Goodbye to Gifted Educator

On Dec. 31, a very influential Loudoun County public school supervisor of instruction will be retiring after 35 years. In 1967, Thomas Woodall drove north on Route 15 and accepted a position teaching English at Loudoun County High School in Leesburg, and the rest, one might say, is history.

The social studies and gifted education supervisor leaves behind two programs that have been successfully integrated into the public school mainstream to ensure that all students are given an equal opportunity to achieve excellence.

These public school programs have always elicited positive reviews at state conferences and are held in high esteem by supervisors throughout the public school system.

These programs reach out to all students by setting high academic standards that adolescents can readily understand and endeavor to compete. Student can measure themselves against the very best.

As a parent of a Park View student who has benefited from a Loudoun public school education, I would like to thank Woodall for his outstanding service to the Loudoun community and wish him and his family all the best.

Mark Gunderman

Sterling Park

Hospital Up for Challenge

It is enormously unfair that opponents of Loudoun Hospital Center have been saying the hospital is afraid of competition. Loudoun Hospital has survived and improved in the face of significant competition and is always up for the challenge, as long as it is fair competition.

Currently, 20 percent of Loudoun County residents go to Fairfax County to use Reston Hospital Center. There is no stronger competitor to Loudoun Hospital Center than Reston. But when Reston sought to increase its number of beds by 60 last year, Loudoun Hospital Center supported the application. That doesn't sound like a hospital afraid of another hospital.

HCA's proposed Broadlands hospital is seeking an unfair advantage, building just down the street from Loudoun Hospital Center, a distance that will soon be only four miles when area roads open. Broadlands's duplication of Loudoun's services makes it even more unfair.

If Loudoun truly needs another hospital, as HCA says, why not reopen the Cornwall hospital? The hospital is there and would better distribute health care for the entire county. It would also cost $100 million less to open Cornwall than to build a new hospital only minutes from our current hospital.

HCA's plans make no sense.

Lillian A. Griber


Guiding County's Youth

I want to publicly thank the Board of Supervisors for taking time to meet with the young people from the Advisory Commission on Youth.

The Loudoun County Office on Youth and the Loudoun County Advisory Commission on Youth (ACOY) hosted a Youth in Government Day for our teen members. Each Loudoun County high school has at least two representatives on the ACOY.

These representatives spent Oct. 21 in a "government training day," part of it [with] members of the Board of Supervisors. That the board members took the time to engage the teenagers on topics of youth interest was truly wonderful.

I had the pleasure of being in attendance. It was to my benefit to see the interaction between the board members and the youth representatives. This type of interaction with students goes a long way in developing "good citizen" skills in our county's youth. The Board of Supervisors' time was well spent, creating future voters who are well informed and aware.

On behalf of the Advisory Commission on Youth, I can say that the community needs events like this to continue to be available to young people. The commission would not be successful with these events without the Board of Supervisors' support. The board should be commended for its participation.

Carol A. Kost,


Advisory Commission on Youth