Calvert County

The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.

CHESAPEAKE BEACH AREA C ST., 7738-Robert Duane and Shirley B. Waddell to Eve and Robert L. Gandolfo, $186,000.

C ST., 7786-Antoinette M. and Geoffrey R. Andrews to Kyle J. Hendrickson, $190,000.

G ST., 7346-Joseph J. and Angela Huesman to Wanda L.S. and Carl Wayne Huls, $180,000.

WINDWARD KEY DR., 8066-Jennifer A. Reardon to Thomas Malicke, $295,000.

DUNKIRK AREA CORTLAND LANE, 9626-Barbara M. Humphreys to Christine and Eric Holzberger, $239,000.

SQUIRE LANE, 1315-Russell E. Jr. and Mary Ann Mullins to Jacqueline L. and Miles E. Robinson III, $178,900.

HUNTINGTOWN AREA ELBERTA LANE, 3720-Lee T. and Patricia J. Bowlsbey to Cindy M. and Daniel J. Pixley, $289,900.

HUNTINGTOWN RD., 5345-Paula K. Clipper to Kristy A. and John Allen Longfellow Jr., $145,000.

LUSBY AREA GOLDEN WEST WAY, 936-Julie A. Hobbs to Carol J. and William J. Howsare, $117,900.

GUNSMOKE TRAIL, 705-John L. and Monnie E. Nolan to Darrin P. and Geannette A. Nelson, $169,900.

HOOFBEAT TRAIL, 11547-Francesca R. and Vernon Lynn Hill to Allen W. Latimer, $109,000.

LAKE DR., 549-Joseph and Margaret E. McGuire to Ann P. and Edward C. Sledge, $88,000.

PORT CT., 520-Privilege Property Investors Corp. to Terry D. Hutchins, $150,000.

RIO GRANDE TRAIL, 12842-Vicky M. Poleck to Patricia E. Davis, $104,900.

ROUND UP RD., 498-Thomas H. and Carole J. Wright to Pamela Edsall and Michael Pritchett, $125,691.

RUNNING FOX CIR., 693-Vicente F. Castillo to Roberta Bordash, $110,000.

SAN JOSE LANE, 12415-Juleiann C. and Steven Cody Darrach to Larry A. Leras, $134,000.

SANTA ROSA RD., 12558-B. Gloria and Leonard Rosen to Brian L. Dixon, $135,000.

SILVER ROCK RD., 655-Jacqueline A. Schweizer to Lucretia and Herbert Whichard, $130,000.

SKY VIEW LANE, 13000-Angel F. Triana and John W. Ruark to Timothy C. Wolfe, $199,950.

NORTH BEACH AREA FIFTH ST., 4032-Julia A. Rice to Loretta and Joseph T. Santaiti, $105,000.

SEVENTH ST., 4100-Francis J. and Phyllis J. Reed to Mary M. and Timothy V. Stafford, $210,000.

NINTH ST., 3739-Barbara Irene Wyckoff to Sandie P. and Edward J. Martino, $154,400.

OWINGS AREA KERRY ANN LANE, 2520-Thomas D. and Rebecca J. Gibson to John L. Redick and Denise Warden, $235,000.

ST. LEONARD AREA BALSAM ST., 1319-Timothy W. and Maria A. Craver to Ellen and Freeman Dodsworth, $105,000.

EUCALYPTUS DR., 5788-Valerie A. Wheeler to Penelope Goodenough, $179,900.

EUCALYPTUS ST., 5625-Ronald M. and Edith M. Robinson to Monica E. and Richard L. Anton, $111,900.