGE CT., 24-Janet and Emerson Barclay Vandoren to Marshall David Gough, $200,000.

ANCHORAGE CIR., 47524-Stephanie D. and Billy L. Medley Jr. to Joanne Gathard and Matthew Jones, $336,500.

ARGUS PL., 411-Charlene L. and John E. Duffy to Carol Eileen Raizen, $147,500.

ATWOOD SQ., 46700-Cynthia D. Maldovan to Azza Rageh and Elsayed Ibrahim, $162,000.

ATWOOD SQ., 46711-Jeannette L. and Mitchell E. White to Annalisa Widrig, $127,900.

BALDWIN SQ., 21833, No. 300-Penny Chiarizia to Angela Tipton, $155,000.

BAYLOR DR. N., 115-Nilsa A. and Melvin Valerio to Jonathan Smith and Laine MacNeill, $120,300.

BRETHOUR CT., 501-Allen K. Warner Jr. to Jeffery Pulliam, $148,600.

CARDINAL GLEN CIR., 315-Lisa M. and Garrett M. Grega to Michelle L. and Neil R. Charlton, $316,900.

CAROLINA CT., 35-Wendy and Christopher J. Bounacos to Stephen Nugent and Patrick Nugent, $105,000.

COLONIAL AVE., 810-Christian G. Murga to Ana Alarcon and Douglas O. Salgado, $135,000.

CONCORD CT. S., 606-Edmund E. Pendleton to Beauty and Manzu Fakir, $135,900.

DRYSDALE TER., 46614, No. 202-Phyllis A. Buddington to Carol C. Henderson, $162,000.

DUKE DR. N., 117-Thomas C. Della Penna to Kira M. Della Penna, $85,000.

DUKE DR. N., 126-Aurea E. and Joseph J. Vigil to Mar Mar Khin and Tin Hlaing, $125,900.

DUKE DR. N., 130-Sylvia M. and Miguel Valls Jr. to Evelyn Estella, $124,000.

FIELDING TER., 46720-Dawn M. Klein to John P. Whetstone, $138,000.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 603-Deborah Dianne and James C. Berry to Kenneth Mack and Pamela Boltson, $211,000.

GOLDSTONE TER., 21836-Jon H. Wright to John J. and Catherine M. Matusiak, $215,000.

HALIFAX CT., 25-Angela D. and Fabian R. Larco to Elizabeth J. and Timothy S. Hagen, $390,000.

HAMILTON RD., 108-Wanda L. and David L. Oates to Kristine T. Khuc, $321,500.

HARRISON RD. N., 120-Joan and Francis D. Cassidy to Fredis Hernandez, $257,000.

HAXALL CT., 16-Brenda A. Lawton to Erik G. Tuininga, $198,000.

HIDDEN COVE CT., 47568-Cynthia A. and Michael E. Mathis to Soon Woo Kim, $449,000.

HOLLOW MOUNTAIN PL., 46800-Karen Ann M. Hartman to Angela M. Ojeda, $435,000.

HOLLY AVE. W., 206-Ernest Jones Jr. and Sharon C. Tate to Catherine Berney, $220,000.

ISLAND VIEW CT., 20266-Judith M. and Gilbert D. Rye to Deborah and Edward Reeves III, $650,000.

LAKELAND DR., 120-Patricia K. and Joseph K. Prince to Christopher Babbidge, $475,000.

LEWINS CT., 20639-Richmond American Homes to Elizabeth Guest, $426,115.

MARGATE CT., 1023C-Robert Martin Poole Jr. to Juan Alvarado and Raul Arredondo, $125,900.

MORNINGSIDE TER., 20498-Amy W. and Waleed R. Zarou to Dana L. Blankenship, $249,900.

REAMS STATION PL., 12806-Sandra Reed and Mark Swanson to Lynne O. Robinson and An H. Nguyen, $257,000.

SANDERSON DR., 310-E. Larson and Elizabeth A. Larson to Rosa Fuentes and Wilfredo Fuentes, $158,990.

STERLING BLVD. N., 104-Brenda and Douglas Hymas to John M. Keane, $114,900.

THOREAU CT., 21051-Janet M. and Gregory L. Wilhelm Wenzel to Habibollah Barazandehkar, $269,900.

THRUSH RD., 11-Yvonne O. and Charles C. Salisbury to Sherry L. Rose, $215,000.

WATERBEACH PL., 20904-Laura A. and Hasty M. Horn to Patricia L. and Jerry J. Wood, $535,000.

WILLOWOOD PL., 46878-Betrice and Roosevelt Harrington to Elizabeth A. and Melvin S. Creamer, $293,000.

WOODGATE CT., 108-Nerissa and Joseph A. Agunias to Brandi B. and Edgardo Santiago, $154,000.

WOODGATE CT., 117-Richard L. and Donna M. Runion to Rebecca H. and Brian R. Gattoni, $162,500.