The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


CHESAPEAKE AVE., 115-Sharon D. Michaels to Paul M. Cunningham and J. Margaret Moresi Cunningham, $735,000.

CHESAPEAKE LANDING, 5, No. 5C-David V. Meloy to Kathleen M. Carroll, $662,500.

KUETHE DR., 108-Joseph E. Quinn to David A. and Marianne G. Standish, $369,000.

OGLETON RD., 2663-Christopher S. Davis to Ian S. and Deborah S. Chambers, $289,000.

SKIPPERS CT., 13-Lara Buchanan to Tod J. Michaels and Gladys N. Ruiz Michaels, $206,500.

STATE ST., 512-Margaret E. Davis to John P. Clifford, $805,000.

TAYMAN DR., 518-Celeste E. Copeland to Patricia T. Ritchie, $252,650.

TIMBER CREEK DR., 1033-Scot D. Randolph to Robin J. Cottmeyer, $259,000.

YOUNGS FARM RD., 1237-Kenneth T. Brooker Langston to Christina C. Rich, $123,000.

THIRD ST., 521-Richmond A. Brooks to William L. Hughes, $510,000.



ANNE CT., 1691-Christopher W. Maillefert to Patrick J. and Rosario H. Sweeney, $550,000.

BALDRIDGE RD., 59-Raymond E. Dibiagio Jr. to Scott L. and Rhonda M. Olson, $238,000.

CAPE ST. CLAIRE RD., 1437-William Eyring Jr. to John P. and Millie K. Burgoyne, $224,900.

CEDAR PARK RD., 1718-Evelyn B. Phelps to Ginger C. Allen, $227,000.

CHESTER TOWN CIR., 1516, No. 39-Katherine L. Baker to C.P. and Fawn R. Macey, $209,900.

CONSTITUTION SQ., 2-Joel D. Modisette to M. Kathleen Dunn, $290,000.

COXSWAIN WAY, 809-Rochelle Nielsen to Dayton M. and Joyce H. Webster, $291,000.

CREST COVE, 2678, No. 110-Mark L. Vecellio, trustee, to Doris L. Franklin, $239,000.

CRESTVIEW DR., 1087-Joseph S. Cicero to Michael J. Haas, $180,000.

DREAMS LANDING WAY, 502-Michael C. Armstrong to Bruce E. Feigenbaum, $245,000.

DUKE OF GLOUCESTER ST., 80-John R. Deane to John C. York, $1.55 million.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2011, No. 201-Gary W. Weiser to Kathleen M. Combs, $165,000.

HALSEY RD., 418-Robert Lundberg to Mary Jane F. Johnston, $289,000.

HAMPTON RD., 1150-George Herlth to George L. Herlth Jr., $170,000.

HONEYSUCKLE RIDGE CT., 1600-John A. Cutten to Robert Jursch, $555,000.

LONG GREEN DR., 1731-W.A. Mahlow to James A. and Losi G. Williams, $410,000.

MAGNOLIA RIDGE RD., 3211-Charlene M. Grabowski to Christopher D. and Christine E. Buck, $387,500.

MARKET ST., 119-Stephen J. Mirack to Dennis B. Rice, $295,000.

MARKET ST., 81-Betty Meredith to David M. Epstein, $575,000.

MONTICELLO AVE., 106-Kenneth R. Comerford to Charles E. and Holly M. Allison, $650,000.

RITCHIE LANE, 1529-John R. Fitzgerlad to Caroline B. Stallings, $200,000.

SAMUEL CHASE WAY, 530, No. 82-Christopher T. Fortune to Jesse G. Minore, $271,000.

SOUTHAVEN DR., 2858-Stewart W. Nystrom to Ann A. Warfield, $299,000.

ST. MARGARETS RD., 1668-Walter R. Peddicord to Wendell and Christine M. Lilly, $220,000.

STONEHURST CT., 802-Leland P. Delong to Howard S. and Alicia H. Young, $272,000.

TUNDRA CT., 2005-Joe L. Pope to Lee F. and M. Maureen Klopp, $297,400.


ANDREW HILL RD., 508, No. 131-Halleck P. Perkins to Brian S. Asch, $192,000.

CENTURY VISTA DR., 413-James R. Dillon to Robert and Teresa Bohanan, $187,500.

FOREST DR., 1001-Kent Thomas to Silverfox Homes of Distinction, $486,250.

HARBOUR GLEN CT., 1245-Jan D. Sutton to Michelle G. Neff, $775,000.

MARINAVIEW DR., 1204-Stephen A. Hoffman to Robert P. and Kerrin S. Avedon, $850,000.

OLD RIVER RD., 169-Richard R. Holiman Jr. to Ellen Krechtler, $410,000.

ROBIN HILL CT., 753-William D. Crow to William S. Laughter, $392,000.

STIARNA CT. N., 1157-Ronald E. Hippler to David G. and Jill L. Doan, $356,000.


BLUEBEARD CT., 5609-Jeffrey A. Davis to Kent C. and Jeannine Delrossi, $187,000.

FRANKLIN MANOR RD., 922-Daniel Bender to Jerry L. and Melanie R. Bailey, $200,000.

WINDJAMMER CT., 1013-Ernest S. Stickels to John J. and Michelle M. Malloy, $235,000.


AUGUSTA WAY, 1503-Brian K. Larman to Alexander D. and Anna S. Hall, $320,000.

BATTLE WAY, 1900-Chang D. Yoon to Chris Foster, $272,470.

CARLYLE CT., 1470, No. 114-Robert E. Musitano to Brian D. Haferkamp, $205,000.

MARLOW PL., 1855-Alfred X. Powers to Thomas E. Glessner, $292,900.

SHAFTSBURY AVE., 1761-Craig W. Bowen to Joseph D. and Patricia J. Hunt, $385,000.

TARRYTOWN AVE., 1737-Joseph B. Rogers to Timothy W. and Lisa M. Biddle, $266,750.

WICKHAM WAY, 1644-Arnold G. Weisshaar to John and Laura Crino, $370,000.


SHELBY DALE LANE, 1201-Peter J. Schoultz to Robert A. and Pamela A. Wright, $510,000.

WALLACE RD., 1012-Herbert S. Michael to Randall and Susan Ward Vaughn, $279,900.

WHITNEYS LANDING DR., 711-Alden Q. Davis III to Mary L. Hendel, $280,000.


CHESTNUT MOSS CT., 1011-Michael P. Owings to Matthew Dove, $140,000.

STONELEIGH CT., 1351, No. 205-Dwayne E. Reed to Diane M. Campbell, $150,000.

STONEY BEACH WAY, 1553, No. 108-Louis E. Flaig Jr. to Carol H. Preston, $145,500.


CORTLAND RD., 2007-John K. Cuddeback to Brian F. Morris, $594,500.

MANASSAS CT., 3475-Dana V. O'Hara to Lisa M. Aumann, $315,000.

RUTLAND VIEW DR., 1101-Stephen R. Fegan to Christopher C. and Lynn M. Arnold, $335,000.


GULL DR., 642-Wendell J. Powell to Craig D. and Christine M. Tyler, $241,900.


ARUNDEL RD., 1608-Michael S. Lautar to Dorothy M. and Howard I. Schlosser, $210,000.

CASSIA DR., 2699-Shirley A. Wallace to Charles W. and Beverly S. Ferrar, $380,000.

COLONY POINT PL., 3808-Timothy Dent to Georgianna Gross, $199,900.

PARKE DR., 3741-Gary J. Firmani to Charles L. and Katerina T. Parmele, $640,000.

RAMSEY DR., 3984-Barton E. Cannon to Franklin S. Leiter, $525,000.


AUTUMN VALLEY LANE, 899-Terry L. Lundborg to Cruz D. Rodriguez and Diana D. Martinez, $177,000.


SKIPPERS ROW, 1737-George G. Stricker to George J. and Mairead M. Broadin, $305,000.


ARGUS LANE, 302-Paul M. Pierce to Robert and Carolyn Hagan, $199,000.

BUCKINGHAM DR., 102-Walter J. Morris III to John T. and Carrie J. Smoot, $146,157.

ELFIN CT., 8207-Dennis D. Chase to Christopher L. and Daryl Gayhardt, $149,990.

EUGENIA AVE., 106-Ronald J. Kester to Thomas W. Owens and Davena L. Hess, $132,900.

FAIRWAY AVE., 1017-David F. Hansel to William L. Rands and Michele M. Schaffer, $154,995.

FOXTREE DR., 139-Michael A. Volrath to Haywood A. Ashby, $156,000.

GLOUCESTER DR., 323-Ralph D. Swaggerty to Erik and Theresa Sullivan, $140,000.

GNOME CT., 707-Ann E. Ramsburg to Mindi L. Bowling, $130,000.

HEARTWOOD CT., 259-Wilma J. Schmidt to John M. Roman, $169,900.

SAUNDERS WAY, 1501-Clifford B. Brandenburg III to Mark D. Riskedahl, $119,950.

SILVER FOX DR., 8015-Jeffrey P. Strong to Walter Miller IV and Jennifer L. Bunn, $243,900.

SPRITE WAY, 616-Jennifer L. Smallwood to Jeremy R. Krum, $128,000.

STAFFORD HILL CT., 7821-Bryan L. Wyatt to Scott P. and Catherine E. Ronco, $185,000.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 305-Timothy J. Deluca to Antonio J. Loverde, $134,000.

WINTON AVE., 200-Robert P. Shaney to Paul S. and Danyle M. Ewell, $177,900.

FIRST AVE. W., 5-Ira W. Webster to Timothy Mitzelfelt, $140,000.

NINTH AVE. SE, 311-Ruby Reigle to Thomas J. Layou and Dana R. Post, $139,500.


FABLE CT., 6503-Kenneth S. Shipley to W.D. Pitt and Melissa M. Horvitz, $164,900.

MARGATE DR., 260-Frank J. Biedrzycki to Thomas and Michelle Bull, $138,800.

MIDLAND RD., 138-William K. Forthofer to Mollie Cavey, $157,000.

NEW JERSEY AVE. NE, 604-David K. Sanner to Joseph C. and Roosanne I. Dorffner, $127,500.

NORFOLK RD., 7718-Dean J. Swigert to Reno and Beverly Brown, $170,000.

THOMAS RD., 1020-Alice E. Zeigenfuse to Margaret D. Williams, $127,500.

TIMBER RD., 435-Paul R. King to Kelvin S. George and Molly Guillaume, $160,000.

TIMBER RD., 439-Alan Helfgott to Faisal and Munaza Bhatti, $215,000.

SEVENTH AVE. NE, 417-Muriel F. Holt to Othen Buie, $134,000.


GREENKNOLL BLVD., 27-Charles M. Robinson to Jeffery D. Olsen and Marina Olsen Fajardo, $193,000.

MCCARRON CT., 7607-Richard S. Relac to Allan W. Keen and Doreen M. Tedeschi Keen, $160,000.

REAVIS RD., 110-Peter A. Castruccio to Leonard and Annette Knott, $130,000.


BROCK BRIDGE RD., 241-Donald R. Coleman to Kathryn M. Nuzback, $142,900.

FROSTWOOD DR., 8388-Deborah J. Cormier to Veronica C. Ponce and Marcela I. Vaca, $205,000.

LARK PL., 8608-Tracey L. Clark to Patrick Nganga, $212,000.

LITTLELEAF PL., 3422-Erin A. Barna to Jeffrey N. and Kimberly A. Lackey, $163,000.

LONDONLEAF LANE, 3414-Joan M. Dandurand to Katherine A. Hayes, $152,000.

PARK HALL SOUTH, 303-Donnie M. Patterson Jr. to Raymond M. Booker, $145,000.


CHARLES RD., 8-Mark S. Eberhardt to Joann M. Argentino, $145,000.

MADINGLEY RD., 432-Joe Vladich to Christopher M. Wong, $170,000.

SHIPLEY RD., 545-Glenn K. Davis to James L. Deal and Denise K. Morris, $195,000.

VIEWING AVE., 302-Norman W. Smith to Paul R. Webster, $160,000.

WHITE AVE., 812-Robert L. Kuhn to Lawrence W. and Barbara A. Dorosz, $200,000.


CHALET DR., 326-Charles W. Hornbeck Jr. to Larry W. and Sheila M. Tolliver, $211,000.

LAHINCH DR., 100-Margaret Ottman to Mark G. and Cynthia A. Sanderlin, $500,000.

NICOLE CT., 202-Michael K. Destefano to Andrew J. and Madeleine S. Bowden, $692,000.

TROIS CT., 340-Budrow A. Swartzendruber to Karl L. and Dianne C. Wormuth, $188,000.

WOODLAND RD., 8331-Robert J. Widra to Weber Devore Jr., $164,900.


CHAPELGATE DR., 601-William L. Ruppert to Linda J. Peery, $166,000.

CHAPELGATE DR., 644-Sherry Chapman to Iris M. Rosa, $130,000.

CHAPELGATE DR., 731-Michael V. Fox to Ronald D. and Susan Wyatt, $136,500.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2214, No. 202-Martin E. Lippy to Anthony J. Ianozi, $173,000.

DOMAIN CT., 530, No. 13-Anthony Casasnovas to R. Scott Rippeon, $131,900.

EDGE CREEK LANE, 213, No. 91-Kristin L. Varner to Renee M. Gorsky, $162,000.

HIDDEN HILL CIR., 112-John D. Mahoney to James H. and Tabitha H. Sweatt, $170,500.

HIDDEN HILL CIR., 117-Curtis Robinson to Edward L. Wiggins, $165,000.

KIRBYS LANDING CT., 224, No. 30-Samantha Ripper to Brian T. Bayne and Christina M. Bylsma, $164,500.

LANGDON FARM CIR., 115, No. 62-Samuel M. Dunkle to Jari J. and Ramona K. Saavalainen, $159,900.

LIONS GATE LANE, 604, No. 19-Mark S. Dyer to Richard M. Adams, $158,000.

LIONS GATE LANE, 644, No. 16-644-James E. Rollins to Robin Purdum, $172,900.

PINE MEADOWS DR., 8523-L. Michael Houska to Todd J. King, $180,000.

PINE MEADOWS DR., 8538-D. Lani Trent to Miguel Castaneda and Edzamari Rovira, $180,000.

PINECOVE AVE., 191, No. 102-Andrew H. Beene to Jeffrey T. Weaver, $174,900.

SANDY WALK WAY, 2376-Robert K. Hurley Jr. to Igor Vurgaftman, $220,900.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2646-Timothy J. Chermak to George W. and Wendy J. Mullins, $215,000.

TIMBERBROOK CT., 310-Latoya E. Sizer to Sonya L. Hatch, $200,000.

WARM SPRING WAY, 2487-Christopher A. Downs to Camille P. Skerritt, $182,000.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8656-Tara A. Rebak to Leland N. Ehrenfried, $152,000.


BEAUVOIR CT., 5314-David W. Norfolk to Robert P. and Tammy L. Hardesty, $315,000.


APPALACHIAN DR., 8215-Dawn E. De Jan to Christopher J. Intyre, $143,000.

ASCOT DR., 1494-Reese W. Diggs Jr. to Daniel and Carrie Seckman, $375,000.

BAY RD., 8447-Joseph G. Novak to Walter F. Dempsey and Deborah L. Meushaw, $309,000.

BAYWOOD LANE, 1553-James R. Riddle to Carl M. and Mary M. Wehrmann, $425,000.

BRICKWALL LANE, 3527-Mark J. Troisi to Kathleen M. Watkins, $170,500.

BRICKWALL LANE, 3557-Gregory Allen to Bran K. Abrams and Homer Hardesty, $155,000.

BROADWAY AVE., 4-Lester Holtz to Richard L. and Brenda A. Rolland, $179,900.

CATHERINE AVE., 8089-Karen D. Pritchard to Bernard A. and Elizabeth Domowski, $199,900.

CORNFIELD RD., 187-Richard E. Strite to David J. and Kristina E. Zaruba, $300,000.

FOREST GLEN DR., 8231-William G. Dively to Michael D. and Bonnie L. Zepp, $175,000.

FORT SMALLWOOD RD., 8841-Thomas D. Ditmore to Alhakam Mourad, $147,000.

HICKORY POINT RD., 220-Todd L. Mitchell to James C. and Kristin M. Goodwyn, $250,000.

MAGOTHY RD., 1257-Mary A. Glendening to James R. and Amy McDonald, $251,000.

MARBLE ARCH DR., 3443-William C. Sprinkle to Daniel A. Hemphill, $182,500.

MEEHLING RD., 8277-Glenn T. Huey to James A. and Debbie E. Gielner, $290,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 4555-Timothy C. Collins to Andrew W. Iman and April A. Ambrose, $295,000.

OUTING AVE., 7805-Timothy M. Flemion to Dan Donaldson and Miranda Lishaa, $141,000.

TENNANT HARBOUR, 1030-John R. Kline Jr. to Patrick K. and Hilda C. Evans, $128,500.

WOODS RD., 857-Carrie Ann Hammerbacker to Robert J. Fleshman and Kelly Miller, $214,900.

208TH ST., 815-Wayne R. Schmidt to Mary A. Semler, $163,000.


PINECREST DR., 2757-Alice Soucy to Douglas W. and Leslie A. Baldwin, $215,000.

STONEHENGE DR., 3107-James G. Mottols to Michael A. and Michelle R. Wellens, $355,000.


LARCH RD., 1405-Ray S. Barhorst to Scott A. Lindberg, $209,900.

MANET CT., 1821-Lionel Whitehead to John and Luella Bressler, $260,000.

PULLMAN DR., 1502-Brian J. Sudbrink to Brett B. and Robin L. Twiggs, $214,000.

REECE RD., 825-Robert C. Oswalt to David A. Perticone, $139,500.

SEA PINE CIR., 1770, No. 170-Thomas B. Gross Jr. to Ahmad Saeed and Tariq Saeed, $186,500.

STONE CASTLE DR., 1922-Carl L. Johnson to Terry D. Neville, $155,000.

TEABERRY LANE, 1389-David N. Hinaman Jr. to Raymond M. and Leticia J. Davidson, $269,900.


CRANDELL RD., 271-Kathleen S. McGurk to Leroy Brunner Jr., $210,000.

DERUSSEY DR., 492-Norman E. Thurlow to Michael H. and Marianna Gellert, $319,000.

JEREMY CT., 513-Marjorie A. Torrance to Robert J. Hallet, $205,000.

MCKINWAY, 618-Jane N. Carr to Kennth A. Schmidt, $155,000.

OAK CT., 219-Jerome P. Crown to Rhonda J. Roberts and James E. Brennan, $379,900.

RIVERDALE RD., 305-Steven D. Buckley to Jeffrey D. Cole, $227,000.

SWEET BRUSH CT., 607-Daniel L. Malamis to Andrew P. Chapman, $300,000.

WHITTIER PKWY., 630-Kenneth A. Davis Jr. to Juan R. Alvarez, $165,000.


AVALON BLVD., 1230-Sandra Dipietro to Ann B. Ward, $131,000.

CEDARHURST RD., 1411-George E. Crowner to John R. and Tina L. Severson, $125,000.

STEAMBOAT RD., 1237-Jane M. Hartley to Glenn K. and Rochelle L. McCall, $209,000.


HERRING RD., 523-Linda K. Dechambeau to Morris S. and Cynthia T. Blackistone, $140,000.

HIGHVIEW RD., 302-Troy S. Hvizda to Christopher D. and Mary G. McCarthy, $365,000.