Northern Virginia voters cited a wide variety of factors in explaining their votes on the sales tax referendum yesterday.

"I don't trust where the money will go. I just don't think it will do any good. I think growth is the problem. We should just put a cap on it, curtail it some way."

-- Mike Weilmuenster, 59, Springfield, who voted No

"I'm tired of paying taxes. As soon as you build a new road, it's no longer efficient. I'm sure something needs to be done, but not on my nickel."

-- Margaret Downing, 66, Springfield, who voted No

"It's crazy to put this on the backs of the poor. We are not taxing gasoline, SUVs, tobacco. . . . The Northern Virginia delegation should be ashamed of themselves. They haven't been able to get money from Richmond, and now they want us to fix it for them."

-- Linda Couture, Alexandria, who voted No

"I would have voted for it if it just funded Metro and rail. That's where you get the most bang for your buck."

-- Michael Hobbs, 61, Alexandria, who voted No

"Who are the supporters of this? The developers. The multimillionaires who have become multimillionaires over the last 30 to 40 years through their land sales. And now they want to move on outwards by having us put in the roads."

-- Mary Metcalfe, 73, Leesburg, who voted No

"They improve roads to a certain extent, and a few years later they're saturated again. I pay over $4,000 in real estate taxes, and they expect me to vote for taxes to bring in another influx of people?"

-- Thomas A. Johnson, 63, Prince William County, who voted No

"The roads in this area are terrible, the traffic is awful, and it's getting worse every day. I feel it's our responsibility as citizens to pay for the things we need. As long as the money goes to what the politicians say it will, I'll pay the taxes."

-- Jean Prater, 39, Herndon, who voted Yes

"This was not an easy vote for me. I want to see rail to Dulles and more help for Metro, so I supported it, but [I was] hanging on until the last minute to make a decision. I was just concerned about building more places for cars to go."

-- Lesley Tiller, 66, Arlington, who voted Yes

"We need more control of our tax money up here. . . . I didn't so much vote for the tax as for the idea of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority" that would have spent the money.

-- Brian Higgins, 45, Springfield, who voted Yes