Sept. 25 A son, Cole Arthur, was born to Cynthia and David Peverall of Alexandria.


Oct. 5 A son, Diego Constantino Reed, was born to Odisa and Bryan Walker of Great Falls.

Oct. 6 A daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Lowell, was born to Elizabeth Brigham and John Lowell of Fairfax.

Oct. 19 A son, Galen Auram, was born to Lori and Brian Flanagan of Herndon.

A daughter, Jocelin Andrea, was born to Catherine and Randy Zeger of Vienna.


Sept. 16 A son, Andrew Jameson, was born to Stephanie and James Cooke of Fairfax.

Sept. 29 A daughter, Abigail Jordan, was born to Robin and David Stiglitz of Reston.

Sept. 30 A son, William Andrew, was born to Sandra and William Covert of Burke.

A daughter, Katherine McKenzie, was born to Andrea and John Quinn of Herndon.

A daughter, Aashritha Reddy Sadu, was born to Sudharani Talakanti and Giridhar Sadu of Herndon.

A daughter, Mia Hannah Yang, was born to Motoko Shimizu and Lawrence Yang of Herndon.

Oct. 1 A daughter, Isabell Johansen, was born to Grace and Douglas Wegner of Reston.

Oct. 2 A daughter, Mikaily Lezerie, was born to Dania and James Giron of Herndon.

A daughter, Ruth McCoy, was born to Susan and John Miles of Herndon.

Oct. 3 A daughter, Audrey Alice, was born to Katherine and Christopher Moore of Reston.

A daughter, Stefi Lillian, was born to Anna and Tyler Olkin of Reston.

Oct. 4 A son, Anthony Charles Raymond, was born to Sharon and Ron Carmanico of Herndon.

A daughter, Isabella Andrea Vivas, was born to Lina Monsalve and Andres Vivas of Herndon.

Oct. 5 A son, Nathan Gerard, was born to Marie and Gerard Eldering of Oak Hill.

A son, Rayan Armin Raiszadeh, was born to Maryam Mortazavi-Dehkordi and Behrooz Raiszadeh of Reston.

Oct. 6 A son, James Curtis, was born to Stacy and Doug Bushee of Reston.

Oct. 7 A daughter, Kelsey Leigh, was born to Kristen and Kirk Kern of Centreville.

Oct. 8 A daughter, Lorelai Quinn, was born to Adrienne and Louis Lamoureux of Herndon.

A son, Marcus Alexander, was born to Carina and Michael Wear of Centreville.

Oct. 9 A son, Matthew Alexander, was born to Lisa and John Marcantonio of Great Falls.

A daughter, Angela Shakira, was born to Luz and Jose Marinay of Herndon.

Oct. 10 A son, Collin David, was born to Chantal and David Gibson of Fairfax.

A daughter, Jesang Shital, was born to Hina and Shital Patel of Reston.

Oct. 12 A daughter, Mollie Kate, was born to Kristin and Robert Barringer of Herndon.

A daughter, Stevie Lynne, was born to Diva and Chris Bunting of Herndon.

Oct. 13 A daughter, Mikayla Nicole, was born to Maria and Christopher Grady of Reston.

Oct. 14 A daughter, Vanessa Nicole, was born to Kimberly and Kenneth Brown of Dulles.

A daughter, Katherine S., was born to Joy and Michael Moon of Herndon.

Oct. 16 Twin sons, Adam A. Al-Jonaid and Youseph A. Al-Jonaid, were born to Edita Diaz and Abdulkarim Al-Jonaid of Reston.

A daughter, Alexandera Wilson, was born to Janel and Chris Beach of Annandale.

A daughter, Natalie Rebecca, was born to Barbara and Daryl Eckard of Herndon.

Oct. 17 A son, Jonathan Isaac, was born to Julie and Kenneth Reiss of Reston.

Oct. 19 A son, Richik, was born to Sreesha and Koushik Haldar of Reston.

A son, William Wallace, was born to Anne and Trip Lloyd of Annandale.


Oct. 4 A son, Benjamin Drake, was born to Lynn and David Johanson of McLean.

Oct. 10 A daughter, Caroline Hoyt, was born to Pamela and Thomas Cleary of Fairfax Station.

Oct. 11 A son, Cole Grayson, was born to Barbara and Eric Morehouse of Great Falls.

Oct. 15 A son, Garrett James, was born to Belinda and James Palmer of McLean.

-- Compiled by Timothy Wilson

Citing privacy and safety concerns, Inova Healthcare Systems and Virginia Hospital Center-Arlington do not release the names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing proof of birth to The Washington Post at 202-334-5417 or mailing it to Births, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. For more information, call 202-334-7251.