These are the announced births from Sept. 24 to Oct. 22 for Civista Medical Center.

Sept. 24

A daughter, Briana Lee, was born to Janice and Mark Garner of Waldorf.

A son, Xavion Tyshawn Jackson, was born to Tennille Riley and Tyrone Jackson of La Plata.

Sept. 25

A daughter, Briana Ashley Browne, was born to Theresa Yates and Clark Browne of Indian Head.

A daughter, Madison Lee, was born to Angela and Steven Raley of Mechanicsville.

Sept. 29

A daughter, Sage Dunbar Phillips, was born to Holly Dunbar and Samuel Phillips of La Plata.

Oct. 1

A son, William David, was born to Julie and David Testerman of La Plata.

A son, Lukas Clifford, was born to Christy and Glenn Williams of Waldorf.

Oct. 2

A son, Casey Allen, was born to Heather and Kevin Richmond of Faulkner.

Oct. 3

A daughter, Alyssa Ryan Rickett, was born to Nicole McDonough and Curtis Rickett of Indian Head.

A daughter, Courtney Myrick Lehman, was born to Jessica Payne and Harry Lehman of La Plata.

A daughter, Riley Madison Hayes, was born to Carolyn Wojcik and Leon Hayes of Waldorf.

Oct. 4

A daughter, Hannah Riley Garthwaite, was born to Nichole App and Zachary Garthwaite of Waldorf.

A daughter, Camryn Nicole Fryer, was born to Jenna Gaither and Joseph K. Fryer IV of La Plata.

Oct. 6

A son, Justin Tyler Humphrey, was born to Allison Humphrey and Brian Sparshott of Mechanicsville.

Oct. 8

A son, Darryn Michael, was born to Michelle and Curtis Taylor of Waldorf.

A son, Philip David, was born to Jennifer and Ryan McCarthy of Mechanicsville.

Oct. 9

A son, Wayne Alan Jr., was born to Arlene and Wayne A. Leeman Sr. of Waldorf.

Oct. 10

A daughter, Christine Renee, was born to Deborah and Jonathan Hudson of Waldorf.

A son, Christopher Aidan, was born to Cheryl and Hans Schmitt of Loveville.

A daughter, Hailie Margaret, was born to Jennifer and Gerald Stratford of Waldorf.

Oct. 11

A daughter, D'Asia Twanna Symone, was born to Darnia Stringer of Indian Head.

A son, Logan Robert, was born to Michelle and Willard Mumford of Hughesville.

A daughter, Jada Nycole, was born to Kimberly and Martrel Perry of White Plains.

Oct. 13

A daughter, Jaime Lynn Sweeney, was born to Lisa Bowie and James Sweeney of Nanjemoy.

Oct. 14

A daughter, Haley Michele, was born to Tammy and Claude Clevenger of Nanjemoy.

A son, Collin William, was born to Allison and Courtney Northrop of Bryans Road.

Oct. 15

A son, Thomas Edward Lesko, was born to Christin Smith and Richard Lesko of Waldorf.

A daughter, Kurstyn Joeleigh, was born to Cheryl and Joseph Hamilton of Charlotte Hall.

Oct. 16

A son, Joshua Edward Layer, was born to Diane Glasgow and Jake Layer of Hollywood.

A daughter, Bethany Jachin, was born to Melanie and Eric Lanham of Waldorf.

Oct. 17

A daughter, Alyssa Nicole, was born to Charisse and Brian Hill of Hughesville.

A son, Christopher David Jr., was born to Carrie and Christopher D. Peterson Sr. of La Plata.

A daughter, Bria Abigail, was born to Cynthia and Trevor McCallam of Waldorf.

A daughter, Brooklyn Zoe Beebe, was born to Courtnie Boyd and Bryan Beebe of Indian Head.

Oct. 18

A daughter, Lena Kimberly, was born to Kimberly and Phillip A. Defilippo Jr. of Waldorf.

Oct. 19

A daughter, Ninah Juanae, was born to Tarshea and Juan Jackson of White Plains.

A daughter, Hailey Renae, was born to Dawn and Thomas S. McCrobie Jr. of Bryantown.

Oct. 21

A daughter, Hailey Autumn Brunton-Groves, was born to Lindsay Salmon and Les Brunton-Groves of Great Mills.

A son, Donovan Vincent, was born to Dawn and Gerard Hall of Waldorf.

Oct. 22

A daughter, Faith Elizabeth, was born to Karen and David Beall of Mechanicsville.

These are the announced births from Sept. 20 to Oct. 19 for St. Mary's Hospital.

Sept. 20

A son, Derek Macpherson, was born to Julia and Jeff Nichols of Leonardtown.

Sept. 21

A son, Darius Kavon Jordan, was born to Casey Brown and William Jordan of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Shanell Christine Young, was born to Christine Cooke and LaMont Young of Lexington Park.

Sept. 23

A son, Liam Michael, was born to Amie and Philip Brock of Great Mills.

A daughter, Hailey Marie Hewitt, was born to Heather Stouffer and Robert Hewitt of Avenue.

A daughter, Magen Marie, was born to Kathleen and William Summers of Charlotte Hall.

Sept. 24

A son, Nathan William, was born to Sharon and Wade Johnson of Hollywood.

Sept. 25

A daughter, Moises Gabriel, was born to Angela and Moises Velasquez of Patuxent River.

A daughter, Emme Regina, was born to Charlene and Kerry Staats of Lexington Park.

A son, Nicolas Nathan, was born to Marcie and Wade S. Harris Jr. of Mechanicsville.

A son, Joshua Micah, was born to Judy and John Cooley of Leonardtown.

Sept. 27

A son, Timothy Diego, was born to Starrelette and Lawrence Jones of Park Hall.

A son, Jaidyn Alexander Curtis, was born to Kimberly Mills and Stacey Curtis of Mechanicsville.

A daughter, Heather Danielle, was born to Sherry and Grant Forbes of Leonardtown.

Sept. 29

A daughter, Katelyn Leigh, was born to Natalie and John McRoberts of Lexington Park.

Sept. 30

A daughter, Hannah Renee Higgins, was born to Stephanie McElwee and Troy Higgins of Waldorf.

Oct. 1

A daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, was born to Christine and Robert Cooney of Patuxent River.

Oct. 2

A daughter, Kaiah BreAnn, was born to Jami and George Warring of Mechanicsville.

Oct. 3

A daughter, Zoe Jo Hannah, was born to Julie and Richard Coughlan of Great Mills.

Oct. 4

A son, Liam, was born to Stephanie and Cliff DeLong of Mechanicsville.

Oct. 5

A daughter, Doryan Elizabeth, was born to Tracy and Bryan Slack of Hollywood.

A daughter, Angel Fecella Milburn, was born to Sheila Sommerville and Frederick Milburn of Leonardtown.

A daughter, Caitilin, was born to Cynthia and Jack Flatley of Hollywood.

Oct. 6

A son, Devyn Seymour, was born to Amy Dukovich and James Seymour of Solomons Island.

A son, Christopher N., was born to Mileddy and Kester Albo of Lexington Park.

A son, Connor Patrick, was born to Bridget and Patrick Eagan of St. Inigoes.

Oct. 8

A daughter, Amani Denae Butter, was born to Alycia Spears and Gary Butter of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Allyson Grace, was born to Luanne and Bobby Raley of Clements.

A son, Daniel Edward, was born to Nadie and Thomas Heffern of Great Mills.

Oct. 9

A son, Chase Hollingsworth, was born to Lynnette and Pat O'Dell of St. Mary's City.

A daughter, Autumn Marie, was born to Tina and Kevin Wommack of Leonardtown.

Oct. 10

A daughter, Kaitlyn Anne, was born to Melinda and Jason Sowell of Avenue.

Oct. 11

A daughter, Carmen Lynn, was born to Patty and Ross Null of Mechanicsville.

A son, Anthony Gough, was born to Crystal Harris and Alexander Gough of Lexington Park.

Oct. 12

A daughter, Iyanah Rachelle, was born to Miriah Childress of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Rebecca Lynn, was born to Bobbi and James Browne Jr. of Lexington Park.

Oct. 13

A son, Benjamin Craig, was born to Robin and Steven Dorman of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Emma, was born to Nancy and Oracio Torres of Great Mills.

A daughter, Sara Michele, was born to Deanna and Christopher Burroughs of Leonardtown.

Oct. 14

A son, Nathan Trent Gardner, was born to Jessica Kimble and Brandon Gardner of Mechanicsville.

A son, Clay Andrew, was born to Karon and Christopher Bowser of Mechanicsville.

A son, Thomas Raymond Hill V, was born to NaTosha Ball and Thomas R. Hill IV of Great Mills.

Oct. 16

A daughter, Nicole Rose, was born to Diane and Tracy Wathen of Leonardtown.

Oct. 17

A daughter, Halie Alexandra Tippett, was born to Margaret Bleacher and John Tippett Jr. of St. Leonard.

Oct. 18

A daughter, Samantha Jordan, was born to Linda and Lawrence A. Wells Jr. of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Leah Joy, was born to Rebekah and Lee Sours of Leonardtown.

A daughter, Kristen Rose, was born to Stephanie and Michael Fratz of Lusby.

Oct. 19

A son, Mason Shawn, was born to Elizabeth and Shawn Green of Drayden.

A son, De'Montez Anthony Moore, was born to Ashley Herbert and Delante Moore of Lexington Park.

These are the announced births from Sept. 5 to Oct. 14 for Southern Maryland Hospital Center.

Sept. 5

A son, Chase Allen Richard, was born to Karen and Samuel Hill Jr. of Pomfret.

Sept. 18

A son, Robert Daniel III, was born to Amy and Robert D. Peterson Jr. of Mechanicsville.

Sept. 19

A daughter, Brianna Grace McMillon, was born to Elizabeth Call and Sean-Paul McMillon of Waldorf.

A daughter, Emma Diane, was born to Patricia and Douglas Miller of White Plains.

Sept. 25

A daughter, Nhyjah Emauni Taylor, was born to Curtia Thurston and Ronnie Taylor of Waldorf.

Oct. 5

A son, Zakary Elivd Rios, was born to Isolina Santiago and Neftaly Rios of Waldorf.

Oct. 11

A son, Frankeas Tremon, was born to Treania and William Tibbs of Nanjemoy.

A son, Lanny Martin Weese III, was born to Kelly Bays and Lanny M. Weese II of Nanjemoy.

Oct. 13

A daughter, Makenzie Paulette, was born to Kristen and Andy Hatcher of Marbury.

Oct. 14

A daughter, Andrea Marie Pinkney, was born to Amanda Davis and Andrel Pinkney of Waldorf.

Compiled by Timothy Wilson. For more information, call 202-334-7251.