Here is a list of the most popular "Party Animals," their prices and new owners. In parentheses are their old sites and new ones, if known:

* African Elephant, $5,500, Thomas Roberson.

(Old: Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History. New: Columbia Plaza Apartments, 2400 Virginia Ave. NW.)

America the Beautiful, $25,000, Kindy French.

(Old: Willard Hotel, 1401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. New: private residence.)

Arty Party I & II, sold together, $15,000, Kirsten Wilson.

(Old: Corcoran Gallery, 500 17th St. NW. New: private residence.)

* Awareness Donkey, $6,000, American University senior class.

(Old: Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. New: American University.)

Barn Raising, $3,700, William McKinnon III.

(Old: Willard Hotel. New: unavailable.)

Brownstone Marble and Trees, $5,500, H. Taft Snowden.

(Old: Connecticut Avenue and 19th Street NW. New: unavailable.)

Bush Pilot, $2,000, Ana Raley.

(Old: Reagan National Airport. New: Raley's backyard.)

* Catch a Ride to the Party, $2,750, Thomas Roberson.

(Old: Chevy Chase Pavilion atrium, 5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW. New: Columbia Plaza Apartments.)

Cherry Blossom Donkey, $4,500, Burkey Belser.

(Old: Connecticut Avenue and N Street NW. New: Belser's design studio.)

Citiphant, $5,750, Martin Klingel.

(Old: Wilson Building. New: unavailable.)

Dog Fight, $3,750, Jed Shapiro.

(Old: Grand Hyatt Hotel, 1000 H St. NW. New: unavailable.)

* Elephant Wisdom, $6,500, Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University.

(Old: Pennsylvania Avenue and Ninth Street NW. New: the cancer center.)

Elephis Presley, $2,750, Miriam Birnbach.

(Old: Grand Hyatt Hotel. New: unavailable.)

Enviro Donkey, $3,500, Albert Beveridge.

(Old: 701 Ninth St. NW. New: unavailable.)

50 Feathered Friends and Flowers, $8,500, David Mayhood.

(Old: Connecticut Avenue and K Street NW. New: unavailable.)

Fire in the Belly, $1,500, Reeva Spradlin.

(Old: National Building Museum, 401 F St. NW. New: Spradlin's backyard.)

Garden Party Animal, $4,000, Elissa Oshinsky.

(Old: Franklin Square. New: unavailable.)

Gopoly, $6,000, Laurie Trusty.

(Old: 1600 Rhode Island Ave. NW. New: unavailable.)

Hidden Ass Etts, $2,000, John Koskinen.

(Old: Hecht's, 5400 Wisconsin Ave. NW. New: unavailable.

Just Visiting, $6,500, Steven Amos.

(Old: J.W. Marriott Hotel, 1331 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. New: private deck.)

Laughing Stock, $2,200, Jackie Junkin.

(Old: National Zoo. New: private residence.)

Lilyphan, $4,500, James Newmyer.

(Old: Connecticut Avenue and Q Street NW. New: unavailable.)

Melting Pot Democrat, $4,500, Wendell Johns.

(Old: Museum of Natural History. New: unavailable.)

Midsummer Night's Dream, $6,000, Dorothy McSweeny.

(Old: British Embassy, 3100 Massachusetts Ave. NW. New: private residence.)

* Monumental Washington, $6,500, American University senior class.

(Old: Reagan National Airport. New: American University.)

Patches, $6,500, Richard England.

(Old: Art Barn, 2401 Tilden St. NW. New: unavailable.)

Party Animal, $6,000, Diane Bernstein.

(Old: Connecticut Avenue and N Street NW. New: unavailable.)

Pegassass, $5,000, Kindy French.

(Old: D.C. Chamber of Commerce, 1213 K St. NW. New: private residence.)

Penny, $4,750, Steven Amos.

(Old: Old Ebbitt Grill, 675 15th St. NW. New: private deck.)

Periodic Table of Elephants, $10,000, David Harwell.

(Old: 1155 16th St. NW. New: unavailable.)

Pierre L'Fants Capital Party, $12,000, Kirsten Wilson.

(Old: Carnegie Institution, 1530 P St. NW. New: private residence.)

Potomac Express, $3,750, Robert Doyle Jr.

(Old: 999 Ninth St. NW. New: unavailable.)

Profiles in Courage: A Tribute to Our Heroes, $6,500, Scott Kelso.

(Old: 2100 M St. NW. New: private residence.)

School Party, $5,500, Cyrus Katzen.

(Old: McCormick & Schmick, 1652 K St. NW. New: unavailable.)

* Seurat, $10,500, Cyrus Katzen.

(Old: National Gallery of Art. New: American University.)

* Stars -- The Carousel Donkey, $5,750, Cyrus Katzen.

(Old: 17th and I streets NW. New: American University.)

Strom, $5,000, Kindy French.

(Old: National Geographic Society, 1145 17th St. NW. New: private residence.)

Tail Gate Party, $2,750, William McKinnon III.

(Old: Chevy Chase Pavilion atrium. New: unavailable.)

* The Women in Washington Are Beautiful -- Sophisticated Too!, $5,750, The Hecht Company.

(Old: 550 C St. SW. New: Hecht's, 12th and G streets NW entrance.)

Too Nuded Elephants, $15,000, George Koch.

(Old: Corcoran Gallery of Art. New: unavailable)

Watermelophant, $4,750, Kindy French.

(Old: 1440 P St. NW. New: private home)

Worker's Ass et, $3,000, bidder's name unavailable.

(Old: Turkish Embassy, 2525 Massachusetts Ave. NW. New: unavailable.)

* The sculpture will be on public display.

SOURCE: D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities

The "Periodic Table of Elephants," above, fetched $10,000. The "Melting Pot Democrat," below left, took in $4,500. Money from the auction will pay for art education programs and grants to artists.