Seven candidates -- including a six-member slate running with incumbent Mayor Mark Frazer -- are seeking to fill the six seats on the North Beach Town Council.

Under the town's nonpartisan form of government, residents elect a mayor and six members of the Town Council. Frazer is running with a slate of six council candidates: incumbent council members Michael Bojokles, Barbara Gray, Denise K. Lucero and Gary Pendleton, plus two newcomers, Andrew Hunt and Denise Phelps.

A seventh candidate, Randy Hummel, has also filed.

Frazer said he would continue to work on two high-priority initiatives: restoring the town's wetlands and revitalizing its waterfront property. During his tenure, in which North Beach opened a new welcome center, Frazer has stressed tourism and business development in the town.

His slate supports him on most issues.

But even the non-slate candidate is not considered an enemy.

"Randy and I are friends," Bojokles said. "But so are everyone else on the slate."

The difference, he said, is that he and the incumbents have worked together. "It took us a year to get our feet wet."

"I like Randy Hummel, he's a good guy. He'll bring a lot of expertise, a 20-year resident of the town."

Bojokles said the council needs to update the town code and continue to upgrade the tax base. "There are a couple of residential developments on the drawing board. But right now it's the commercial that has to catch up."

He said he and the other members of the slate are "pushing for common goals, I think is what it boils down to . . . the mayor talks about a vision."

"All seven of us have common goals that we want to achieve over the next four years," Bojokles said of the council slate and Frazer.

Like Frazer, he pointed to the council's accomplishments.

"I think we've done a great job with the beach, the pier, the waterfront. To me, it's been a smashing success," Bojokles said.

"Let me tell you why I ran four years ago. The beach was just a mess . . . goodness knows what you were going to find on the beach. . . . It was disheartening."

"I felt as a citizen . . . the beach belongs to the town," he said.

One member of the Frazer slate, Hunt, served in the administration of Dan Hartley, former mayor and Frazer's competition.

His four-year term ran from 1994 to 1998. Hunt said he is running because of "concerns I have with the town. Taxes. Water bills. Programs for the kids . . . clean, safer streets.

Like other members of the slate, he is pushing to "just keep going with the revitalization program we have now. Just keep reaching -- just keep going."

He said the difference in the town is apparent.

"You can look at all the streets and sidewalks that were done that weren't there," Hunt said. He said improvements have led to residents "taking pride in their homes, remodeling. I guess you might say they're taking pride in their town."