Leo E. Green* (D)

Age: 70

Residence: Bowie.

Education: BS, Mount St. Mary's College; LLB, JD, Georgetown Law School.

Occupation: Lawyer, state senator.

Elected offices/civic activities: Two-term mayor of Bowie; one-term state delegate; state senator, 1983-present; president and director of civic associations; member, board of trustees, state universities and colleges; chairman, board of visitors, Bowie State University.

Why should the voters elect you?

"My civic and legislative record reflects my diligence and faithful service to my constituents and my efforts to make government open, accountable and responsive to the will and needs of all people. My experience in all levels of community life and government will place me again in stronger Senate leadership positions to address your major issues at the next session. These include: educational reform; economy and budgetary reconciliations; protecting the environment; smart growth; improving our juvenile and criminal systems; transportation network; and redesigning our health care system to be affordable and available to all citizens."

What would you like the voters to know about you?

"God blessed me with a wonderful wife, family and health. My commitment to public service is returning these blessings by helping others."

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Fran C. Shellenberger (R)

Age: 68

Residence: Montpelier, South Laurel.

Education: Attended Montana State University.

Occupation: Senior writer, editor.

Elected offices/civic activities: Volunteer, shelter for battered women, shelter for the homeless; member, Winter Haven; volunteer, Elizabeth House; member, Association of Legal Administrators; member, American Bar Association, law practice management section.

Why should the voters elect you?

"In my 1998 run for the House of Delegates, I received enough crossover votes that my local precincts were redistricted to prevent my candidacy there this year. I'll do even better in District 23 in 2002 because voters there are seeking new leadership. They do not want the present decline in the quality of life, represented by an education system at the bottom of the national rung, crime, drugs, traffic congestion, overdevelopment, lack of affordable housing and health care, and taxes, to continue. I have no ties to special-interest groups and will not seek or accept funding from them."

What would you like the voters to know about you?

"I'm a fiscal conservative who is liberal on social and environmental issues. I have not sought nor will I seek contributions from interest groups."

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