The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


ASHTON RD., 1210-Thomas O. and R. Keech to Paula W. and Klaus Neumann, $434,900.


ARCTIC AVE., 13700-M.A. and William G. Moran to Marcus D. Dixon, $260,000.

AVERY RD., 14615-E. Peter and M.S. Johnsen to Audra L. and Bryan D. Lew, $345,000.

BAUER DR., 14616, No. 6-Monica Vidal to Alia Einstein, $124,000.

BAUER DR., 14824-Edward A. and M.E. Steffee to Ann S. and William J. Fitzpatrick, $250,000.

BURNSIDE DR., 5533-Mary C. Plummer to William Starkie, $165,000.

CAVALRY DR., 16604-Thomas M. Marley to Erin O. and Gary L. Hardgrove, $439,000.

CLAYTON ST., 14221-Sophia S. Ceppos to Caroline R. and Brian J. McKinnon, $279,900.

DOWLAIS DR., 13837-L. and Michael Zlotnitsky to Gil Seltzer, $300,000.

FLINT ROCK RD., 14100-Anthony M. and C.M. Rowedder to Marjorie Theard Johnson and Lionel C. Johnson, $310,000.

MANOR VILLAGE LANE, 15331-C.T. and Thomas A. Teates to Ann Mitchell, $313,000.

MANOR VILLAGE LANE, 15418-J.W. and James F. Adley to Daniel S. Collins, $230,000.

MUNCASTER MILL RD., 4250-Williams A. Fadare to Carolyn Dockins, $330,000.

PACIFIC AVE., 13010-Ericca L. Leonti to Karin N. and Terrance M. Hiltz, $258,270.

PARKLAND DR., 13402-E. Blackman to Doris and Guillermo Barrientos, $255,000.

ROBINDALE DR., 12716-B.L. and Peter G. Hughes to Pastor A. Henriquez, $228,000.

ROCKING SPRING DR., 14829-Samir S. Hammouda to Mohammad Sadeghi, $312,500.

WINTERSWEET CT., 4004-Ivan and A. Waldman to Niloofar and Thomas L. Clark, $625,000.


BEALLSVILLE RD., 19105-Joseph A. Muldoon III to Anthony Belcher, $230,000.


ABERDEEN RD., 5900-Z.A. and David H. Smith to Josephine C. Goldberg, $775,000.

ARIZONA CIR., 10202, No. 9-L. and Arkady Polishchuk to Rashida Kabir, $330,000.

AVAMERE ST., 4504-Esther B. Moldawer to Laura J. Rosenthal and Russell E. Mardon, $380,000.

BATTERY LANE, 4977, No. 1-113-Towun and Yemi Candide Johnson to Evagelia Sigalas, $176,000.

BATTERY LANE, 4977, No. 1-616-Ruth B. Jones to Miriam and Adam Graham, $250,000.

BROAD BROOK DR., 4807-E.T. and Laurence E. Ring to Maritsa Lohere, $483,000.

BULLS RUN PKWY., 9410-Bernard M. McCarthy Jr. to Nicole and Phillip A. Minnick, $440,000.

CHARLCOTE RD., 5505-Steven Nelick to Francis McMahon and Ann W. Funkhouser, $580,000.

CHASE AVE., 4503-Carey Smith to Laura A. Staich and Philip W. Ruedi, $560,000.

CHASE AVE., 4616-David G. Tewksbury to Candace Tesch and James Telep, $443,620.

DANBURY RD., 5204-Steven Richard to Dorene and Marc Michael, $360,000.

DEER CROSSING CT., 7100-Virendra K. and S. Saxena to Wendy L. and Preston C. Sacks, $1.35 million.

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 7505-A-Joan M. Terry to Shah Rok Yazdanniyaz, $155,000.

GLENBROOK RD., 8010-B.H. and Clarence R. Williams to Joseph W. Wall, $420,000.

GLENBROOK RD., 8012-B.H. and Clarence R. Williams to J.W. Wall, $360,000.

GLENWOOD RD., 5513-Lilla L. Meade, trustee, to Tracy L. and Curt M. Taras, $440,000.

GREENTREE RD., 6202-L.H. and Douglas J. Davison to Tracy Wang, $425,000.

HOLLINS DR., 6205-Jozef Lazar to Vladimir Wolf, $379,000.

JARVIS LANE, 5813-Presley A. Wedding, trustee, to Roji Menon and Sudip Bhattacharjee, $350,000.

KENHOWE DR., 6411-Horst J.O. Struckmeyer to Christo G. Andonyadis, $762,500.

KINGSLEY AVE., 9417-Kate L. Schneider, trustee, to Juliette and Jimmy W. Traettino, $419,000.

KINGSWOOD RD., 5812-Todd A. and C.L. McDonald to Douglas Kotlove, $490,000.

LONE OAK DR., 6320-Michael R. and S.A. Putnam to Hsin Chieh Liu and Robert I. Forman, $351,500.

MONTROSE AVE., 10407-L.E. and Stephen H. Paul to Timothy McLaughlin, $179,900.

MONTROSE AVE., 10630-Philip Eisenberg to Donna L. and Daniel V. Boring, $164,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10612, No. M-202-Mindy R. Flax to Omri Bahat, $165,000.

NEVIS RD., 7504-Keith J. Burgess to Lisa G. and Jerome D. Sorkin, $1.11 million.

NEWBURN DR., 6306-Paul D. and S.M. Baribeau to Veronica and Sebastian Silvani, $656,000.

ONONDAGA RD., 5914-Alice C. Maistre to Stephen B. Hoyt, $659,500.

OSAGE LANE, 8214-Sandra I. Gailitis to Alison and Aloysius Ordu, $760,000.

SONOMA RD., 5509-Andrew P. Holland to Soheil Naficy, $452,500.

SWANSEA ST., 6123-Lewis German to Christine L. Keller, $442,500.

WESSLING LANE, 5108-Daniel J. Sullivan, trustee, to Nancy and John Holahan, $680,000.

WESTBARD CIR., 5301, No. 319-Catherine M. Houck to Claudia A. Janec, $170,000.

WESTBARD CIR., 5301, No. 329-Zunilda Garro to Farivar Mottaghi, $190,000.

WESTBARD CIR., 5301, No. 332-Siegrid M. Casagrande to Phillip Pradier, $199,000.

WESTLAKE TER., 7401, No. 1008-Eman A. Saisan to James D. Gillick, $198,000.

WESTLAKE TER., 7420, No. 901-Elba K. Mogni to John P. Terrana, $172,000.

WILDOAK DR., 9408-Terrence E. and J.D. Allen to Mariamne C. and Hugh B. Vickery, $640,000.

WILMETT RD., 6502-Walter T. Blinkhorn to Rachel C. and James A. Loreto Jr., $445,000.

WINNEBAGO RD., 6215-M.R. and Alan H. Cheetham to Philip Mirvis, $630,000.


CLARKSBURG RD., 22610-Sol Rudden, trustee, to Kenneth R. Cook, $275,000.


BRIGHTON KNOLLS DR., 710-Linda D. Speert to Valerie R. and Michael T. Spencer, $499,000.


ABBEY MANOR CIR., 2828-Bernard M. Schultze to Kristi M. and Michael J. Kryder, $415,000.

BRIGHTON DAM RD., 2040-Bruce A. and C.E. Steele to Teresa H. and Steven G. Rudman, $459,500.

DUBARRY LANE, 3004-Donna J. Young to Karen D. and Brandon K. Bookhultz, $250,000.

GREGG RD., 3509-S.A. and Dennis R. Nola to Naomi B. Lefkovitz, $255,000.

HERITAGE HILLS DR., 19124-Guy C. and E. Venuti to Meera R. and Rajanikant K. Kirkire, $279,900.

TANTERRA CIR., 3360-Anthony M. and J.R. Guglielmo to Tamarah S. and Wallace J. King, $269,000.


ATHEY RD., 15001-Marc A. Atayi to Tracy D. and Elgin B. Hawkins, $240,000.

BALLINGER TER., 14215-Donna Jones to Freddy A. Sanchez, $170,000.

CROSSWOOD DR., 4256-Richard G. Dumas to Mirna Flores, $146,500.

DUNWOOD TER., 4232-William A. and G.H. Neal to Jane Duncan Nesbit and C. James Nesbit III, $160,000.

MCKNEW LANE, 14721-Gurdev S. Sarang to Ashok Gulati, $188,000.

REGALWOOD TER., 4345-Dean A. Turner to Yasmeen and Nassem Siddiqui, $146,500.

SORRENTO CT., 14506-Michael A. and J.S. Gould to Shadi H. Afshar and Vincent E. Osier, $179,900.

VALIANT TER., 14718, No. 14-148-Jennifer L. Smith to Marlin Curameng, $148,500.

VAN HORN WAY, 3613-Sherry A. Smith to Melissa E. Branch, $199,000.

WATER DROP CT., 3809-Lewis S. Buchanan to Folarin O. Sosan, $195,000.

WATER DROP CT., 3822-Candice L. Carafelli to Evalyng Jack, $205,000.

WEXHALL TER., 14736, No. 25-275-Christopher Hawley to Karen Colbert, $155,000.

WINIFRED CT., 4-Lam N. An to Shari and Michael Clark, $306,500.


ARCHBOLD TER., 7801-David D. Moran to John W. Costello Jr., $206,800.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 7665-J.M. and Martha A. Beach to Donald W. Stocks, $559,000.


CARRIAGE HOUSE TER., 1637-E-Janine D. McGregor to Shenglin Chang, $83,900.

CARTERS GROVE PL., 12409-Ernest E. Cordova to Pornsri Chuenchob, $239,000.

CARTERS GROVE PL., 12410-Pornsri Chuenchob to Richard S. White, $144,900.

CASTLE WAY, 3507, No. 3-14-Cordelia A.G. Cox to Nadine A. Mitchell, $163,000.

GENTRY RIDGE CT., 3522-Nychelle R. Fleming to Manching Li and Wei Hong, $225,000.

HERRINGTON MANOR DR., 12414-S.H. and Michael D. Sparling to Nana A. Opoku, $215,000.

HERSHFIELD CT., 2608-P.L. and Miles A. Chidel to Angela Keith, $368,000.

HOBART DR., 13637-Marva M. Rodgers to Nebiat Eyassu, $272,000.

KATHRYN RD., 1100-M.K. and Ronald A. Reddick to Matthew A. Taff, $280,000.

MEMORY LANE, 3105-Henry M. Albright to Linn and Anthony Nguyen, $265,000.

MODRAD WAY, 13701, No. 9-C-21-Jeffrey G. Nolan to Tamarra I. Jones, $88,000.

MODRAD WAY, 13706, No. 7-A-21-J.C. and Paul J. Martein to Rebecca L. Heagy, $119,900.

MONTVALE CT., 5-Charles R. Sormani to Eileen A. and Kim M. Morehouse, $535,000.

MUSICMASTER DR., 13107, No. 86-Yao Fiendi to Janet and Eric Grant, $127,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 12001, No. 408-L.K. and Milton E. Abramson to Chris Mereos, $55,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 13719-Sidney R. Zagri to Cristie B. and Bryan D. Anderson, $244,500.

SHADY KNOLL DR., 13406, No. 305-Sheldon Arpad to Eunkyung Kim, $87,000.

SHADY KNOLL DR., 13409-Deneice J. Robinson to Rosalinnd T. Cox, $90,000.

SHEPPERTON TER., 2929-Ronald Thomas to Bertha O. O'Kere, $118,000.

SIR THOMAS DR., 3323, No. 3-A-34-Fay S. Herd to Nicole D. Meese, $95,900.

SIR THOMAS WAY, 13609, No. 1-C-14-Wendy S. Kurtz to Louise P. Campbell, $122,900.

SIR THOMAS WAY, 13609, No. 1-C-32-Kathy A. Morgan to Nichole M. Knight, $126,000.

SWEET CLOVER DR., 12142-Daniel Y. and M.S. Song to Shazia and Kamran K. Abro, $225,000.

TAMARACK RD., 13012-P.W. and James Pappas to Leroy Ellis, $275,000.

VERDI CT., 13209-Linda Y. Gardner to Ambrosio and Maria Magpantay, $152,000.

VERDI CT., 13226-Laura R. Schoppa to Perween S. and Saleem M. Khan, $157,000.


BRADLEY LANE, 3413-Matthew V. and M. Golas to Janet L. and Herschell C. Doss, $635,000.

CURTIS ST., 7717-James W.D. Nicholas to Julia R. and Daniel A. Small, $889,000.

DORSET AVE., 4919-Leslie A. Grant, trustee, to Robert A. Chlopak and Ellen K. Globokar, $845,000.

DORSET AVE., 5205-Isabelle H. Creer, trustee, to Eileen J. and Benjamin I. Lee, $1.4 million.

DUNDEE DRIVEWAY, 3505-Jonathan Martel to Carol S. and Henry A. Rubin, $575,000.

DUNLOP ST., 3509-Dianne C. Cinnamon to Lisa B. and Christopher J. Flynn, $660,000.

FRIENDSHIP BLVD., 5500, No. 1221N-William A. Rutherford to Keith A. Council, $126,500.

FRIENDSHIP BLVD., 5500, No. 2412N-Matya K. Block to Muzaffer Anagur, $137,000.

LENOX ST. E., 1-Julie Goodell to Jamie L. and Manuel P. Bramao, $1.2 million.

MAPLE AVE., 7214-Noel E. and J.E. Fisher to Elisa Rosen and Jonathan Berman, $888,000.

PARK VIEW RD., 3211-E.C. and Joseph E. McAndrews to Sid A. Dalis, $625,000.

RIDGEWOOD AVE., 7200-J.O. and Stanley Weiss to Noel Fisher, $915,000.

ROCTON AVE., 7907-C.B. and James L. Joy to Eva I. Fleischhauer, $570,000.

ROSEMARY ST., 4104-Ronald W. and S.J. Stevens to Kristin H. Clayton and E. Clayton Mowry IV, $1.3 million.

STANFORD ST., 4415-Julia T. O'Brien, trustee, to Mary K. and James O'Brien, $580,250.

TRENT ST., 5519-Hossein L. and M. Loghman Adham to Valerie E. Green and Matthew B. Lieppe, $685,000.

VILLAGE PARK PL., 8608-Christopher and L. Kelly to Tracey W. and James R. Nugent Jr., $1.38 million.

WESTPORT RD., 5010-Orion Y. and C.R. Row to Aloysius Kuijs and Tao Wang, $690,000.

WILLIAMS LANE, 3817-John W. Jr. and P.D. Dean to Andrea and Edward E. Zughaib, $839,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5600, No. 1-Klari M. Rudnai, trustee, to Laura and John H. Cleave, $540,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5600, No. 1-409-Sylvia C. Segal, trustee, to Marilyn Roshwalb, $790,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5610, No. 1108-Smith Foods Sales Inc. to Phyllis G. Rubin, $1.2 million.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5610, No. 1609-Ahmed M. Youssef to Claire B. Dratach, $1.18 million.


CLARK MEADOWS CT., 12605-Edward L. and M.A. Modlin Jr. to Dolly Ghazi Gebeily and Joseph A. Gebeily, $560,000.

CLOVERLY -- EDNOR AREA BASINGSTOKE LANE, 14401-B.P. and Lee B. Peters to Tien B. Phan, $330,000.

BRIGGS CHANEY RD., 1615-Leslie O. Thompson to Barbara S. and Kevin W. Bennett, $425,000.

FARMCREST CT., 17-Y. and Ramon A. Fernandez Jr. to Helen L. Harrison, $174,900.

NEES LANE, 2309-L. and Reuben J. Goldstein Jr. to Joyce A. Deleeuw, $292,000.

PEACH ORCHARD RD., 15220-D.J. and M.M. Milano to Ruth A. and Brian K. Davila, $223,500.

SEIBEL DR., 2425-John R. Wasel to Alma and Jose Bonilla, $329,900.

TWIG TER., 1206-S. and Samuel Chonai to Stephen Howes, $180,000.

TWIG TER., 1251-Joel Prentice to Benjamin P. Lonto, $174,000.


COLTRANE DR., 25631-B.M. and Keith E. Largent to Claudia B. Deras, $109,400.

DIX ST., 26816-Ronald K. Johnson to Gary Huss, $265,000.

LEWIS DR., 10100-K.A. and Robert M. Hudlow to Kenneth G. Karanovich, $230,000.

OAK DR., 25106-J.S. and Warren S. Harding to Mayra N. Palencia, $259,900.

TRALEE CT., 25128, No. C-5-Mohammed R.N. Nejad to Carol A. and Terence M. Gallagher, $75,500.

WOODFIELD RD., 24905-Laura G. Roberts to Jeffrey L. Butler, $237,900.

WOODFIELD RD., 25716-Joseph Antwi Boasiako to Katherine H. Shimel, $150,000.


ANAMOSA WAY, 7608-Ziyad M. and A.B. Shalabi to Erica I. and Alfredo A. Guzman, $320,000.

APPLEWOOD CT., 4-Igor Rafalovich to Marina Dorfeo Connor and Craig M. Connor, $575,000.

BRIARDALE RD., 17085-Jack C. Chow to Daniel C. Chow, $241,265.

DEER LAKE RD., 16412-Frederick J. Hamble to Colleen A. and Michael K. O'Hara, $365,000.

INDIAN HILLS DR., 7624-A.D. and Maria A. Alegre to Natalya Mizina, $205,000.

WEATHERBY DR., 7527-Roselie A. Bright to Gregg E. Price, $201,000.


AMBER TREE CT., 800, No. 204-Margaret E. and Steven W. Jamroz to James J. Corsetty, $167,500.

AMITY DR., 17649, No. 6-E-Randolph Jr. and A.P. Bottomly to Maria D. and Luis A. Vasquez, $106,000.

ANSEL TER., 13406-Andrew D. and B. Schwartz to Sarah E. Salvaterra and Joseph A. Boland, $265,000.

APEX CT., 5-John H. Jr. and L.M.S. Eusebio to Belinda Y. and John T. Radko, $170,000.

APPLE RIDGE RD., 10540-A.M. and Christian L. Carlson to Walter Velarde, $145,000.

AUTUMN HILL WAY, 14-Jeanna F. Hodes to Smail Farid, $140,000.

BATTLERIDGE PL., 10009-Paul C. and K.L. Broe to Janeth M. and Lester C. Welch, $193,000.

BAYRIDGE DR., 887-Sohaila Soleymanzadeh to Mi S. and Soon D. Kwon, $225,000.

BAYRIDGE TER., 911-C.A. and William F. Bush to Alison L. Ma, $177,000.

BEACON SQUARE CT., 931, No. 16-E.M. and William R. Hudson to Robin C. Manougian, $189,000.

BLUE VIOLET LANE, 18745-Robert Franklin Demilt III to Hugo Reyes, $240,000.

BOOKHAM LANE, 103-Hari and J. Singh to Susan D. and Eric R. Victory, $315,000.

BOOTJACK CT., 11621-Zachary J. and M.W. Koutsandreas to Xinping Lu and Guangping Sun, $360,000.

BRAMBLE BUSH DR., 19800-James A. and P.A. Miller to Eden B. and Carmelo Deausen, $269,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19429, No. 201-G.L. and Edgar E. Morales to Frederick D. Unkel III, $85,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19429, No. 302-Robert J. Kelly to Ana C. and Wayne F. Schulze, $90,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19518, No. 13B-Authia A. Orridge to Carlos A. Gonzales, $145,000.

BRETHREN DR., 8008-Thomas E. and T.A. Sasiela to Christine D. and John B. Bibb III, $460,000.

BRIAN CT., 16, No. 245-Vasana and V. Vongkhamchanh to Daisy C. and Julio R. Rodriguez, $142,000.

BRIGHTON DR., 16-Donovan and D. King to Josefina A. and Galicano G. Deguzman, $295,000.

BRIGHTON DR., 37-M.J. and Joo S. Song to Mary M. Bloom, $277,500.

BRISTOL DOWNS DR., 216-Scot D. Shumway to Richard Staton, $340,000.

CACTUS CT., 18033-Arlene B. and M.G. Padilla to Leonora and Eddie Azucena, $148,000.

CARRIAGE WALK CT., 24-William R. and L.D. Johnson to Cynthia W. and Andre Speller, $229,000.

CHELABERRY CT., 8113-Debra S. Burkert to Amanda M. and Darren J. Kipfer, $217,000.

CINNABAR DR., 20004-Gary L. Hardgrove to Raymond A. Christian, $312,000.

CORIANDER DR., 7925, No. 203-Barbara L. Slagle to Goree Tijan Sarr, $91,000.

CROSS COUNTRY CT., 55-Anil and S. Jain to Stephen and Jane Blumberg, $171,000.

CROSSLAND LANE, 14001-Frank A. and P.J. Maranto to Sharon S. and Wade C. Appelman, $925,000.

DUCK POND PL., 20608, No. 5-505-David W. and T. Bernhardt to Karen A. and Robert A. Karyshyn, $229,900.

DUVALL LANE, 130, No. 196-204-Peter J. Jones Jr. to Maxine I. Johnson, $54,000.

FERN HOLLOW WAY, 9538-David H. Jaffe, trustee, to Henry A. and Edith M. Dorbu, $183,000.

FIELDS RD., 9701, No. 1404-S. and Bechir Helal to Seyedreza Raoofi, $70,000.

FIELDS RD., 9701, No. 2002-John H. Blucher to Jie Tian and Wei Yu, $153,000.

FILBERT CT., 26-Ilaria Deluca to David Quintanilla, $185,000.

FLINTS GROVE LANE, 11705-Leon J. and E.R. Gross to Ning Ye, $341,000.

GIRARD ST., 422, No. 142-William Sutton III to Comfort Opare Ababio, $83,000.

GIRARD ST., 444, No. 301-T. and Stephen M. Goodell to Sawsan J. Anani, $87,000.

GIRARD ST., 448, No. 319-Emjan trust to Haney A. Bedas, $66,000.

GOLD KETTLE DR., 170-Ula F. and J.M. Barritt Jr. to Fenghua Wang and Junxue Chu, $179,900.

GOODPORT CT., 3-M. and Mihai Muresan to Geoffrey W. Wilson, $215,000.

GOODPORT LANE, 20-Don F. Ryder to Eddie Hobson Hardy, $153,000.

GOUCHER TER., 110-Thomas P. Hightman to William A. Pumphrey, $264,000.

GRAVENSTEIN WAY, 15214-Paul A. and R.E. Griffler to Sharon E. and Edward S. Samuels, $510,000.

GREAT NOTCH TER., 14023-K.S. and James E. Counts to Li Ya Huang, $240,000.

GREEN MEADOW RD., 15925-Dean and M.L. Lee to Robert L. and Mary D. Sonken, $446,000.

HALLMARK PL., 8111-Jeffrey L. Robertson to Ian A. Whiteman, $195,500.

HART RD., 314-Henry L. Ciotti to Nicholas J. and Patricia M. Williams, $440,000.

HIGHLAND RIDGE AVE., 611-Erik S. Phelps to Andrea L. and Michael J. Phipps, $392,000.

HILLSIDE LAKE TER., 907, No. 509-John E. Jr. and N.V. Shannon to Jeffrey S. and Annmarie Wetherbee, $150,500.

HILLSIDE LAKE TER., 941, No. 703-Rebecca A. Sincevich to Lisa M. Cote Coughlin and Thomas P. Coughlin, $209,605.

IVY OAK DR., 7715-Tho H. Ly to Efrain Meneses and Fernandina Huamani, $269,500.

JARRETT CT., 9303-Dianne R. Crosby to Samuel Raff, $115,000.

KEENELAND CIR., 14520-Ali and M. Zahiri to Frederica F. and Brendan J. Nelson, $340,000.

KEENELAND CIR., 14612-David A. Armstrong to Rebecca L. and Frantisek Brabec, $159,500.

KENDRICK PL., 124, No. 38L-Patricia H. Davis to Susan A. McCarthy, $212,000.

KENT OAKS WAY, 150-Cory and T. Sorsdal to Jason S. and Cheryl F. Sheer, $375,000.

KEYSTONE DR., 1-Mohamed Nachar to Oussama Nachar, $285,000.

KINGFISHER TER., 18606-R.L. and Harry Fenstermaker to Michael Ward, $192,000.

LAUREL VALLEY LANE, 8710-Fawziah and A. Rajab to Senayit W. Araya and Argaw Kidane, $276,300.

LAKE SHORE DR., 9775-Lori L. Roberts to Touran Halati, $185,000.

LARCHMONT TER., 17762-Maria D.C. Escolero to Norma E. and Jose G. Mejia, $137,000.

LINDEN HALL CT., 4-Shane Doyle to Susan M. Orsega, $261,000.

LITTLE QUARRY RD., 108-Nancy J. and Armando Anido to Lee A. Wilson, $675,000.

LOGMILL LANE, 1717-Diane E. Winters to Scott F. Rodgers, $190,000.

LONGPOINT WAY, 127-Daniel P. and V.A. Nacarato to James Yoon and Connie Cho, $297,323.

MAIN ST., 642-A-Jeffrey D. Katz to Lydia E. Medina, $245,000.

MAPLE LEAF DR., 9908-Douglas A. Barahona to Michael K. McCabe, $169,900.

MIDLINE CT., 13-James J. Ferraro to Sean B. Lee, $190,000.

MORNING LIGHT TER., 12349-Arnold G. and M.C. Carlson to Julie B. and Peter D. Tittle, $401,000.

NAPA VALLEY RD., 8-R.K. and Krishna S. Murthy to Amir H. Fadakar, $171,267.

NATHANS PL., 18641-Papa D. Diop to Antonio Guillen, $122,000.

OAK BLUFF CT., 8600-Charles J. and H.M. McKenna III to Lori C. and Christopher Stapleton, $329,900.

OAK SHADE RD., 39-Eric W. and T.L. Anderson to Vernessa and Joseph A. Pollard, $190,000.

ORCHARD DR., 76-D.G. and Terrie L. Dye to Patricia Carranza, $175,000.

OYSTER BAY WAY, 7513-Harry L. Marmer to Renata M. Luz Morales and Julio E. Morales, $460,000.

PINTAIL LANE, 18748-C.C. and Richard J. Laucho to Carlos Melgarejo, $140,000.

QUERY MILL RD., 13325-M.E. and David A. Manspeizer to Lori J. White, $599,900.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 846, No. P1-S.H. and Glenn D. Turner to Andrea L. Booth, $62,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 868, No. 202-M.Z. and Andy Liu to Xiaoge Wang, $85,000.

QUINCE VALLEY DR., 12316-Vivien P. Reguerin to Anthony H. and Jeeica Major, $174,888.

RAVEN ROCK DR., 16629-Kaison and V.P.W. Yen to Michael C. Appleby, $330,000.

REDDING RIDGE DR., 18-Michael L. and K.C. Hutton to Martha A. and Andrew F. McLaughlin, $437,000.

REPRISE DR., 10109-Catherine M. Marshall to Jeffrey K. Wong, $105,740.

RIDGELINE DR., 10244-David H. Dodge to C.P. Houston, $78,000.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 109-Atiq Abdullah to William T. Finan, $299,900.

SCARLET LEAF CIR., 11618-Gurminder K. Sandhu to Yong J. and Tuk K. Jun, $315,000.

SEURAT DR., 15834-Osei Bonsu to Amani M. and Nader M. Elkassabany, $475,000.

SEVERN TER., 9309-Ronald W. and Christine M. Witt to Susan E. Essman and Steve S. Chang, $431,000.

SMITHY CT., 10515-Allan W. Fein to Pinar and Sukru Tuzmen, $225,000.

SPARKLING WATER DR., 18808, No. 16-301-Garry S. Marsoubian to Marieme Doukoure Amoa and Kwaku Amoa, $165,000.

STEVEN CT., 12, No. 223-N.R. and Juan H. Interiano to Adan Benitez, $150,000.

SUMMER GROVE CT., 15505-Richard E. and A.M. Gallagher to Jennifer B.W. and Ronald C. Goodstein, $520,000.

SUMMIT HALL RD., 222-Norman R. and L.K. Thielke to Sharon L. and Jonathan P. Zetts Sr., $300,000.

SWEETBOUGH CT., 12368-Hesham F. and M. Mahdawi to Saera L. and Seung L. Seo, $280,000.

TAUNTON DR., 17420-James E. and J.E. Hamilton to Carolyn A. and Gaylord L. Pinney, $289,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 121, No. 204-Adam P. Levitt to Lisa M. March, $175,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 137, No. 204-David A. Rand to Shannon E. Olmsted, $179,500.

TOWNE CREST CT., 8417-D.A. and E.T. Foster to Imad Soubra, $126,000.

TURLEY DR., 12204-Richard T. and B.K. Saas to Karen McConomy and Jan Paul V. Maaren, $519,000.

TURNHAM CT., 9-John and M. Siegler to Nicole and Bruce Stern, $420,000.

UPSHIRE CIR., 119-Min and H. Kim to You Chuen Tsai and Chung Li Tseng, $492,000.

WALKER HOUSE RD., 9914, No. 4-Helen M. Coleman to Hwaida Hassanein, $110,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18703, No. 1-Deborah L. Williams to Charles W. Poole Jr., $93,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18710, No. 6-Miriam L. Casco to Josefina P. Barrientos, $99,900.

WAXWING TER., 8817-John R. and K.A. Fegan Jr. to Minerva A. Banga and Sam Wiseman, $325,000.

WHEELWRIGHT DR., 19903-Carolyn M. Conway to Richard O. Ofori, $153,500.

WINDBROOKE DR., 946-James J. Rochon to Stephanie Mercer, $125,000.

WONDER VIEW WAY, 12232-B.B. and Richard A. Moreland to Jacqueline T. Nguyen, $380,000.

WYE MILL CT., 334-Paul T. and K.M. Leone to Kristine W. and John J. Poulin, $209,900.


MONTROSE AVE., 11012-Elisabeth R. Straus to Anne and Brian Mizoguchi, $435,000.

GERMANTOWN AREA AMARILLO DR., 19030, No. 145-Brian J. Murray to Carol J. and Stephen W. Evrard, $162,000.

AMBASSADOR DR., 13628-Diana M. Salcedo to Fabian M. Vesoh and Nancy V. Bumuh, $149,900.

AMBER RIDGE CIR., 12008, No. A-202-Dawn M. Harrison to Christine Halpin, $139,900.

AMETHYST LANE, 20524-James D. and K. Outzen to Ana R. Flores De Colin and Lucio Colin, $174,000.

AMETHYST LANE, 20531-Robert F. Niggel Jr. to Nancy T. Allen, $174,000.

APPERSON WAY, 11501-M.D. and Jeffrey D. Hoes to Vicente Bernal, $192,500.

AUTUMN LEAF PL., 10713-Stephen H. and C.L. Blair to Barbara Ann and Malcolm O. Munro, $339,900.

BIRDSEYE DR., 18918-Stephen J. Bruder to Ran He, $135,000.

BIRDSEYE TER., 12104-E.B. and Wlodzimierz K. Startek to Sammy Donkor, $149,000.

BRIARCLIFF TER., 13101, No. 9-903-Jocelyn L. Wilson to Alka B. Stott, $127,000.

BRONCO PL., 13823, No. 223-Mohit K. Malhotra to Chantey M. and David H. Hill, $165,000.

BUNYAN CIR., 21217, No. 168-Adam W. Bradbury to Shukla and Debasish Biswas, $259,900.

CHALET DR., 18022, No. 27-204-Ruth F. Crout to Khary Johnson, $98,700.

CHALET DR., 18032, No. 26-204-Joann Smith to Gladine B. and Koffi Azomme, $110,000.

CHALET DR., 18140, No. 7-103-Mary N. Koback to Annie B. Jackson, $100,000.

CHALET DR., 18140, No. 7-104-Sharon M. Poling to Jose Padilla, $103,000.

CHERRY BEND CT., 6-Francine J. Melstein to Warren Watson, $190,000.

CLIMBING IVY DR., 12903-O.M. and Eduardo F. Casasnovas to John A. Wyatt, $176,000.

CLUB HILL DR., 20136-James L. and L.M. Fort to Kristin D. and Peter S. Sprigg, $167,700.

CLUB HILL DR., 20164-Sheila M. Hodges to Henry J. Goeltom, $160,000.

CROSS RIDGE WAY, 12531-Robert Cohen to Charles St. Paul, $113,000.

DAIRYMAID DR., 13205, No. 59-Mara T. Motta to Natalie Adams, $69,500.

DUCK POND CT., 9, No. 805-C.E. and Adam M. Heifetz to Charlene Melcher, $234,500.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12213-D-Andrew J. Matuszky to Sonya J. King, $110,000.

ETON MANOR DR., 11800, No. 204-Mark A. Trock to Riziki Kura, $155,000.

FOUND STONE RD., 12701, No. 8-301-Kellye A. Maxwell to John Gibbons, $162,500.

FOUND STONE RD., 12712, No. 4-303-Julie A. Hefner to Colin M. Degen, $99,396.

GALLOP TER., 14161-Douglas B. Gray to John A. Lemke, $230,000.

GIANT CT., 13504-Terresa S. Randolph to Susan P. Rukamp, $203,000.

GIANT CT., 13507-Gala Graf to Nick J. Merico, $195,000.

GLEN WILLOW WAY, 18603-Andrew V. Dimond to Santos M. and Jose H. Reyes, $168,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19625, No. 912-Gebrehawariat Andeberhan to Maria A. Ferreira, $80,000.

HALETHORPE TER., 11327, No. 208-Thomas L. Hollenbach Jr. to Denise A. Mornini, $105,000.

HARMONY WOODS LANE, 18828-William T. Fefe to Stephen H. Pearson, $220,000.

HIGHSTREAM CT., 4-S.J. and Philip J. Beck to Tracie L. Taylor, $150,000.

HIGHSTREAM PL., 19017, No. 852-Ann L. Kelley to Gerard Feliciano, $145,100.

ISLAND VIEW CIR., 12103-Diana L. Rule to Alanna L. and Jonathan L. Nichols, $181,000.

KELLEY FARM DR., 14810-Henri R. and Z.F. Lorie to Mary A. and Charles E. Carlson, $650,000.

KITCHEN HOUSE CT., 18205-Judith M. Deane to Eleanor and Rolando Sabalbaro, $165,000.

LOCUSTDALE DR., 20123, No. 315-Edward J. Simmons to Andrea Jones, $139,900.

LOCUSTDALE TER., 11425, No. 276-Judith M. Whichard to Barbara Zamora, $102,750.

METZ DR., 18110-Herbert A. Rosenthal, trustee, to Robert Waltz, $145,000.

MILESTONE MANOR LANE, 12201-Anthony J. and C.A. Pagonis to James and Lynn Fort, $354,900.

MILESTONE MANOR LANE, 12503-B.L. and John P. Roth to Diane Henderson, $396,500.

MISTY MOON PL., 10705-Jay L. and S.D. Wolfe to Marly E. and Gabriel Torres, $310,000.

PANTHERS RIDGE DR., 12027-Saad A. Kirmani to Wilbert L. Hardy, $242,900.

PANTHERS RIDGE DR., 12117-Lisa M. Rister to J. Vincent Moskaitis, $259,000.

PERRONE DR., 18911-Maurice J. and M.G. Ellis to Angela Ellis and Mason Ellis, $225,000.

PICKERING CT., 39, No. 101-Jeffrey W. Braun to Kelly Reed, $70,000.

POPPYSEED CT., 12905-Jack M. and G.L. Hirsch to Bei and Lung C. Liu, $130,000.

PORT HAVEN PL., 18905-S.L. and William W. Graves Jr. to Hunter K. Presnall, $182,000.

QUIET OAK LANE, 18902-Richard D. and Y.S. Thomas to Chinha Lee and Kyung Chun, $215,000.

RED ROCKS DR., 18004-Nae K. and Eun Ho Han to Lakshmi Muralidharan and Raghunathan Muralidharan, $430,000.

ROSEBAY CT., 9, No. 605-S.M. and Daniel W. Kruse to William D. Baber, $236,000.

RUSHING WATER WAY, 13341-Ana M. and Steven A. Turner to James E. Hubbard, $281,500.

SAGE WAY, 18642-L. and Christopher Richardson to Olalekan Elujoba, $93,000.

SAWYER TER., 19036-F.J. and Carla R. Composto to Susana Castellanos, $240,000.

SEABREEZE CT., 20113-Stephen R. and J.R. Gordon to Jennifer S. and Todd D. Peters, $240,000.

SESAME SEED CT., 12712-F. and Angela B. Ferri to Jennifer R. Halvorsen, $106,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13038, No. 14-245-Heidi A. Gray to Anthony Q. Lewis, $125,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13043, No. 11-185-Margaret M. Tress to Alicia Olivant, $80,000.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20629-M.C. and Michael Kenney to Deborah Nieman, $120,000.

SHIPLEY TER., 20220, No. 8-C-102-Paula A. Miller to Christopher S. Dickhoff, $75,000.

SPRING MEADOWS DR., 15401-Vincent and F.N. Aiello to Lisa William Simons and David Simons, $825,000.

STALEYBRIDGE RD., 19204-P.A. and Percy L. Johnson to Louis H. McGraw Jr., $202,000.

STEEPLE PL., 19020-Scott W. and M.A. Stuart to Patricia A. and David M. Hertzbach, $249,000.

SWISS CIR., 18224, No. 13-Jasainth M. Reid to Jacqueline Lynn Powell, $87,000.

TREEBRANCH TER., 18912-H.C. and Thomas J. Karras to Noemi Rodriguez, $180,000.

VALLEY BEND DR., 11270-Daniel Viau to Yolanda and Christopher Bertucci, $187,000.

VILLAGE FOUNTAIN DR., 18611-Jennifer D. Campbell to Bong H. and Yong D. Kim, $201,000.

WHEATRIDGE DR., 18033-C.S. and Paul A. Witchie to Kenneth P. D'Angelo, $340,000.

WINDING CREEK WAY, 12000-M.G. and Jay L. Wattenberg to Tara M. Wivel, $187,500.

WONDERLAND WAY, 13109-Wendy A. Schuller to Don M. Rutley Jr., $113,000.

WONDERLAND WAY, 13257, No. 1-Krista M. Bradley to Nanciellyn Lazarowitz, $100,000.


BURNT EMBER DR., 10401-Eden B. Crane to Mark S. Secunda, $270,000.

MADRE ST., 1802-O.M. and Raphael Gomes to Humberto Marin, $257,000.

PAULA DR., 1502-Sase N. and R. Loaknauth to Quy Thi and Chinh Nguyen, $205,000.


DENNIS AVE., 3005-A.U. and Raymond A. Petroski Jr. to Beth E. Bernstein, $307,100.

DRUMM AVE., 10209-Diane H. and E.H. Cline to Renee B. and Christopher A. Snyder, $252,500.

FAWCETT ST., 10409-George T. and J.C. Myers to Susan C. and H. Bruce Abbott, $840,000.

FERNDALE ST., 3009-Hisham and S. Rahman to Elena and Victor Rostapshov, $302,500.

JENNINGS RD., 2714-Geoffrey Indrajo to Tabitha C. and Douglas N. Viner, $216,000.

JENNINGS RD., 2900-R.C.D. and G.F. Flores to Roman Rios, $185,000.

LA DUKE DR., 9907-Oscar L. and G.G. Blakey Jr. to Pamela B. and Mitchell H. Hugonnet, $599,000.

LAWRENCE AVE., 4019-Sandra H. Ruprecht to Julia V. and Yuriy O. Shevchenko, $275,000.

MANNAKEE ST., 10417-David S. Tucker to Meredith and Russell Vassell, $222,400.

MEREDITH AVE., 10308-William W. Pugh Jr. to John S. Dixon, $385,000.

MERTFORD ST., 3918-Gloria Quintanilla to Laszlo L. Domaruk, $189,900.

MITSCHER ST., 11327-Murray N. and J.A.K. Ross to Aurora M. and Christian A. Doring, $311,000.

SAUL RD., 3901-Frances J. Everhart to Elizabeth S. and Todd D. Benson, $513,500.

SIMMS DR., 4018-A.M. and Michael A. McRae to Reuel G. Almandrez, $280,000.

THORNWOOD RD., 10006-James A. and R.C. Loreto Jr. to Julia C. and Jason R. Tierney, $345,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3421, No. 301-N. and Bernard H. Schwartz to Focolare Movement, Women's Branch, $65,000.


BUSH HILL CT., 13-L.J. and Brian N. Gallahan to Thomas E. Murphy, $148,000.

GARDEN GROVE WAY, 6500-Joseph Ganim to Mireille S. and Craig S. Jones, $558,000.

MELROSE SQUARE WAY, 9522-Jeffery W. and G. Steinbrecher to Richard V. Dameron and Jasmina S. Swinford, $168,000.

SUGAR CANE LANE, 24028-Angelo H. and S.H. Lagos to Nicole and Khalid Jaber, $259,900.

WELSH RD., 24230-Neil H. Andersen to Deborah and Douglas Miranda, $251,000.

WHITE PILLAR TER., 9507-Linda Layman to Carlos F. Cabrera Sr., $123,800.

WHITE PILLAR TER., 9553-Timothy L. Bennett to Lorena Castro, $165,000.

WOODFIELD SCHOOL RD., 25129-Joseph V. and F.M. Moskaitis to Linda Morley and G. Scott Pringle, $431,000.


APPLE RIDGE RD., 10320-Christine C. Gilliam to Vladimiir Lyalikov, $142,500.

ASPENWOOD LANE, 20505-S.J. and Robert K. Kendal to Sattar Namjou, $300,000.

BISHOPSTONE CT., 18437, No. 61-Rabia Demiralp to Julia R. Davis, $91,900.

BRASSIE PL., 19444-Ingrid E. Desilvestre to Karen D. Willenbrecht, $99,640.

BURCHAP PL., 19902-Edgar B. and R.C. Deleon to Kelly L. and Isaac S. Hydoski, $197,900.

CAMBRIDGE CT., 10546-Fred M. Dorsey to Karyn R. and Alexander K.M. Eitel, $220,000.

ENTERPRISE WAY, 19612-M.J. and Joseph W. MacLeod to Shannon E. White, $195,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9918-Tracy L. Nicolai to Joseph A. Sealey and Jacqueline D. Sealey, $130,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9988-J. and David W. Fairweather to Jorge Lau Quant, $121,500.

GENTLE WAY, 20225-Adrienne C. Edwards to Patricio Carvalho, $144,000.

JARRETT CT., 9331-Michael A. Wooten to Martina Garcia, $145,000.

KILRUSH CT., 18118-Lisa E. Doup to Michelle Burrus, $135,900.

MAPLE LEAF DR., 9807-David B. Sislen to Leyanage D. Desilva, $190,000.

MARKETREE CIR., 8322-Glen and K.M. Leyba to Kathleen M. and Paul T. Leone, $265,000.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 19016, No. 2-Marietta V. Aker to Myra Vanessa Coton, $72,000.

STRATH HAVEN CT., 8-Debra L. Lyons Prince to Rupali R. and Aniruddho R. Chaudhuri, $138,000.

WATKINS MILL DR., 10336-Keith D. Delts to Ramon and Alba Cruz, $160,000.


ASTRODOME DR., 14329, No. 14-K. and Virachon Kamdang to Mario E. Vela, $133,700.

AUTUMN RIDGE CIR., 1904-S.M. and Melvin F. Willis to Reginald L. Robinson, $350,000.

BARBARA RD., 12504-D. and John G. Moschonas to Edgar M. Ayala, $245,000.

BARBARA RD., 12701-W.A. and G.D. Berlew to Sunil and Sonny Perera, $241,000.

BASSETT LANE, 15400, No. 46-2E-Janet M. Mallardi to Olive M. Galeano, $150,000.

BLUE SPRUCE LANE, 2820-Richard M. Gable to Reynaldo Rodriguez, $310,000.

CLEAR SHOT DR., 2800, No. 7-3535-Kera N. King to Bianca N. Fuertes, $126,500.

COACHLAMP CT., 6-Arun J. Singh to Mario Calix, $345,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 12506-Eduardo Abarca to Juana and Eduardo Abarca, $48,333.

DAUPHINE ST., 13204-Gilberto Pineda to Hector A. Pineda, $245,000.

ELBY ST., 4002-Paul A. Goodwin to Nicole and Steven J. Mauro, $243,500.

FITZHUGH LANE, 3532, No. 53-B-Milo W. and V.R. Sonen to Anna M. and Gilbert A. Cole Sr., $375,000.

FLACK ST., 12812-Kay F. Robey to Rene and Joselyn Moreno, $185,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2211, No. T-2-6-Dorothy L. Conahan to John P. Soder III, $107,000.

HEWITT AVE., 3301, No. 302-Dorothy V. Fishow to Santos A. Rivera, $85,000.

HOLDRIDGE RD., 12803-Eugene J. Costa to Luis A. Mendez, $185,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15115, No. 3-824-Sophie S. Gertz, trustee, to Frances Simon, $180,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-227-Dorothy Odonnell to Stanley Weinger, trustee, $215,000.

LITTLETON ST., 3908-K.W.L. and Iao H. Cheng to Germaine Boynes, $210,000.

MAY CT., 13208-M. and Emilio Rodriguez to Jose R. Rivas, $260,000.

OLYMPIC ST., 3506-Josephine E. and J.U. Conty to Staci S. and Dain B. Brooks, $236,000.

OLYMPIC ST., 3524-S.T. and Ronald R. Bodmer to Joseph D. Hendery, $242,500.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15300, No. 85-1G-D.G. and Barry J. Benn to Julius Apt, $123,000.

ROUND HILL RD., 4225-E.N. and Melvyn M. Kawamura to Niluka C. Silva, $205,000.

ST. LEONARDS CT., 3411, No. 110-Walter W. Steesy to Elizabeth A. Altmann, $350,000.

TABIONA DR., 13808-L.D. and Reinaldo K. Cerdeira to Damian N. Cordovez, $239,000.

TELLURIDE PL., 2602-Katherine E. Edwards to Rokhaya Sene and Papa M. Ndiong, $231,500.

TRAVERT WAY, 15043-J. and Luis A. Orzatty to Barbara Y. Roberts, $192,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14101, No. 5-4-J.D. and Chris J. Bauman to Beliue Gebeyehou, $127,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12820-Stacy L. Shioutaken to A. Bradley Askin, trustee, $187,500.

WAGON WAY, 13604-David M. Monsees Jr., trustee, to Florentino L. Lopez, $333,000.

WOODEDGE RD., 2708-Clifton C. and C.G. Williams to Amy Eugenia Horton Newell and Craig Steven Newell, $285,000.


BAR HARBOR PL., 4261-I.M. and Philip L. Brown Jr. to Michael Sam Ayoub, $222,000.

BENTON SQUARE DR., 3104-Heather L. Freed to Varis Ransibrahmanakul, $223,000.

BILNEY DR., 18001-Paul R. and L.T. Lucey to Maria I. and Custodio R. Ferreira, $388,000.

CENTERFIELD WAY, 16820-Edward M. and L.L. Springer to Yee M. Kwok and Stephen Cho, $252,500.

CHIPPING CT., 17733-E.O. and Suk T. Hong to Gianna M. Nalda, $247,000.

CLOVERCREST CIR., 18511-Maria Romer, trustee, to Claire and Kye Pak, $258,000.

CLOVERCREST CIR., 18607-Jeffrey Steich to Utami Ambarsari and Budhi Pariyesana, $236,900.

GATEHOUSE CT., 3005-Michael J. Kryder to Katherine R. Tompkins, $235,000.

LURAY CT., 18809-James E. and P.A. Porter to Lynne M. and Duane E. Wensel, $401,000.

MARTINS DAIRY CIR., 3630-Victor F. and N.A. Ayoub to Eric D. Bothwell and Ana I. Garcia, $600,000.

MOSS SIDE LANE, 17012, No. 52-Mary D. Nowotny to John L. Davis, $187,500.

OHARA CIR., 18020-Katherine Y. Mastorakis to Benjamin F. Dennis III, $145,000.

PALADIN TER., 3008-Ryan W. Felipe to Priscilla Walker, $220,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3617-Norman R. and E.F. Miller to Amy and Ivan Waldman, $420,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 17725-John P. and M.M. Dimarzio to Shawna and Jason D. Parker, $330,000.

ROLLING MEADOW WAY, 18111, No. 248-Steven L. and J.B. Bolton to Allison B. and Carl G. Lebo, $142,000.

SHADOWRIDGE TER., 18506-L.J.D. and David T. Fein to David A. Epstein, $275,000.

SHOTLEY BRIDGE PL., 17824-A.S. and Joseph M. Yaffe to Victoria L. Bushman, $262,500.

SUTCLIFF TER., 2542-Susan V. Schaeffer to Ok Ja and Young C. Hwang, $297,500.

THATCHER CT., 17103-Cecil A. and M.J. Gooden to Laurel J. and David C. Flyer, $499,000.

THORNHURST DR., 4504-Sean P. Foohey, trustee, to Amy L. and Roger W. Seganish, $280,000.

WINDSOR HILL DR., 18240, No. 311-Robert H. Wardrop to Gabriel Stix, $144,000.


ELGIN RD., 17812-Charles E. and D.B. Glass to Carla G. and Thomas A. Bodmer, $194,000.


CRANFORD DR., 9301-Jonna V. Lambert to Raphaela Goldsach Mansky and Patrick J. Mansky, $752,500.

CROWN POINT CT., 10313-Fred and L.K. Carr to Meelee and Eric Y. Lee, $635,000.

DEMOCRACY LANE, 10412-Karim J. and G. Budin to Marcia J. and John J. Williams, $480,000.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 10400-C.A. and Robert A. Benedict to Pamela J. Volk, trustee, $518,000.

GAINSBOROUGH CT. W., 8200-Barry R. and L.J. Perlis to Roanne Plotnitzky and Brian Siritzky, $680,000.

GATE POST CT., 2-Louis P. Kirschner to Carole T. and Steven M. Roberts, $875,000.

HAYWORTH DR., 13632-Kazi R. and A.S. Ahmed to Yoke M. and Swee K. Leong, $355,500.

HEATHERTON LANE, 7725-R.Y. and Marc L. Ehudin to Randall Turkel, $385,250.

HEATHERWOOD CT., 8905-Hetty K. Biederman to Kiran S. and Manmohan S. Kumar, $1.46 million.

INVERNESS RIDGE RD., 8117-Babette G.L. Levin, trustee, to Aleksandr O. Morgulis, $365,000.

JONGRONER CT., 9419-Peter F. and S. Kador to Sandra and David P. Chernin, $600,000.

LARKMEADE LANE, 11019-S. and Ghanshyam Gupta to Sheila Colton, $825,000.

MARTINGALE CT., 10912-Manochehr and Elsy Malhani to Mary D. and John M. Kane, $1.9 million.

MISSIONWOOD WAY, 12912-Roger Anderson to Melissa Goldberg and Todd Reinstein, $500,000.

MUIRFIELD DR., 10635-James M. Schermerhorn to Jesus Duarte, $330,000.

NEWBRIDGE DR., 9472-Dino E. Flores to Susan R. Shaw, $1.2 million.

ORCHARD WAY S., 1-Belle P. Murn to Shaheda A. and Yusuf A. Choudhry, $550,000.

RIVERWOOD DR., 11004-Martin L. II and Sharon R. Johnson to Jill M. Detemple and Gordon J. O'Brien, $1.125 million.

STREAM WOOD LANE, 12508-Drew and J. Greenblatt to Rachel Y. and Marc L. Ehudin, $524,000.

SUNDANCE CT., 10244-N.W. and Edward F. Pugh to Thomas A. Ryan, trustee, $600,000.

TURNBERRY DR., 9406-David L. and K.E. Guinn to Krystal C. and James E. Koons, $889,000.

WATTS BRANCH PKWY., 504-Kenneth B. and B.A. Kreider to Dorothy Shi and Ning Ye, $395,000.

WILD OLIVE DR., 8504-George A. III and K.E. Resta to Mehrnaz and Saied Dadkhoo, $480,000.

WING FOOT CT., 9417-Howard I. and C.E. Mosher to Shaba Avey and Dabney Xavier, $899,000.


ACADEMY WAY, 12207, No. 154-Rakel Levy to David and Colleen Stone, $85,000.

ACADEMY WAY, 12207, No. 156-James D. Colliver Jr. to Frederick S. Stinson, $100,000.

AUBURN AVE., 1600-Eduardo J. and M.R. Ribas to Anne C. and Curtis L. Freeman, $431,000.

AZALEA DR., 670, No. 5-J.M. and John T. Davis Jr. to Kristina D. Seago, $181,500.

BARBADOS PL., 5917, No. 26-Michael A. Webb to David M. Boone, $234,000.

BEALL AVE., 725-Xiao H.D. Shi to Aviva R. Zohav and Walter L. Scott, $305,000.

BLAZE CLIMBER WAY, 251-Cary A. and M.M. Bloom to Dalal E. and Louay Kouncar, $418,600.

CALIFORNIA CIR., 6050, No. 603-Stephenie Jamin to Payam Herischi, $235,000.

CALVERT RD., 108-Jerilyn A. and J.L. Thornburg to Kirsten I. and Geoffrey G. White, $290,000.

CARR AVE., 732-K.H. and Philip G. Hilton to John T. Davis Jr., $275,000.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5708, No. 1904-Edward F. and M.J. Sparks to Francia and Dale Hines, $230,000.

COLLEGE PKWY., 878, No. 203-Robin M. Grossberg to Jennifer M. Billington, $96,000.

COLLEGE PKWY., 878, No. 301-Andrew Thoman to John Liakakos, $99,000.

GLOXINIA DR., 10761-Daniel E. Wiley to Duncan and Angela Dixson, $408,000.

GORMLEY DR., 703-Arthur J. and G.F. Rubin to Leigh Anna Clark and Robert Moore, $297,000.

GROVE RIDGE WAY, 5461, No. 122-Bennett A. Caplan to Kathleen M. Sheehan, $369,900.

HAMPTON MILL TER., 10715, No. 321-Sebastian Silvani to Laurence U. Boles, $258,000.

HOUNDS WAY, 11306-Terence L. and S.C. Porter to Alyce M. and Lawrence N. Caplan, $457,000.

LAMBERTINA PL., 13731-Samir and R.S. Gulati to Yun S. and Young K. Chun, $380,200.

LUXMANOR RD., 11500-K.C. and Gregory L. Geoffroy to Oliver K. Foo, trustee, $615,000.

MANNAKEE ST., 598-N. and Dipankar Bhaumik to Mark Rosen trust, $400,000.

MONTGOMERY AVE. W., 415-Patrick J. and C. Caulfield to Sara M. Donohue, $565,000.

PARKLAWN DR., 11903, No. 203-Lynne S. Robinson to Ann Sedor, $89,900.

PINE HAVEN TER., 10510-Marat and A.E. Akchurin to Biru Jwang and John Chung Chao, $329,500.

RANDOLPH RD., 4900-Ernest L. King to Gerard A. Donohue, $285,000.

RITCHFIELD CT., 2-June M. Costa to Pierre Ledoux, $273,000.

ROCKING HORSE RD., 11825-Katherine Almaraz to Aleksey B. Tochilin, $240,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10232, No. 201-T.L. and Lawrence W. Ruggeri to Belle Van Magali and Sanjay Gautam, $172,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10500, No. 815-Laura M. Smith to Ignatius Gennusa, $180,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 615-Rony Elazar to Lucy and Yury Flom, $100,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 714-Barbara L. Grover to Bonnie S. Kline, $115,000.

STEVENS CT., 6-Vera R. Usdin to Linda S. and Keith T. Adams, $250,000.

TALBOTT ST., 180, No. T-3-A.M. and John C. Stokes to Zelia G. Martins, $70,000.

TEMPLETON PL., 1545-Jui Mei Huang to Vidhya Rustaman and Gebyar Dinarsakti, $302,000.

TUCKERMAN HEIGHTS CIR., 10507-Robert F. Diftler to Lisa D. and Stephen R. Fred, $582,970.

VALERIAN CT., 69-S.A. and Kenneth R. Hooks to Aziza Alam, $455,000.

VALERIAN LANE, 6045-Alan S. Hirshberg to Johannes N. Van Den Anker and Natella Y. Rakhmanina, $685,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10001, No. 7-2-Margaret M. Rodano to Neil J. Loewentritt, $173,000.

VISTA CREEK LANE, 6401-Frank M. and Ja Jaret to Suezane L. and Reid D. Holtzclaw, $520,000.

WICKSHIRE WAY, 10932, No. E-2-Jay Jaffe to Stefanie Gilbert, $413,500.


BROOKE RD., 18671-Minnie L.H. Bowles to Alice Nichols, $230,000.


BRUNETT AVE., 10028-Karif A. Carroll to Jill E. Rendelstein, $206,000.

CAMERON ST., 8511-Paul S. and M.L. Williamson to Jane C. and Samuel S. Ireland, $400,000.

CHILDS ST., 10842-Sarah C. Cherry to Joseph and Esther Oh, $280,000.

CLEMENT RD., 9516-Irving A. and P.L. Eisen to Lynn C. and George W. Zipf, $395,000.

COLSTON DR., 2208, No. C-203-Pamela S. Cubberly to Judy Reardon, $154,900.

COLSTON DR., 2212, No. C-102-N. and Timothy J. Crowe to Deanna K. Douglas, $85,000.

DARTMOUTH AVE., 711-Starr E. Lee to Michael E. Buckley, $375,000.

DARTMOUTH AVE., 715-Joseph A. Caputo to Sarah J. and Geoffrey L.J. Carter, $339,000.

FOREST GLEN RD., 1704-M.E. and Jimmie Richardson Jr. to David S. Dubov, $278,500.

GILMOURE DR., 506-Margarita Freivalds to Abdelfattah Baguira, $250,000.

GLENVILLE RD., 9208-Philip E. Niedermair to Suzannah R. and Steven D. Hopkins, $246,000.

GRUBB RD., 8329, No. G-104-George P. Jonic to Deborah L. Crandall, $97,000.

INDIAN SPRING DR. E., 303-Philip Stanley to Juan J. Lozano Escobar, $226,000.

LANGLEY DR., 811-Eric and E. Blenderman to Elizabeth and Christopher Golder, $165,000.

LAUER TER., 9-Andrea M. Donolo to Stacey B. and John H. Zouck III, $310,000.

LIVE OAK DR., 1502-M.S. and James T. Mullins to Katharine A. Marshall, $485,000.

LOCKRIDGE DR., 10705-R.M. and Donald G. Morgan to Andre Duane Morgan, $160,000.

LOMBARDY RD., 10907-Arthur H. Ernst to Jeffrey K. Lore, $245,000.

LONG BRANCH PKWY., 9215-Joseph D. and P.J. Sampugnaro to James C. and Laura K. Wheeler, $262,600.

LOWANDER LANE, 607-Melba Politz to Mariam Mokhtarzada and Zekaria Mokhtarzada, $260,500.

MELBOURNE AVE. E., 405-Katharine A. Marshall to Patricia Scheid, $265,000.

MEURILEE LANE, 1109-G.C. and Scot L. Gulick to Robert E. Pugh, $237,000.

MIDWOOD RD., 9503-J.L. and Norman R. Kempster to Bobby T. Reid, $450,000.

NOYES DR., 1605-Marc H. and T.M. Labovich to Emily and Kevin Kirby, $305,000.

PARKSIDE RD., 102-M. and Sol Haberman to Aaron Thomas Gee Clough, $290,000.

PICKWICK VILLAGE WAY, 504-S.J. and Donnie Jones to Deborah White McLean, $170,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 7506-M.A.C. and Fritz J.L. Nicolas to Maritzah Cayemitte, $169,000.

RENFREW RD., 10007-Diane L. Simon to Pat J. Defilippo, $235,500.

RITCHIE AVE., 624-Doyle D. Carrington to Jeff Fishel, $261,000.

ROSWELL DR., 911-Ruth C. Brevard to Robert W. Alder, $256,000.

SALISBURY RD., 2214-E.A. and Robert Bosworth to Sue Emma Schwendiman, $300,000.

SLIGO AVE., 614, No. 109-Vivian S. Wilson to Keshar K. Rai, $66,000.

SLIGO AVE., 614, No. 401-Brian A. Primack to William H. Clark Jr., $63,000.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 909-Edith L. Denenberg to Tammy L. Hickman, $71,500.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 910-Sophia P. Glezos to Karthik Krishnan, $85,000.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 1405-Francis D. Degeorge, trustee, to Eileen Zeitz, $75,000.

SONATA WAY, 612-Michael W. and B.J. Conboy to Rhona and Wallace Busby, $215,000.

SOUTHWOOD AVE., 108-Jeff White to Catherine M. McCullough and Eric J. Kringel, $386,000.

SPRINGWOOD DR. S., 1614-D.J. and Joseph C. Moore Jr. to Paul Brodsky, $235,100.

TIMBERWOOD AVE., 200-Dorothy S. Lanning to Peggy W. and Fred W. Kay, $193,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2207, No. W-103-S. and Jack K. Hume to Jason Robey, $128,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2252, No. W-103-Gregg N. Ponitch to Christopher Withee, $142,500.

WALDEN RD., 8918-K.J. and Jerry E. Capps to Robert L. Mapou, $370,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2210, No. W-202-Yvedt L. Matory to Kathryn Rozansky, $105,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2236, No. W-101-Alice C. Calligan to Mary Reardon, $161,300.

WHITESTONE RD., 315-Charles W. Johnson IV to Kathleen B. and John D. Talbott Jr., $355,000.

WOODBURY DR., 7915-M.V. and Otis C. Beadles to Mark E. Foster, $305,000.

WOODSDALE DR., 10612-Everett Bellamy to Judith and Hirsh Komarow, $300,000.


AUBURN AVE., 707-Ruth A. Gordner to Cynthia J. Phillips, $282,000.

COCKERILLE AVE., 6702-Marjorie L. Stedman to Josephine Stedman, $235,000.

FLOWER AVE., 8301-Matthew and M. Peterson to Ilana Preuss, $255,500.

GUDE AVE., 6707-M. and Gerald A. Sterling to David M. Fagan, $190,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 417-Ken Wibecan to Francine J. Tall and Larry W. Rubin, $250,000.

PARK AVE., 239-Larry N. Rubin to Russell S. Greenberg and Judy A. Gradwohl, $500,000.

TRESCOTT AVE., 7310-H.M. and Milton E. Anders to Don Ivill, $189,000.

TRESCOTT AVE., 7314-M.N. and Freeman D. Slye to Bruce P. Bertschmann, $242,500.


ATLANTIC AVE., 12801-Bulmaro and M. Cervantes to Mark A. Navin, $200,000.

BALTIMORE RD., 1103-L.S. and Robert J. Devlin to Damon B. Tyson, $225,000.

BRADLEY AVE., 1504-Christopher F. McLane to Yusuk Chang, $207,130.

BROADWOOD DR., 508-J.M. and Thomas S. Ritchie to Andrew T. Berman, $216,000.

LANGBROOK PL., 1403-Michael A. and S.A. Heeg to Maureen K. and Robert T. Austen, $214,900.

LEMAY RD., 5912-J.D. and Jennifer G. Ramarui to Jose A. Bazon, $225,000.

MATTHEWS DR., 1100-Jose S. Rivera to Iris M. Sigaran and Carlos Pineda, $200,000.

RING ST., 2301-Da Ma Li to Hua Lu and Bin C. Chen, $243,000.

ROCKLAND AVE., 1928-France M.T. Maca to Caryn F. Nagler and Glenn H. Northern, $210,000.

VANDEGRIFT AVE., 5824-S.M. and Michel L. Coutu to Yazmin C. Davila, $152,500.


WASHINGTON GROVE LANE, 413-Joseph C. and M.A. Adams to Lillian and Daniel York, $200,000.


ALBERTI DR., 1800-A.B. and Frank J. Gallagher to Jose A. Rivas, $238,000.

ANDREW ST., 11907-Muniruddin and S.J. Chughtai to Rubina and Gunter Glocker, $58,918.

ANDREW ST., 11974-M.E. and Nelson C. Melendez to Florentina F. Montealegre, $164,000.

ARBOR VIEW RD., 1608-John P. and K.M. Doherty to Mary J. and Patrick J. Cotter, $325,000.

BUCKNELL DR., 10923, No. 12-Randolph L. and M. Gaskell to Thinn T. Nyunt and Win Tin, $181,000.

CLARIDGE CT., 3342-Leah V. Ford to Fatoumata T. Sori, $169,500.

COLLEGE VIEW DR., 11812-Teresa Mead to Christiane G. and Mark A. Deitz, $181,550.

CORY TER., 2653-James E. and A.M. Simpson to Princess A. and Arthur O. Johnson, $238,000.

DALEWOOD DR., 12105-Oscar R. Mejia to Miryan Aleman, $170,000.

DALEWOOD DR., 12233-O. and Curtis A. Knowles to Livin K. Alvarez, $154,000.

FAIROAK DR., 11414-Ciata N. Goff to Reginald A. Clunie, $270,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 10406-Thelma M. Trent to Nghiem V. Dang, $203,000.

GRIDLEY LANE, 1515-Patrick S. Leonard to Nicolas Martinez Mendez, $198,000.

HARRIS AVE., 2702-Diane Rudzinski to Sara W. Moses, $205,000.

HENDERSON AVE., 2619-Erica K. Leighty to Ruth P. and Benjamin L. Campbell, $185,000.

HILLSBORO DR., 226-F.R. and Randy D. Balloun to Diane Rudzinski, $290,000.

HUNTLEY AVE., 10413-Paul P. Tucker to Kaliope Azzi Huck and Thomas A. Huck, $255,000.

LOVEJOY ST., 11506-Ray and S.K. Mayerman to Lydia R. and Felipe E. Kohn, $259,000.

MEDWAY ST., 3007-Cory Briggs to Angela Ritzert, $206,000.

PARKER AVE., 3115-Thomas A. and P.A. Caton Jr. to Pei L. Wu and Hung F. Yee, $184,900.

PENNYDOG LANE, 10514-D.M. and Wayne A. Gray to Mark Mattucci, $265,000.

ST. MARGARETS WAY, 10703-Brian W. Hines to Rosa L. Aleman, $169,000.

SANFORD RD., 1506-Douglas R. Cowie to Cynthia R. White, $306,000.