Prince William

The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


BEDDER STONE PL., 9696-Jacqueline Racquel Sommer to Thomas R. Stewart, $205,000.

DIAMOND HILL DR., 8735-Justin A. Longerbeam to Belinda A. and Michael V. Harber, $325,000.

DUNSTABLE LOOP, 8790-Marilyn J. and James F. Wheatley to Pamela L. Anderson, $195,000.

FALCON GLEN CT., 9040-Rhonda L. Burlile to Barbara D. and William J. Braband, $195,000.

SHERBORNE ST., 12253-Richmond American Homes to Alyssa A. and Jeffrey E. Love, $335,365.

UPPER MILL LOOP, 9835-Kun Li and Laiju Zhang to Edward R. Lang, $315,000.


ANTRIM CIR., 3035-Mohammed S. Haq to Debra L. Schultheis, $150,000.

DALEBROOK DR., 3728-Donna S. and James F. Hollie to Regina N. and Peter E. Jensen, $259,000.

INLET PL., 15357-Anna Louise K. Maystrik to Byron H. Rinaldi, $133,500.

JONATHAN CT., 4319-Patricia L. and George E. Ford to Wanda L. Plaugher and Tammy J. Macejka, $158,500.

JONATHAN CT., 4324-Highpost Co. to Karen Cruse Boehmer, $123,000.

JONATHAN CT., 4332-Bruce and Latricia R. Facundus III to Letisha C. Campbell, $160,000.

LANSDALE PL., 15738-Christina and Christopher J. Quinn to Emma Young and John Emmert, $184,900.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2884-NVR Inc. to Maria E. and Robert V. Gonzalez, $400,269.

RENTON CT., 15677-Luis A. Poblete and Shirley A. McIntyre to Bonnie L. and Miroslav P. Kurka, $309,999.

ROCKY MOUNT LANE, 17333-Donna P. and Darius L. Wilson to Sharon A. and Milton E. Hudson, $189,950.

SALTWATER DR., 4904-Teresita S. and Kurt F. Roos to James Fullem II, $132,500.

STREAMSIDE CT., 15217-Anwar S.T.C. and Elias S. Tabri to Faraj Shokha, $169,500.

TRIPOLI BLVD., 17510-John E. Sr. and Rose M.S. Webb, trustees, to William B. Webb, $110,000.

TRISAIL CT., 15560-Delia R. Cortez to Son Hui and Michael D. Greenwood, $370,000.

TULIP TREE PL., 3164-Beazer Homes Corp. to M. Sirimongkhoune and Michelle Arce, $296,860.

TULIP TREE PL., 3144-Beazer Homes Corp. to Margaret A. and John M. Toth, $307,940.

WEEPING CHERRY CT., 3143-Washington Homes Inc. to Gayle E. and Michael D. Kelly, $350,518.

WOODGLEN CT., 15033-Doreen A. and Philip Raymond to Annette M. and Stanley Stafira Jr., $280,000.


AMSTERDAM CT., 7970-Navilus Corp. to Richard Mytton Thomas, $487,500.

CERRO GORDO RD., 7712-Alfred C. and Patricia A. Fish III to Theresa L. and Stanford D. Stone, $355,000.

CERROMAR WAY, 8133-Melissa J. and Brian R. Tardiff to Daisy E. and Brian M. Judd, $237,000.

CREEKBRANCH WAY, 14228-Wendy A. and Richard A. Safren to Amanpreet Kaur and Jasvinder S. Sandhu, $187,000.

FOWLERS MILL DR., 14410-Spencer W. Taylor to Pamela A. and Michael L. Barton, $249,800.

HOLLOW TRUNK CT., 13998-Mary L. and James J. McCarron Jr. to Robin W. and Homer E. Tomlin, $288,000.

LICK RIVER LANE, 5600-NVR Inc. to Luisa N. and Donald A. Plata, $416,406.

TACKHOUSE CT., 13514-Kathleen L. and Daryl W. Johnson to Rannveig F. Emerson, $217,990.

TACKHOUSE LOOP, 8432-Carolyn T. and Jason J. Fiedler to Robert Lopez, $202,900.

VICTORY GALLOP WAY, 13457-U S Home Corp. to Rita G. and Matthew W. Weden, $297,002.


JEFFERSON ST., 6823-Kelly M. Fitzgerald and Wesley S. Johannesen to Tamora S. Miller, $239,900.

SYCAMORE HILLS PL., 15090-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Gary D. Holcomb and Michael A. Labelle, $447,908.

VAILMONT CT., 14854-Quaker Piedmont Corp. to Lori Tremmel and Daniel L. Freeman, $575,000.


ANNE MARIE LANE, 6623-Dorothy Lee and Gary L. Dibble to Jesus A. and Antonio P. Lavarello, $260,000.

BANNERWOOD DR., 8634-Gail M. and Richard Korpi to Anna C. and Paul C. Kim, $319,000.

BLACK HORSE CT., 7775-Ronald J. to Greta Fellenz and Lawrence Fellenz Sr., $200,000.

BOWMANS FOLLY DR., 15221-NVR Inc. to Jennifer C. and Michael G. Szego, $369,288.

BROOKVIEW CT., 7817-Denise R. and Ronald L. Haynes Jr. to Kashif Jamil, $183,000.

CALVARY CT., 7961, No. 161-Mary E. and Kristine R. Henry to Rebecca K. Roodhouse, $110,000.

CAMPAIGN CT., 10861-Gary L. Clark and Teresa J. Ayton to Rhina Gonzales, $189,900.

CARAWAY CIR., 10844-Young Soon and Robert L. Goldberg to Dawn R. and Kenneth L. Talbot, $200,000.

CHASE CT., 7800-Tejitu Mengisto and Seifu Senbet to Laura Josephine and Kenneth John Dunn Sr., $242,000.

CHATHAM ST., 9513-H. Ervin and Evelyn C. Lowell to I. Madrigal and Rogelio Aviles Martinez, $185,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8001-Eishello J. and Keenan S. Brunson to Marco Gallegos, $119,500.

COVINGTON PL., 9516-Ginger A. and Euqene G. Baltimore Jr. to Dayna L. Henderson and Brandon S. Fitzpatrick, $152,000.

DAMASCUS DR., 9719-Sandra I. and Thomas H. Kirby to Silvia and Nelson R. Mendez, $185,000.

DUNEIDEN LANE, 7634-Sara G. Mirza and Clyde M. Thomas to Mary and Warren M. Hodges, $193,200.

GATSBY RD., 7050-Yvonne H. and Glen F. Evans to Crystal L. and Jeffrey L. Beachy, $258,500.

GHOLSON BRIDGE CT., 6032-NVR Inc. to Yvonne M. Valdez, $429,740.

HICKS CT., 11580-Dara L. and Charles D. Garten Jr. to Stephine and Talphin D. Glover, $260,000.

HIDDEN SPRING DR., 9367-Gary R. Allen and Terry L. Nankivell to Nancy A. and Darryl W. Blan, $319,000.

LANDVIEW DR., 12735-Karen A. and Stanley L. Fox II to Cynthia R. Sakyi, $287,500.

LILAC ST., 8070-Mary Jane and John Banyi to Linda J. and Randolph J. Ziemienski, $362,500.

NYACK DR., 7529-Ellen A. and Daniel S. Adams Jr. to Mona M. and Joseph Ferrigno, $400,000.

PURCELL BRANCH CT., 7860-Esther and Samuel Kim to James Whitehead and Todd A. Blaeuer, $220,000.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7616-Mary E. Smith to Mary B. Clark, $155,144.

RIDGEWAY DR., 7240-Kimberley and Jeffrey W. Shackleford to William Thomas and Penny Leanne McBain, $229,950.

SHARPSBURG CT., 7936-Natividad Granados and Maria A. Amaya to Evangelina Cruz and Jose Barazarte, $114,000.

SPLIT RAIL DR., 10827-Joan S. Pleshko, trustee, to Keith W. Cline and Julie B. Schilling, $405,000.

STONEBROOK DR., 11191-Laura H. and William M. Furgason Sr. to Katrina and Edward D. Wagner, $454,500.

TRAILS END CT., 13158-Joyce P. and Russell A. Vacante to Thomas M. Hagedorn, $429,900.

WELLMAN CT., 14063-Alicia and Sean Riddle to Sherry L. and Donald K. Jones, $374,900.


AVONDALE DR., 10637-Christine and Marcello M. Nascimento to Thomas W. Minnick, $585,000.

BIRMINGHAM DR., 9109-Lewis Joseph Devlin to Nancy Lee and Scott D. McGinnis, $239,900.

BOUNDARY AVE., 7424-Kerry A. and Michael D. Angell to Reina I. and Jose C. Marquez, $233,000.

CABIN BRANCH CT., 8428-Donna O. and James Blizzard Jr. to Relocation Resources International Inc., $312,950.

DAVIS FORD RD., 6755-N.V.P. Inc. to Sabrina H. and McKinley Thomas Jr., $540,000.

GRIZZLY CT., 6977-M. Debora and James P. McKelvey to Deborah and Martin Hobson, $540,000.

LAKE DR., 7404-Robin F. and Jose P. Dalusung to Enrique J. Nieto, $149,500.

LOWERY CT., 10410-Classic Homes Corp. to Mai T. Lam and Hieu Hoang, $455,294.

PRINCESS CAROL CT., 7495-Florence B. and Ebb Atkins Jr. to David E. Willmore, $17,532.

SPRUCE ST., 8507-Robin S. and William G. Cameron to Deborah L. and James Michael Hedden, $229,000.

SUMMER BREEZE PL., 8457-Richmond American Homes to David J. Kyger and Viranand Prasarnphanich, $401,190.

TENDRING TRAIL, 7541-Shawn Venus Teter to Santos Eliseo Bonilla Flores, $185,900.

YORKSHIRE LANE, 8504-Jeanie and James Mullins to Joaquin Padilla, $235,500.

YORKSHIRE LANE, 9005-Sarah A. and Garnic M. Knott to Carol J. and Arthur T. Knott Jr., $100,000.


BRISTOW RD., 12558-Nancalee and Gary Lou Thompson to Richard Lee Harris, $389,500.

FLORY RD., 10621-Jan C. and Scott R. McGowan to Diane and William Clarke, $345,000.

PUDDLE PL., 12147-Richmond American Homes to Ritu T. and Anil R. Manchanda, $321,465.


PORT HOPE POINT, 3767-Sue Ann and James N. Lapponese to Adelia and Jose Nelson Quintanilla, $115,000.

TAVERN WAY, 3720-UPMG Inc. to Kevin Jones, $118,500.

WHARF LANE, 3599-Luz Maria Salazar Estes to Vincent Prysock, $115,000.


BACON RACE RD., 11421-Pilar and Rafael Ruiz to Amy and Bartholomew Posselt, $449,500.

BAKERSFIELD ST., 14663-Jennifer M. Warren to David E. Burzynski, $120,000.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15311-Ridgedale Inc. to Genevieve L. Gaillard, $204,613.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15297-Ridgedale Inc. to Monica and Jason Spon, $192,148.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15313-Ridgedale Inc. to Cedric Thomas, $191,459.

BERKSHIRE DR., 14390-David B. Staie to Alicia F. Bryant, $102,000.

BISBEE CT., 14532-Diane L. Ellis to Jose H. Garcia, $151,000.

BISON CT., 12832-Shenoa Taylor to Betsy L. and Michael L. Pickett, $169,000.

BOWES LANE, 2899-Juvon B. Rice to Elmer Requeno, $148,000.

BRANDY MOOR LOOP, 16857-Oak Ridge Inc. to Kristi M. Story, $188,252.

BRAZIL CIR., 15277-Evangelina M. and Guillermo A. Palos to Lawrence J. Oliver, $192,500.

BURNING RIDGE CT., 4130-Claudia E. and Donald E. Scruggs to Diane M. and David P. Valcourt, $485,000.

BURROUGH HILL LANE, 2790-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sokha Keo, $337,645.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2829-Millennium Associates Corp. to Jose A. Salinas, $150,000.

CARTER LANE, 1701-James V. Collins to Reina E. Gomez and Jose David Paz, $160,000.

CASTILE CT., 12678-Janice Shoemaker Hill and Steve Arden Hill to Ibrahim Y. Bastaurous, $138,000.

CHAMBORD LANE, 4356-James E. and Pamela B. McLain to Jack C. Strickland, $299,950.

CRESSIDA PL., 4125-David S. and Elizabeth Reyna Braxton to Pamela M. and Brandon J. Kinas, $191,940.

DEVILS REACH RD., 1928-NVR Inc. to Hyunbum and Theresa M. Lee, $366,690.

DODSON DR., 14754-Barbara and Randy J. Cornell to Guo Tong Shao, $209,990.

E ST., 1423-Stanley P. Dull to Guadalupe and Ismael Solis, $175,000.

EASTLAWN AVE., 4502-Kimberly M. and Kevin P. Green to Thongpon Suwannakam, $174,000.

EDEN LANE, 12411-Heide Marie and Daniel Mark Dykstra to Aurel Blindu, $183,500.

EDEN LANE, 12413-Lynda Jean and Barry Dean Kistler to Teresa M. and Francisco M. Deandino, $170,000.

EDGEMOOR CT., 11234-Helen and Edward Gonzalez to Charlan and Howard Motes, $192,500.

EILEEN CT., 4330-Carolyn R. Clements to Kelly Robinson, $122,900.

EVANSDALE RD., 4543-Joanne Straub to Bonnie Lee and Danny L. Hoover, $121,000.

EVEREST PEAK LANE, 12442-K. Hovnanian at Lakeridge Crossing Corp. to Pamela Price, $256,106.

FLINT TAVERN PL., 3446-Gean C. and Howard W. Derrick, trustees, to Frances L. and Steven P. Apland, $283,000.

FONTAINE CT., 14413-Madonna L. and Richard A. Speight to Reina Martinez, $131,000.

FOOTHILL ST., 3209-Raymond John Petow to Huda I. Hassan and Mohamed M. Nour, $158,000.

FOOTHILL ST., 3206-Xuan Thi and John M. Driscoll to Lenora Borba and Claudio Zaccur, $106,000.

FOOTHILL ST., 3254-Tehereh Mollaian and Seamak Kasaei to Mohsen Emami and Zahra Javid, $151,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 4001-German Claros and Abel Angel Velis to Maria Nolasco and Jose N. Aguilar Mejia, $118,000.

FORT LYON DR., 3380-Andrea and Harry Thigpen III to Erin C. and Paul V. Miller, $307,000.

FOX GLOVE CT., 14697-Cathy L. and Stuart R. Colbs to Paula W. Curran and Rebecca L. Daily, $115,000.

GAZEBO CT., 12773-Beth M. Taylor to Anita Latif and Ahmad S. Panjshiri, $185,000.

GRECO CT., 3273-Carol R. and Jeffrey L. Williams to Brandon T. Caesar, $195,000.

HADDOCK RD., 13131-Sherry L. and Robert E. Merz to Sharon L. and Claude Bernard, $162,000.

HADDOCK RD., 13318-Jimmie L. Marks III to Elizabeth and Balmori Alvarado, $170,000.

HARVEST CT., 4203-Esperita M. Taylor to Maria and Fredy Gonzales, $169,900.

HERSAND CT., 4722-Karen E. and Richard C. Vesey to Allan D. Hand, $95,500.

HORNER RD., 1609-Elizabeth A. Collins to Randy T. Steele Handyman Inc., $168,000.

HUNTERBROOK DR., 12884-Antoine B. Bethel to Khalida and Khan Baba Abbasi, $175,000.

HUNTERBROOK DR., 13046-Sally J. and Jerry J. Powell to Cynthia Guzman, $174,900.

HYATT PL., 14930-Robert S. Boykin to Joanne B. Flores and Samuel E. Mendiola, $145,000.

HYDRANGEA CT., 13901-Beth A. and Scott A. Cavinder to I.H. Pytkowicz and Alexander Duncan, $433,000.

INGLEBROOK DR., 1885-Asif M. Zamir to Edita I. Alvarez and Edwin J. Guevara, $195,000.

JENNINGS ST., 2251-Robert T. Sowers to Doris and James O. Holmes, $255,000.

JOANNA CT., 4689-Janis M. and Kenneth L. Vernon to Marta and Nelson A. Ramos, $140,000.

KENTMORE DR., 4505-Eleanor L. and Robert A. Childers to James Whorley, $172,900.

KERRYDALE RD., 12906-David E. and Stephanie L. Evans to Nicole M. and J.P. Higdon, $180,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13325-Mary C. and Edward F. Bacon to Tomas, Juana and Wilfred Bonilla, $179,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13404-Mal Chul and David L. Peacock to Wanda A. and William S. Powell, $124,900.

KILBURN PL., 4702-Brian L. Paden to James E. Styers, $153,000.

KIM CT., 13503-Carolyn M. and Edgar B. Peatross to Arlene and Ronnie Pegues, $185,000.

KIMBROUGH LANE, 12909-James W. Lasher to Gloria Perdomo, $158,000.

KINGSMAN RD., 13410-Etheline and Mario Hernandez to Roberta J. and Henry A. Warren, $206,150.

KINGSMAN RD., 13423-U S Bank National Association to Frederick G. Sorber, $161,000.

KINGSTON RD., 4534-Christina L. and John P. Mraz to Claudia, Edwin and Wilfredo Ponce, $204,000.

KNOWLES ST., 13805-Vickie V. Daniels to Herber L. and Henry F. Pacheco, $169,000. LOCK LOOP, 13489-Tracy and Jamie R. Atkinson to Leo R. Sequeira, $181,900.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12750-Eileen Gavagan and Franklin N. Redd to Michael A. Ross, $189,750.

LONGVIEW DR., 2380-Liane K. Fowler to Elmber A. Palma, $185,000.

MELCOMBE CT., 11664-Marie and Ayinde M. Bakare to Meewon and Robert Shea, $209,000.

MOCCASIN CT., 13732-Victoria V. and James K. McLaughlin to Rebecca L.P. and Timothy R. Evans Jr., $183,000.

MOONBEAM DR., 5887-Pulte Home Corp. to Helen and Wilbur A. Tatum, $259,590.

NELLINGS PL., 11608-Melinda G. and Paul G. Shanks to Jason and Tracy Lasher, $239,000.

NEXUS CT., 3543-Michael A. Morris to Aaron Gauwu Gyamfi, $167,000.

OGILVIE CT., 3861-Timothy Cole and Meseret Ayalewcole to Sina Asres and Eyob Tedla, $206,000.

OUST LANE, 6098-Suzanne M. and Keith W. Gay to Nancy J. Bean, $221,000.

POMANDER LOOP, 13419-Luis M. Perales Sr. to Orest B. Mryszuk and Diduch Petro, $165,000.

PRINCETON ST., 12245-Helen C. Nicholaou to Jennifer L. Dayton, $141,000.

PUTNAM CIR., 13166-Robin A. and James E. Thompson Jr. to Sidney C. Laurenceau, $175,000.

QUEENSDALE DR., 13270-Libby A. O'Baker and Gregory F. Benson to Tarrazzia M. Martin, $320,000.

ROCKFORD CT., 13819-Stacy L. and Vance C. McMurry to Kathleen S. and Michael A. Davis, $204,500.

ROUNDTREE DR., 5603-Larry Thomas Smith to Mildred Harris Mayfield, $192,500.

SEMINOLE RD., 2901-Leon M. Sloper Jr. to Fadi Zeineddine, $190,000.

SENECA CT., 5360-Ronald A. Greene to Maria E. and Jose E. Rodriguez, $198,000.

SPARROW CT., 4513-Mary Frances Salamone to Angela A. Portillo and Jose A. Sanchez, $145,000.

STALLION CT., 12151-Matthew Jacob Byrne to Edgar G. Anzueto Jr., $161,000.

STURBRIDGE RD., 13242-Barbara A. and Royal J. Oyster, trustees, to Agnes M. Merlino, $220,000.

SWAN POINT RD., 1109-Mary C. McTighe to Sharon L. and Thomas W. Steele, $250,000.

TAMARACK PL., 14792-Elizabeth F. Bullock to Vidal A. Bonilla and Doris B. Guevara, $122,000.

TANGO LANE, 12066-Lasonya A.A. and Richard B. Hutchinson to Joseph K. Nani Tome, $228,000.

TAPESTRY DR., 5977-Ridgedale Inc. to Eva and Christian Borner, $301,593.

TAPESTRY DR., 5981-Ridgedale Inc. to Denise R. and Michael R. Mutkus, $296,866.

TERMINAL WAY, 13024-Ridgedale Inc. to Edward P. Kelland, $199,326.

TERMINAL WAY, 13046-Ridgedale Inc. to Akwasi P. Agyemang, $191,600.

TILLETSON PL., 1829-Etta E. Shahan to Ester Hernandez and Victorino Alvarez, $154,000.

TITANIA WAY, 12883, No. 1-James V. and Robin R. Morris to Steven L. Clifford, $143,000.

TRENTDALE DR., 13015-Ridgedale Inc. to Felicia and Glen O. Barbour, $258,805.

TRIDENT LANE, 6068-Christopher Frederick to Bernadette O. and Randall M. Vickery, $135,000.

WAINSCOTT PL., 3492-Dawn R. and Jose E. Caussade to Barbara G. and Nicholas Tsougas, $341,000.

WARBLER CT., 15200-Sally Gail and Michael J. Hartzog to Beth S. and Brian T. Kline, $316,550.

WERTZ DR., 3671-Irene M. Affatati and Steven E. Prosser to Donna N. and Ross A. Victor, $325,000.

WIGAN DR., 3761-John E. Allred to Marcia R. Meeks and Vincent Eure, $317,500.

WILLOWOOD DR., 12036-Carie S. and Mark L. Morrison to Laurie N. and Gregory V. Brown, $280,000.

WINDING LOOP, 14750-Benedickte K. and Joseph D. Apodaca to Claudia J. Hauser and Bobby E. Thompson, $112,603.

WOODHAVEN CT., 3612-Michelle Carol Bush to Cynthia V. Hibbs, $172,000.