Ray Browne* (D)

Age: 63

Residence: Georgetown.

Education: University of Maryland.

Occupation: U.S. shadow representative; partner, The Browne Company.

Elected offices/civic activities: ANC commissioner; mediator, D.C. Superior Court; vice chair, Hurt Home (city's facility for emotionally disadvantaged children); mayor's drug strategy team; member, Neighborhood Planning Council.

Why should the voters elect you?

"In the fall of 2000, I ran promising that, if elected, I would conduct a nationwide campaign to educate and motivate the American people in regard to statehood and voting representation for the District of Columbia. I have done just that. My office has secured resolutions, proclamations and letters of support from city councils in Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In addition, the mayors of Atlanta, Detroit and New Orleans; the governors of Alaska and Hawaii; and the Illinois legislature. Additionally, I have worked with leaders of all political parties, labor and faith groups."

What would you like the voters to know about you?

"I am a native of the city who has served in varying public posts over a period of 20 years."

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Adam Eidinger (SG)

Age: 29

Residence: Adams Morgan.

Education: School of Advanced Jewish Studies, Pittsburgh; BA, American University.

Occupation: Media consultant, political activist; partner, Mintwood Media Collective.

Elected offices/civic activities: Organizer, Mobilization for Global Justice; organizer, D.C. Critical Mass; organizer, Washington Action Group; student council president, Taylor Allderdice High School; Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America.

Why should the voters elect you?

"I'm committed to make the District the 51st state and to energize all Washingtonians in this principled fight. We pay taxes, but we don't control how that money is spent. We elect a local government, but Congress writes our laws. When elected U.S. representative, I promise to make the fight for statehood more organized than ever before. I would establish an annual D.C. holiday (general strike) to unite D.C. for equal rights. As your 'shadow' U.S. representative, you won't find me hiding in the shadows. Unlike my opponent, I will organize actions that speak truth to power."

What would you like the voters to know about you?

"When I am elected, I will go to Congress to be sworn in and will risk arrest, if necessary, to represent you."

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