The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington metropolitan area, visit The Post's Internet site at


BLOOMFIELD DR., 5604, No. 203-Frederick D. Cherry and Peri S. Dixon Cherry to Bradley R. Stewart, $106,000.

BRADDOCK RD., 6549-Frances J. and Winston E. Pyne to Bee H. and Hyun Y. Lee, $529,700.

CHOWAN AVE., 5104-Marianna Q. and Michael T. Conroy to Youssef S. Matar, $429,900.

EAGLE RIDGE LANE, 6320, No. 34-Sherry Reckler to Tomasz R. Wieczorek, $261,500.

EAGLE RIDGE LANE, 6333, No. 44-Elwood H. Nicoson to Ralph T. Blackburn, $255,000.

ROSSER ST. N., 3712, No. 303-Denise E. McKeon to Anh M. Tran, $108,000.


BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1201, No. C1-Christine and Eric C. Rogers to Victoria Shalaginova and Jonathan B. Upham, $179,900.

MARLAN DR., 7006-Clifton B. Cates Jr. to William S. and Debra J. Busker, $880,216.

MARTHAS RD., 2220-William F. and Patricia W. Heenan to Alene McMahon and Stephen B. Brookes, $465,000.

POTOMAC AVE., 6513, No. B2-Herbert H. Hoover to Sheryl Rubin, $160,000.

ROLLINS DR., 2205-Jube B. Shiver Jr. to Joselito H. Dacurawat and Lorna Y. Heyrana Dacurawat, $365,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6621, No. 407-Marla Venture Limited to Linda K. O'Dell, $93,500.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6631, No. 107-Joseph R. Cipolari and Edward C. Plyler to Mary M. Black, $93,060.


ALDERMAN DR., 6338-Ann E. and James H. Blunt to Robin L. Atkins and Jeannine E. Cyr, $469,900.

BIRKENHEAD PL., 7001, No. 10A-Frederica and Jorge L. Mercado to Maria Fitzgerald, $128,000.

BRIARVIEW CT., 6106-Allan L. and Indira Roopan to Allison M. and Rolando Suliveras, $287,000.

BROOKLEIGH WAY, 6508-Lisa J. Cooley to Timothy R. and Maribel Layman, $232,000.

CALEB CT., 6412-Elizabeth M. and Michael J. Milner to Christopher J. and Christine F. Lettieri, $514,950.

DUNNINGTON PL., 7413-Martha L. and William J. Blessing to Michael and Karen Krzmarzick, $344,950.

ESSEX HOUSE SQ., 6134, No. A-Lauren S. and Stephen C. Glass to Brenda C. Carter, $143,000.

FOXLEIGH WAY, 7417-William F. and Marguerite M. Nealon to Ian M. Slatter and Alison J. Applegate Slatter, $225,000.

FRANCONIA RD., 4001-Kenneth E. and Kelly A.K. Folger to Robert M. and G. Klein, $319,500.

HALTWHISTLE LANE, 6639-Alan M. and Nancy L. Sepe to Tyrone E. Ellis, $274,000.

HAYSTACK RD., 6515-Mark W. and Mary P. Stidham to Jesusa M. and Crisencio S.J. Guinto, $270,000.

HEATHERWAY CT., 6838-Christa Peterson to Timothy D. and Janne L. Nicholson, $200,000.

HILLARY CT., 6370-Bunny M. and David D. Austin to Stephen and Christine Harris, $165,000.

KIRKCALDY LANE, 5937-Tracy L. Blake to Julieanne and James K. Eckles, $295,500.

LAMOYNE CT., 7515-Jeffrey S. Swilley and Kathleen M. Golydnia to Didier Legoff, $316,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6939-Michael J. Natoli to Francessa V. Spencer, $105,000.

PIKE BRANCH DR., 6026-Catherine M. and William B. Holmes to Sara Jacobs and Denis A. Peper, $430,000.

REDINS DR., 6206, No. A-Richard S. Kane to Marquis D. McFarland, $169,900.

ROCKSHIRE ST., 6476-Mahboob and Mohammed N. Raja to Hailu Midkessa and Mimi Abera, $210,000.

SKY BLUE DR., 8056-Hessam Fatemi and Farzaneh Naghdi to Elizabeth D. Preston, $247,000.

WILEY CREEK WAY, 7718-Esperanza and Tim H. Pham to Brian S. and Alison G. Heslin, $315,000.

WOODLAND LAKE DR., 6208-Bernard J. and Jane P. McCabe to Joshua C. and Celina T. Walton, $615,000.

WRENLEIGH ROW, 6117-John R. and Margo R. Conklin to Socrates L. Greene and Sandra Boozer Greene, $340,500.


AMERICANA DR., 4351, No. 4351A-Tho Nguyen and Minh A. Tran to Leonardo Argueta, $113,900.

AMERICANA DR., 4911-Edward H. Pechan to Jung C. and Soon K. Lee, $122,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4923, No. 106-Trang D. Nguyen to John C. Ahlquist, $114,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4947, No. 209-Peter J. Francis to Vinny T. Nguyen, $110,000.

BROWNING CT., 8513-John P. and Patricia L. McCormack to Diane S. and Michael T. Kaylor, $385,000.

CHASE PARK CT., 4412-Anh Tuan and Duyen M. Nguyen to Ngoc Ha Nguyen, $250,000.

CHIVALRY RD., 8317-Christopher P. and Lynda M. Engquist to Vayl S. Oxford, $494,780.

DASSETT CT., 7804-Chris S. Yoon to Chong B. and Hui C. Kwak, $169,000.

DEGROFF CT., 7148-Ommar Win to Tam C. Pham, $390,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7735, No. 107-Blanca D. Amaya and Juan E. Navas to Alem and Wionshet Desta, $121,000.

ELAN CT., 4454-Margarita H. and Pablo A. Cabrera to Raad N. Fanary, $226,005.

FOREST GLEN CT., 4427-Nagat M. Razik to Margaret B. Weeks, $158,500.

FOREST GLEN CT., 4430-Milagro Rodriguez to Fayez and Francisca Zyaud, $160,000.

KIMSCOTT CT., 5186-John and Susan D. Dimaina to Barbara A. and William J. Brennan, $288,000.

LAFAYETTE FORGE DR., 7713, No. 137-Alan H. Rotnemer to Rajesh V. Nawab, $168,000.

LITTLE RIVER TNPK., 7475, No. 101-Cynthia R. Jervis to Brenda Y. Enos, $72,900.

SEVAN CT., 8468-Linda C. and Steven Y. Lee to Virginia W. Lee and Ducchi T. Quan, $380,000.

TABARD PL., 4825-Edward B. and Judy C. Barton to Martin and Susan P. Whelan, $393,500.

THOMPSON RD., 8412-Delores R. and George H. Moore to Astrid Kimmel and Jochen Demuth, $265,000.

WAKEFIELD CHAPEL RD., 4401-Jack M. and Norma A. Merelman to Anh Tuan and Duyen M. Nguyen, $455,800.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3306, No. 31-Judith F. and Stephen R. Bassett to Joseph T. Brush Sr., $127,000.


BEACHWAY DR., 6139-Clair K. Blong to Thomas R. and Jacqueline Woodrum, $395,000.

LARCHWOOD RD., 3901-Cassandra C. and Ronald M. Nocera to Karen C. and Thomas L. Rose, $315,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6133, No. 103-Jose A. Miranda to Allen Edwards, $87,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 1711S-Izola L. and Samuel M. Cooley to Neal R. and Jean C. Davidson, $299,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 701S-Robert M. Rolfe to Steven J. Walker, $116,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5573, No. 211-Ricky A. Lynch to Wesley M. Denton, $134,000.


ANNABERG PL., 5954, No. 161-Ana M. Arevalo to Luciano Lanzas and Angie Portobanco, $165,000.

BEAR OAK CT., 10728-John B. and Mercedes E. Hackett to Inchan and Eunsook Choi, $422,000.

BURNSIDE LAND DR., 5916-Jean C. and William H. Pickle to Thomas A. Dell and Patricia Hurtado, $409,719.

FENESTRA CT., 6496, No. 61C-Alan R. and Christine M. Jones to Maria and Scott Polly, $167,750.

FORT CRAIG DR., 9003-Mehrdad Valibeigi to Belle S. Wheelan, $330,000.

HARFORD LANE, 5108-John F. and Isabella J. Cully to Cecilia Escobar and Juan C. Monroy, $186,000.

KITE ST., 9310-James and Stephanie Dickens to Craig A. and Lynda J. White, $290,000.

MOUNT BURNSIDE WAY, 5649-Maithu P. and Nhi A. Chu and Trinh Thuan Chu to Jijin Yan and Qi Wang, $319,900.

OLD BLACKSMITH DR., 6660-Young J. Lee to Thanh N. Pham and To Linh Duong, $406,000.

PARK WOODS LANE, 10024-Lynette S. and Thomas C. Bickley to Brenda Biller Wiggins and Robert A. Wiggins, $324,900.

PARLIAMENT DR., 9015-David P. and Sandra J. Chernin to Phuong K. Dang and Khoinguyen D. Nguyen, $426,000.

QUIET POND TER., 10216-Kai C. Yim and Ngar S. Fung to Cha H. and Wook B. Im, $175,000.

ROUND TOP LANE, 5722-Lori C. Bland to Susan L. Townsend, $220,000.

SUNSET WOODS CT., 6738-Isiah and Lois M.H. Smith to Won J. and Ae S. Yi, $265,000.

WINTER PARK DR., 6127-David A. and Narinder K. Levy to John L. and Deborah Y. Richter, $319,000.


ARROWHEAD PARK DR., 5400-Robert C. and Larissa M. Crawford to Justin and Grace E. Park, $299,999.

AUTUMN CIR., 14161-Perry and Margaret Llopis to Irfan B. Malik, $189,900.

BEAUMEADOW CT., 14705-Julia A. and Terry L. Maurer to Peter J. Hohm, $269,500.

BOLTON RD., 14853-Kelly L. Taliaferro to Kimberly Keenan and Ryan Keleher, $236,000.

BROOKMOOR LANE, 14507-Brian W. Mateyov to Jae W. Choi, $230,000.

CHEVERLY CT., 14603-Cathleen A. Flynn to Michele C. Bomse, $149,000.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14309, No. 205-Joseph G. Benincasa to Blanca Quiroga Perez, $142,900.

CRANOKE ST., 14707-Andrew C. and Jennifer L. Ferrell to Orlando Davila, $292,000.

DEER HILL CT., 6053-Jose L. Escobar to Myung S. Skym, $138,500.

EAGLE TAVERN LANE, 15457-James L. and Jeannie M. Walker to Man Fei Chan and Michael H. Gold, $555,000.

EASTCLIFF CIR., 13719-Debra G. and John J. Schleith to Eric G. and Stacy L. Fiening, $325,000.

FIELD FLOWER TRAIL, 6316-Claudia J. Aguilar and Josue Gutierrez to Keith and Mary Ahn, $248,000.

GOLDEN OAK RD., 14518-Ittifaq Choudhry to Benjamin C. and Amanda Bready, $132,500.

GREEN PARK WAY, 14785-Dwight V. Toavs and Kathy A. Toavs to Melissa J. Marker, $157,000.

GRINGSBY CT., 14378-Kenneth L. Talbot to Liliana and Luisa Romero, $154,000.

HANCOCK CT., 14834-Charles R. Prillaman to Silvia Sanchez, $195,000.

HAVERSACK RD., 6520-Carlisa F. and William C. Henry to Lewis E. and Nancy M. Motter and Scott D. Motter, $236,000.

KENDRA WAY, 6139-William D. and Barbara Genda to Joshua and Erika Frazier, $212,900.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6922-Barbara and Mark B. Clinton to Heeyoun Jeon, $280,000.

MANASSAS GAP CT., 14411-Sally M. Kirschner to John T. Hemming and Karen E. Kiger, $157,000.

POINT CIR., 6205-William J. and Catherine L. Harrison to Robert G. and Wendy M. Wuest, $485,000.

RAINA DR., 6021-Christopher P. Hill to Hong W. and Og S. Lee, $245,000.

ROCK CANYON DR., 14119-Diane L. and Michael E. Harlan to Betty A. and David W. Babcock, $479,900.

ROCK FOREST CT., 5814-Luis M. Galvan to Derek Albert and Brett Campbell, $217,000.

ROSEBUD LANE, 6011, No. 103-Michele L. Telesko and Michele L. Vasselli to Brian D. Sullivan, $104,900.

SEASONS DR., 14601-Andres A. and Julie A. Zagarola to Kyung H. and Kyung M. Cho, $290,000.

SILO VALLEY VIEW, 14373-Steven K. and Victoria G. Gelb to Jong G. and Kang S. Kim, $241,500.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6526-Karen E. Fagan to Jonathan Thacker and Jennifer J. Vanburen, $189,900.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6536-Robin E. Bader to Bradley F. Pilcher, $201,000.

ST. GERMAIN DR., 14363-Elisabeth S. and Michael L. Peters to Magda L. Mijangos and Piedad D.J. Lopez, $137,000.

STONE CROSS CT., 14610-Francisco J. and Mery Garcia to Alva A. Mejia and Saul O. Ochoa, $182,000.

UNIFORM DR., 14302-Chris J. Laiti to Patricia L. and Thomas K. Stauffer and Kenneth T. Stauffer, $270,000.

WILLOUGHBY NE DR., 5601, No. 28-Andrew A. and Binh N. Akers to Elizabeth A. May, $167,500.

WOODFORD DR., 5108-Bola R. and Christiana O. Olabanji to Shafqat R. and Shazia Mallick, $270,000.


DAWN VALLEY CT., 4147, No. 75B-Roy T. Aguila to Georgetta E. Lewis, $171,000.

FALLEN OAK DR., 4411-Michael T. and Velva K. Terrell to Kim A. and Teresa A. Carter, $374,900.

MEADOWLAND CT., 4171, No. 28-Judy E. and Rodney E. Steorts to Ana Flores and Henry Bascope, $105,000.

STEPNEY LANE, 13651-Trung V. to Nguyet Tran and Tuoi Nguyen, $177,000.

STONE PINE CT., 4520-Barbara J. and Joseph C. Meister to Heidi W. and Michael R. Vassallo, $360,000.


BRADDOCK FARM CT., 12661-Piyush and Tony Bansal to Brigitte and Wayne R. Hartke, $675,000.

NEWBY HALL CT., 6901-Michael P. and Kelli L. Reese to Mark G. and Lavonne M. Dimitroff, $538,000.

ORCHARD DR., 13571-Michael P. and Susan M. Donovan to William and Sara Logan, $144,500.

ORCHARD DR., 13655-Teresa R. Braley and Robin B. Lott to Thomas G. Scott and Christen C. Deem, $139,000.

QUAIL CT., 5512-Andrea and Glenn Cavert to Justin Adkins and Sara J. Oatman, $255,000.

ROCKLAND DR., 6576-L. James Stradling III to Damien P. and Katherine M. Laruffa, $374,000.

ROCKLAND DR., 6618-Hugh R. and Karen K. Martin to Kathleen O. and Steven J. Schoshinski, $455,000.

SANDSTONE CT., 6116-Mitty Watters to Albert E. Culp Jr. and Sheryl L. Zenke, $390,000.

YELLOW BRICK RD., 12211-Michelle E. and Lawrence J. Filippelli to Daniel M. and Vicki C. Weintraub, $440,000.


BARNARD CT., 3104, No. 2-Erin Hammelman to Bonnie Chu, $277,000.

BOWLER DR., 9020-Joe G. and Linda G. Gill to Suma Sudanthi, $228,000.

BRIDGEWOOD DR., 5512-Young S. and Kwi S. Lee to Yuko Medvigy, $229,000.

BROADRUN DR., 3515-Sandra L. Kemp to Jeffrey A. and Julie A. Schwartzman, $649,000.

BUCCANEER CT., 3107-John L. Hysom Jr. to Gene D. Brown, $145,000.

BUCKEYE CT., 3612-Cary B. Lichtman to Ana S. Diogo and Bruno C. Fernandes, $227,000.

CAMBRYAR ST., 4622-Darunee and Pornperm Honghern to Seung K. and Hee S. Tak, $470,000.

CANTRELL LANE, 3150-Daniel R. and June E. Baker to Jill A. Baker, $220,000.

CENTER WAY, 3718-Joyce L. and William G. Lesher to Arthur J. and Susan F. Fontaine, $525,000.

CENTURION LANE, 12621-Roy E. and Sharlyn M. Gamble to David N. and Deidre K. Richardson, $617,500.

DEER HOLLOW WAY, 2911, No. 419-Elahe Farahmand to Jesus C. Dumagan, $276,000.

FAIR STONE DR., 4405, No. 102-Joseph S. and Virginia E. Pennington to Anothoune Phimmasone, $177,500.

FISHERS HILL CT., 3602-Claude E. and Margaret J. Denton to Ashwin P. and Neena A. Bagde, $375,000.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12009-Bonnie L. and Robert L. Burt to Ralph E. Dantinne, $159,900.

GOV. YEARDLEY DR., 5425-Anthony P. and Mary E. Strande to Jorge and Milagros Arica, $335,000.

GRASSY HILL CT., 12222-Jason A. and Sari J. Schneider to Trung and Chau B.H. Nguyen, $282,000.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12902-Jerry L. and Nancy R. Sheetz to Karen N. Reinhard, $130,000.

GUINEA RD., 4900-Charles E. Jannetti Sr. and Irene T. Micer to Remco Group Inc., $330,000.

HAMILTON DR., 9211-Harriet K. and Robert N. Whitesel to Thomas P. Ostebo, $470,000.

KINGS CROWN CT., 9739, No. 1E-Jayme Global Enterprises Corp. to Tsega Z. Heywot, $92,500.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9710-Jose M. Ochoa to Ilya Rozenblat, $92,000.

LACROSS CT., 5528-Christopher J. Cusack Jr. to Wolmi Greene, $110,000.

LECLAIR CT., 4128-Denys P. Kim to Andrew S. and Jennifer P. Donlon, $367,500.

MIRANDA CT., 9532-Joanne M. Alfano and Gerard M. Roventini to Byambaa Bayarmagnai and Tserendorj Baigalmaa, $245,000.

MONUMENT CT., 4108, No. I-Anthony B. Denk to Thomas R. Swigart, $205,000.

NONQUITT DR., 9621-Donald and Helen Wong to Matthew Shuman and Niloofar Mofakhami, $207,000.

PROVINCETOWN CT., 10220-Rene L. Costa and A. Blaine Duckworth to David and Elizabeth A. Sharp, $246,910.

RIPPLING POND DR., 4702-Fawn T. and Robert E. Dare to Salehuddin and Maria Zarzis, $458,000.

SOUTHERN ELM CT., 3026-Ronald G. and Terry L. Twardesky to Hemang M. Munshi, $272,500.

SPODE CT., 9507-Carol A. and Ralph W. Keim to Barbara S. and Karl M. Ellcessor, $394,900.

TALON CT., 5512-John F. Long to Sheila M. and Willie J. Eubanks, $185,000.

VARNY PL., 12626-Marjorie W. Chisholm to Irene D. Davis and William J. Suhrhoff, $307,000.

WESTBROOK MILL LANE, 11306, No. 203-Armando B. and Celia C. Chaves to Irmina C. Howe, $217,000.

WOOD WREN CT., 9914-John F. Chagnon to Shawn M. Mickey, $213,950.


BLACKBURN FORGE DR., 6305-Bobbie A. Brammer and Roberta M. Conti to Mark W. and Karen B. Hamilton, $495,000.

CENTURY OAK CT., 8517-Subrata and Santa Samaddor to Ana M. Pena and Juan Zegarra, $528,650.

COPPERLEAF LANE, 9006-Dani and Jutta K. Nohra to Michael Loy and Ellen Forster, $569,000.

MARY FAIRFAX CT., 5606-Chander K. and Shashi K. Narang to John B. and Mercedes E. Hackett, $550,000.

ROBERT CARTER RD., 11110-John D. and Kathleen L. Mayer to Matthew T. and Susan H. Sweet, $505,000.

WINSLOW DR., 10614-Roy D. and Shirley D. Wilson to Chadwick O. and Arlene G. Parker, $552,000.


CAMP ALGER AVE., 7306-Winstead S. and Thomas E. Balderson to Hoa T. Duong, $298,000.

DASHIELL RD., 3133-Maria T. and Pacifice Lopez to David Sands and Jennifer Koetting, $232,000.

JEFFERSON AVE., 6811-Steven L. Byers to Pamela A. Amaral and Andrew S. Dryden, $350,000.

LAKESIDE VILLAGE DR., 7598, No. L-John and Brigitte Wos and Wos Family Trust to Christopher C. Newbern, $139,000.

LEE HWY., 7328, No. T1-Tien M. Hoang to Dun C. Lin, $75,000.

LEE HWY., 7334, No. 201-Miguel H. and Milena C. Carpio to Frank M. Salvatierra, $124,900.

OAK RIDGE RD., 7014-Gregg T. and Janet Geerdes to Mark A. and Yvonne L. Beer, $266,000.

SLADE CT., 3402-Norma B. Pugh to Robert H. Wulfe, $325,000.

STUART DR., 2907-John C. and Mary R. Silva to Kevin J. and Claudia S. Broom, $330,000.

VALLEY BROOK DR., 6801-Marc D. Connolly to Van T. Thu and Matthew R. Hendrey, $337,000.

WOODLAWN AVE., 2849-Richard W. and Sheila A. Hobernicht to Alexander P. Kuczkowski and Margaret M. McHale, $270,122.

YARLING CT., 2974-Richard Baker and Carolyn J. Lamparella to Paul R. Wheeler, $192,000.


AVIGNON BLVD., 6682-Raymond J. Hang to Utpala and Vijay S. Tripathi, $775,000.

FALLS REACH DR., 6990, No. 412-Marjorie M. Parks to Louise E. Pollick, $282,000.

GRIFFITH RD., 2007-William L. Dixon, Vicki J. Steele, Brenda G. Neal and Rodney D. Walsh to Aaron R. Even and Monica E. Vaca, $285,000.


WATERFORD RD., 8721-Dallas G. and Patricia F.L. Finnell to Christopher P. and Kimberly V. Larkin, $445,000.

WAYNEWOOD BLVD., 1102-Joyce D.H. Herge to Harold G. Sadler and Kimberly S. Villa, $400,000.


ALBEMARLE DR., 2711, No. 213-Robert H. Kay to Kimberly Schafer, $204,900.

FARRINGTON AVE., 2134-Steven J. Gorman and Karen L. Lowe to Ron Pompey, $160,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5902, No. 1402-F. Courtney Jr. and Frank C. Mallinson Sr. to Patricia E. Garner, $172,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5903, No. 801-Charles F. Dubay to Linda L. Gwinn and Aliye S. Atasoy, $229,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5904, No. 609-Linda L. Gwinn to Lois M. Delaney, $158,000.

TIMOTHY PL., 5718-Juan R. and Pura A. Rivera to Ava M. Jahoda, $253,000.


KINGS VILLAGE RD., 3018-Anthony O. Adeyemi to Fatima K. Oyofo, $201,599.

SNOWPEA CT., 7512-Kathy A. Stokes to Corine McGlown, $162,500.

STONE MANSION CT., 3904-Janet C. Kalivretenos to Panayiotis Trypanis, $175,000.

WILKINSON PL., 2204-Michael T. and Sandra K. Chase to Richard P. and Kelly A. Scudder, $459,000.


CHERWEK DR., 9409-Jacqueline B. and Walter F. Watts to Lidia S. and Carlos R. Gomez, $195,000.

CROSS CHASE CIR., 8924-Joseph L. and Kimberly S. Bass to Nancy J. and Wayne F. Smith, $430,275.

HAGEL CIR., 9566, No. C-Carol E. Hallam to David C. Hoff, $90,000.

HARROVER PL., 9006-Mary and Darrin M. Taylor to Pamela R. and John M. Charvat, $369,000.

KENOSHA CT., 8621-Richard L. Seely Jr. to RNP Properties Inc., $130,000.

KOLUDER CT., 8508-Omar A. and Ursula M. Jimenez to Mushtaq A. Khan, $166,000.

MARIE CT., 9015-James E. and Sheila O. Uphoff to Catherine R. White and Mollie S. Garner, $210,000.

RED BIRD WOOD CT., 6712-Kristen and Adam M. Montella to Harold G. and Joanne H. Rose, $210,000.

SUSQUEHANNA ST., 8777-Marie R. Rigano to Vicki M. Mathna, $186,000.

SYLVANIA ST., 8806-Rosa L. and Ruben Clemons to Ruth Hernandez, $274,000.


BALDWIN DR., 1835-Daren J. and Mary D. Flitcroft and Flitcroft Family Trust to Laura K. Higgins and John J. Verna, $610,000.

BARBEE ST., 1818-Patrick F. and Elizabeth M. McGlynn to Kara M. Lyons, $420,000.

BIRCH RD., 1728-Margaret A. Campbell and Mary E. Rogers to Scott D. and Ingrid L. Hansen, $350,000.

CHINQUAPIN RD., 904-Chie and Takayuki Hirai to Khadijch Sarbaz, $820,500.

CROSSOVER DR., 7707-Kenneth R. and Linda W. Thorton to Michael Pusateri, $949,000.

DEWBERRY CT., 1436-Eugene J. Schweitzer to John S. Osika, $525,000.

DIXIE PL., 8623-Stephanie and Joshua Davis to Nancy L. and John M. Keshishian, $665,000.

DUNAWAY CT., 6290-Najma and Zafar B. Farooqi to Steven A. and Amy F. Coles, $740,000.

DUNAWAY CT., 6302-Blanca A. and Eliseo H. Paulino to Curtis J. and Regina H. Zane, $810,000.

ELDORADO ST., 7340-Daniel K. and Virginia F. Weitzenfeld to Anne A. Dawood and Mohamed S.A. Mossad, $355,000.

HOLLY LEAF DR., 8461-John S. and Lisa A. Banks to John and Gayle Vonseggern, $770,000.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1645, No. 118-Edward J. Duvarney Jr. to Morteza Mostaghim and Gita Haddadi, $189,900.

LANGLEY PL., 1401-Mark McConaghy, trustee, and McConaghy Living Trust to Richard D. Fairbank, $2,575,000.

MCLEAN MEWS CT., 1449-Mohamed Benjelloun to Mark B. and Marie G. Ruhe, $555,000.

MELROSE DR., 6633-Abdollah and Effat Katbab to Tae Y. and Jee E. Chung, $549,500.

MERRYHILL PL., 1724-David J. Gallina to Cynthia L. Womack, $466,000.

OLD CHESTERBROOK RD., 6570-Constance J. and John C. Vitaliti to Michael J. and Stacey S. Lewis, $950,000.

SUNNY HILL CT., 6512-Patricia F. and Knute L. Syvrud to Keith S. and Ellen C. Fischler, $885,000.

TREMAYNE PL., 7721, No. 303-John R. McCall to Eugenia A. Ryabinky, $180,000.

WILSON LANE, 1933, No. 102-Debra M. Jones to Hamid Khorshid, $155,145.


ADRIENNE DR., 4216-Richard B. Neuhart to Edward C. and Linda L. Cardon, $295,000.

BEEKMAN PL., 8609, No. C-Tammy M. and William M. Anderson to Julia E. Viloria, $69,900.

BROCKHAM DR., 8382, No. C-Leslie A. and Paul N. Vanpelt to Susan and Joseph Stearman, $96,000.

CEDARLAKE CT., 4338-Sharon R. Connelly, trustee, and Jesse T. Cheng, trustee, and Helen C. Cheng, trustee, to Jesse and Kimberly Vargas, $221,000.

CENTRAL PARK CIR., 7916-James T. and Yumiko Nanjo to Donald F. Miesle and Heather V. Taylor Miesle, $220,000.

LAUREL RD., 4113-Brenda P. and John C. Mickey to James L. and Althia F. Collins, $467,000.

MOUNT VERNON HWY., 8601-Douglas A. and Mary C.M. Thomas to Evelyn J. Zink, $325,000.

NEPTUNE DR., 4309-John S. Kromer and Karen Devisee Lynch and Leah L. Kromer Estate and Thomas S. Kromer to Coilin D. and Julianne M. Owens, $460,000.

SACRAMENTO DR., 8623-Vickie L. Harris and Jimmie D. Jones to Alice C. Daniels, $76,500.


INVERCHAPEL RD., 5423-Frank J. and Judith Creneti to Virginia A. Rogers, $305,000.

THAMES ST., 8439-Jonathan A. Biatch, trustee, and Bonnie Margulis, trustee, to Carol A. Hilton and Joseph M. Finnigan, $319,000.


BREE HILL RD., 2819-Charles H. and Joy R. Lutz to Jung E. Shin, $425,000.

FLEMISH MILL CT., 11706-Connie W. and John M. McBroom to Nancy Snowhook, $500,000.

HIBBARD ST., 2945-Wayne L. Adams and Joan A. Braley and Georgianne A. Kennedy to Prosperity Corp., $1,000,000.

SADDLE CRESCENT CIR., 11711-James M. and Patricia M. Daly to Andrew M. and Amanda C. MacKintosh, $740,000.


ANTIQUA CT., 2374-John S. and Joyce M. Slack to Sonia and Marcelino Rivera, $150,000.

BARNSTEAD DR., 1654-Donald A. and Kelley M. Balun to Shahabeddin Zarafshar and Zohal Arefzadeh, $209,000.


ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 504-Carol Simpson to Victor C. and Luana Langford and Victor C. Langford IV, $90,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 922-Lawrence P. and Paul H. Pratt to Wasi Ullah Khan, $130,000.


BATH ST., 7314-Warren D. Graves to Sharif M. Shafik, $209,000.

BEACHWAY CT., 7200-James R. Gallagher and Bettie A. Roath and Donald B. Roath to Lawrence L. and Sandra T. Lewis, $340,000.

BELINGER CT., 7300-Maria Solis and Rafael S. Chavarria to Miguel A. and Genaro F. Munoz, $270,000.

BOWIE DR., 6612-George and Vinnice P. Rhodes to Keith A. and Dianne M. Rhodes, $185,000.

BUBBLING BROOK CIR., 7934-Ramon and Teresa Vila to David A. Orth, $232,000.

CANDYTUFT CT., 7513-J. Lawrence and Martha M. Minetree to Randy A. Becker and Lisa M. Friedrich, $325,000.

CERVANTES CT., 7615-John P. and Patricia S. Casciano to John R. and Tracey M. Casciano, $200,000.

DORCHESTER ST., 6119-Peggy L. and Gregory L. Williams to Vilma M. Gunn, $301,500.

ESSEX AVE., 7516-Kelly O. and Stuart C. Andrews to Seubchai Boonmun, $275,400.

GLENDOWER CT., 7302-Elena R. and Jose M. Poblete to Fathia F. Husary, $223,000.

GWYNEDD WAY, 8558-Sumeet Gohri to Richard R. Gooding, $202,000.

JUNE ST., 7528-Azim Akram to Sam Noory, $235,000.

LE MOYNE LANE, 7750-Alba L. and Juana A. Garcia and Walter H. Sanchez to Joel M. and Jennifer A. Merritt, $180,000.

LORETTO ST., 6003-Peter E. Richmond to Elizabeth Corker, $299,900.

PARKDALE CT., 8104-John C. and Brandy L. Kuzins to Christopher A. Cartwright and Megan E. Jenkins, $185,000.

PARKDALE CT., 8106-Kevin P. McPhee to Deborah Martin and John J. Vanore, $183,800.

RAINBOW BRIDGE LANE, 8422-Coskun Karadag to Maria R.L. Lozano and Danilo R. Quidilla, $250,000.

RESERVOIR RD., 7204-Arthur R. and Monie S. Friedrichsen to Jose and Miriam Picado, $307,500.

ROCKEFELLER LANE, 9152-William R. and Theresa P. Harshman to James R. and Cherrone A. Hester, $374,900.

SOUTHWATER CT., 8215-Christopher A. and Laura I. Pegher to Marilyn J. Caruthers, $260,500.

TERRA WOODS DR., 8409-Daniel C. and Soledad P. Potes to Udham S. and Surjit Nijjer, $349,000.


BATON DR., 1904-Sherin R. and Rab N. Khan to Ann Bomgardner, $400,000.

BRITTENFORD DR., 10248-Janet E. and John K. Grelle to James E. Clark and Nicole F. Mandeville, $815,000.

CASHEL LANE, 2962-Timothy C. Moyer to Matineh Noblitt, $233,500.

COLVIN FOREST DR., 1301-James R. and Ann B. Clark and Clark Family Revocable Trust to Molly M. O'Hara and Aengus D. Dowley, $525,000.

DELLWOOD DR., 9222-Dae H. Shin to Chun T. Shin, $288,000.

GIBSON DR. SW, 509-Amy W. and John C. Schott to Cristina and Timothy Wickham, $362,050.

GLENGYLE DR., 2440, No. 240-Priscilla B. Hildebrand to Andrew C. Harper and Amanda D. Rogers, $157,500.

GLENGYLE DR., 2683, No. 42-Eric M. and Leonora P. Engle to Kim I. Robbins, $104,600.

IDYLWOOD RD., 8515-Elizabeth V. and Peter A. Tufo to Gonzalo and Paola Palacios, $360,000.

LAKEVALE DR., 2613-E. Blaine and Mary S. Cliver to Gerald L. and Laura A. Harris, $474,900.

LARKMEADE DR., 1723-Margaret M. and Eugene Russo to James G. and Joanne P. Menke, $450,000.

LIBERTY TREE LANE, 9512-Anita M. Coates, trustee and John Coates Jr., trustee, to David J. and Terrie D. Dunbar, $559,000.

LOCUST ST. SE, 216-Joan E. Tunstall to Iustina Neculai, $125,000.

MEADOW GLEN DR., 1301-Lee B. Horowitz and Joann Pfundstein to Julie B. and Stuart R. Damon, $650,000.

PARK TER CT. S., 214, No. 86-Sheila F. Prochaska to Patrick B. Rathbone and Eleanor Gailey, $140,000.

RAMBLING CT., 2531-Raymond and Ruth L. Williams to Sue E. Tardif, $353,700.

ROCKBRIDGE ST., 2408-T. Mason to Jorge A. Valladares, $375,000.

STONE HOLLOW DR., 2751-James F. Hartz to Rosita O. Parkes, $272,500.

SYMPHONY MEAD LANE, 9603-Symphony Meadows Corp. to Charles D. and Patricia E. Vollmer, $1,025,089.

TRUMAN CIR. SW, 613-William H. Nilsen to Teresa A. Keenan and Carlos M. Indacochea, $309,500.

WOODFORD RD., 2003-Manouchehr Ahmadi Nabi to Sasan Modiri, $395,000.


SANDBURG ST., 2318-E. Stanley Rittenhouse to Advance Design and Construction Inc., $265,000.


ARLEY DR., 8603-James W. and Norma L. Luther to Amy M. and Paul A. Maingault, $287,500.

BLAIRTON RD., 8115-Laurie L. and Philip E. McCreedy to Claudia J. Camacho, $298,900.

BLARNEY STONE CT., 6411-Jacinto and Araceley Menjivar to Maria C. Blanco, Alba Chavez and Maria V. Chavez, $220,000.

CARRLEIGH PKWY., 8213-Gloria I. and James G. Kanala to Gladys G. Gavino and Ponciano C. Villaflores, $275,000.

DONSET DR., 8214-Anne G. and James J. Hyde to Bret T. and Donna B. Ackermann, $340,000.

EMPORIA CT., 6702-Steven J. and Ellen I. Brewster to Paul and Susan A. Talwar, $440,000.

GREELEY BLVD., 6315-Laura J. and Lawrence M. Serra to Reynaldo Castillo and Martha B. Sanjines, $292,500.

JILLSPRING CT., 7214-Chris B. Fleming to Laila M. Saleh and Hisham M. Elshabassi, $116,500.

LOVEJOY CT., 5905-Barbara E. and James T. Counts to Yong C. and Mee O. Choi, $369,900.

POWDER HORN RD., 8705-Howard E. and Suzette L. Knight to Rocky J. and Karen S. Deutsch, $317,000.

PRINCE JAMES DR., 5911, No. E-Shiva Iman to Sarah E. Ketcham, $89,900.

SQUIRREL RUN RD., 8100-Valerie E. and Dale N. Johnson to Deniz R. and Yasemin Smith, $240,500.