St. Mary's County The following home sales were recently recorded in St. Mary's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.

CALIFORNIA AREA COBBLESTONE LANE, 23140, No. 306-Sidney O. Marcus Jr. to Edith L. and David W. Hill, $144,900.

FOREST WAY, 22988-David A. Poole to Sheila S. and James W. Galanie, $285,000.

KEYPORT CT., 45278-Kenneth T. Byrd to Honor Ashley Peacock, $114,900.

LOCUST RIDGE CT., 44792, No. 10C-Brenda J. Harvey to Patricia Ann Cook, $85,000.

PARKVIEW DR., 22688-A. Lawrence Miller Inc. to Rhonda M. Pope and Christina L. Quade, $145,000.

SANDRA LANE, 22348-Joseph A. and Lisa A. Hegedus to Victor John Delacuesta and Natasha Lynn Kingsley, $134,000.

GREAT MILLS AREA BOYNE CT., 45550-Abraham L. Cardwell to Patricia Ann Cole II, $162,000.

LOWER KELLS LANE, 22584-Sandra M. Peleaux to Carol C. Miller, $105,000.

ROBINSON CT., 45702-Marjean K. Roby to Jennifer and Stephen Hoffman, $128,100.

SNAPDRAGON CT., 22144-Karen L. and John B. Mayer to Joseph F. Wade, $169,000.

HOLLYWOOD AREA CAPTAIN'S POINT LANE, 26125-James C. Flanders to Eve M. and Richard J. Love, $355,000.

LEONARDTOWN AREA BIRD HAVEN DR., 42261-Kingston Development Partnership to Bernice and John C. Rhodes, $225,685.

FAIRWAY DR., 21777-James T. Barber to Susan C. and Bryan T. Dugan, $290,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 23929-Walter Szlendak to Nelda A. Hays and John H. Cusic, $120,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 28590-Joseph F. Hancock to Mary S. and Todd H. Mosier, $183,000.

WOODMERE DR., 20990-DNA Companies to Terri and Jeffrey L. Turner, $226,295.

LEXINGTON PARK AREA DEVIN CIR., 47721-John J. Butler to Maude S. Lawrence and Laura R. Myers, $91,000.

KNIGHT CT., 22215-Tammy L. and William T. Frieze to Jesus Macias, $85,000.

OXFORD DR., 21514-J. Laurence Millison to Curtis Homes Corp., $35,020.

PINEY ORCHARD ST., 47960-Select Homes to Ikechukwu E. Okpara, $141,490.

ROMINGER CT., 21517-Select Homes to Kylie M. and Bradley E. Brewer, $166,400.

TRED AVON CT., 21475-Curtis Homes Corp. to Shelley and Scott Suckow, $90,000.

MECHANICSVILLE AREA BOSSE DR., 27150-Peter George Mora to Lynette Ann and Raymond D. Wright, $188,990.

DOUGLAS CIR., 29971-Wayne Harlow Stowers to Karen Culver, $155,000.

GOLDEN BEACH RD., 39560-James Allen Thorne to Bernice L. Burroughs, $169,900.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35359-Elizabeth W. and Leo F. Levangie to Tri Star Construction, $39,500.

TANYARD DR., 36983-William L. and Janice K. Swindle to Audree and Sidney Wood, $178,500.

VALLEY CIR., 26790-Edward J. Darney to Christopher W. Lindberg, $50,000.

ZANE CT., 38218-James R. and Juanita E. Goldsmith to Tammy L. and Daniel J. Hart, $209,100.

TALL TIMBERS AREA BUGGS WAY, 45244-Essex South General Partnership to Melody and James H. Bolin, $316,272.