Vikings Ousted

In Field Hockey

Woodbridge played Albemarle to a scoreless draw for the full 60 minutes of regulation in the Northwestern Region field hockey semifinals at Albemarle on Thursday. But Albemarle received a penalty corner as time expired and then scored a controversial goal for the 1-0 win.

Woodbridge, which won the Cedar Run/Cardinal District title, finished the season 4-9-1.

"Walking to the bus was very disappointing; it was a terrible way to lose," Woodbridge Coach Jennifer Zickel said. "We were ready to play seven-on-seven with them in overtime. The game was really so even."

The goal in question came after the Albemarle player's shot hit two feet on its way into the goal. If a ball hits a defender's foot, it should result in another penalty corner for the offense. If it hits another offensive player's foot, the ball should be turned over to the defense. Though, according to Zickel, the shot hit the feet of players from both teams, no call was made and the goal was allowed.

"To be honest, I couldn't see it since I was standing so far away," Zickel said. "There is a video of it, but it is a situation where the referees made the best call they could, and that's how the game goes. The calls don't always go in your favor, and all you can do is learn from it."

This season, the Vikings won their third Cedar Run/Cardinal District championship and remained undefeated against Prince William County opponents, despite all of the delays in the season.

"With all of the challenges throughout the season," Zickel said, "the girls really persevered."

-- Colin Fitzgibbons


Brentsville runner Ben Truschel was the Tigers' top finisher at last weekend's Region B cross-country meet. He was incorrectly identified in Thursday's Extra.