Aug. 29A daughter, Kathryn Anne, was born to Mimi and John Ringstad of Woodstock.

Sept. 9 A son, Kevin James, was born to Susan and Dennis Farrell of Ellicott City.

Sept. 11 A son, Ari Hovis-Afflerbach, was born to Joanne Hovis and Andrew Afflerbach of Clarksville.

Sept. 16 A daughter, Bethany Elizabeth Marie, was born to Tempe and Matthew Beall of Columbia.

A son, Michael Carr, was born to Kelly and William Haire Jr. of Marriottsville.

Sept. 19 A daughter, Juliette Karina, was born to Jill and Arthur LaVeck of Marriottsville.

Sept. 22 A son, Gavin Owen, was born to Traci and John McGee of Columbia.

A daughter, Mackenzie Elizabeth, was born to Amanda and Christopher Berry of Ellicott City.

Sept. 25 A daughter, Madeline Victoria, was born to Rebecca and Christopher Feldwick of Columbia.

Sept. 26 A daughter, Alyssa Kristine, was born to Kathryn and Paul Nader of Sykesville.

A son, Sesoo Aoandongu, was born to Julianne and Liam Ge of Columbia.

Sept. 28 A daughter, Krysta Lynn, was born to Dara and Larry Cartee of Sykesville.

Sept. 29 A daughter, Anna Hiroyo, was born to Susan and Stephen Abe of Highland.

Sept. 30 A daughter, Catherine Jane, was born to Caroline and David Morningstar of Ellicott City.

A daughter, Louise Umu, was born to Marian and Alex Fodaykai of Columbia.

Oct. 3 A son, Jabari Mandela Lee Alexander, was born to Terri Alexander and Femi Adeleye of Columbia.

Oct. 4 A daughter, Brooke Margaret, was born to Madeline and Matthew Rosewag of Columbia.

A son, Evan Matthew, was born to Sharon and David McRae of Columbia.

Oct. 5 A son, Jonah Dean, was born to Kerri and Rick Eng of Sykesville.

Oct. 7 A daughter, Mary Alice, was born to Katherine and Konstantin Yemelyanov of Columbia.

Oct. 8 A son, Daniel Christopher, was born to Jennifer and Kenneth Walker of Columbia.

Oct. 15 A daughter, Emily Noelle, was born to Noelle and George Jackson of Elkridge.

Oct. 18 A son, Connor Alexander, was born to Beth and J. Alexander Varson of Columbia.

A son, Peter Wilder, was born to Carrie and Thomas Smith of Elkridge.

Oct. 20 A daughter, Rebecca Marie, was born to Carolyn and Jeff Pasquino of Woodbine.

Oct. 22 A daughter, Sage Elizabeth, was born to Ingrid and Kevin Huber of Laurel.


Sept. 4 A daughter, Jamie Gill, was born to Laurie and James Jobson of Eldersburg.

Oct. 10 A son, Lukas Gerald Thomas, was born to Christina and Bryan Waser of Mount Airy.


Sept. 24 A daughter, Shayna Richelle, was born to Shannon and Stephen Blau of Owings Mills.

Compiled by Timothy Wilson. For more information, call 202-334-7251.