Voting Hours

Polls will be open Tuesday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Identification Requirement

Virginia requires each voter to present identification. Acceptable forms of identification are: voter registration card, Social Security card, driver's license, identification issued by an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia or one of its political subdivisions such as a city or county, identification issued by a federal agency, or a valid employee identification card containing a photograph of the voter.


This is a general election open to all registered voters. Northern Virginians are voting for U.S. senator and congressman. Several local offices are on the ballot in Arlington County. Some voters in Prince William and Fairfax counties will choose a new state senator in a special election for the 39th District. Voters statewide will consider two constitutional amendments and two proposed bond issues. Voters in Arlington, Fairfax and Prince William counties have local bond issues to consider.


Your voter registration card tells you your precinct and polling place.

Voting Information

* Alexandria: Office of Voter Registration and Elections, 132 North Royal St., Suite 100; 703-838-4050;

* Arlington County: 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 320; 703-228-3456;

* Fairfax County: 3rd Floor, Suite 323, 12000 Government Center Pkwy.; 703-222-0776;

* Fairfax City: 10455 Armstrong St., Sisson House; 703-385-7890;

* Falls Church: City Hall, 300 Park Ave., Room 101E; 703-248-5085;