The following were among animal cases received recently by the Washington Humane Society (202-723-5730) and the D.C. Animal Control Division (202-576-6664). For assistance, 24 hours a day, call either number.

Deer Crashes Through Window

Loughboro Rd. NW, 5200 block, Oct. 28. A deer crashed through a glass door of a hospital outpatient clinic for children, knocked over a desk and ran through several offices. No patients were in the clinic. An animal control officer shot the deer with a tranquilizer and then euthanized it.

Two Dogs Left Soaked in Rain

Martin Luther King Ave. SE, 2200 block, Oct. 30. Responding to a call about two dogs without shelter in heavy rain, a humane society officer found an underweight male Akita and a female pit bull soaked and shivering in a fenced area behind a business. They were held at the society shelter pending investigation.

Dogs Attached to Towing Chains

Montello Ave. NE, 1100 block, Oct. 31. A humane society officer, responding to a call, found two thin pit bulls standing in mud and feces and attached to towing chains behind a house. One was linked to two 20-pound cinder blocks; the other was chained to a broken fence. The officer was unable to separate the dog from the cinder blocks, so she carried it with the blocks to her van. The dogs were held at the society shelter pending investigation.

Pit Bull With Broken Leg in Yard

18th St. NE, 300 block, Nov. 3. Responding to a report of an injured dog with several other dogs in a yard, a humane society officer found four dogs, including a limping male pit bull with a swollen leg and open wounds on its head, neck and back. No one was at home, and a gate to the yard was padlocked. The officer cut the lock, impounded the injured animal and replaced the lock, leaving a key for the owner. The officer took the dog to a veterinarian, who determined that its leg was broken. The case was under investigation.

Pit Bull Left in Parked Car

Fourth St. NW, 5300 block, Nov. 5. A humane society officer, responding to a report of a dog locked in a parked car for several hours, found a male pit bull sleeping in the front seat and feces in the back seat. There was a portable dog crate next to a nearby apartment building, where a woman said the dog and car belonged to a friend. She said the dog had been in the car since the previous evening. The officer left a notice for the owner, and took the dog, which was being held at the society shelter.

Ill Water Snake in Bucket

42nd St. SE, 100 block, Oct. 26. Police reported that a large water moccasin was near a creek. An animal control officer found a nonpoisonous water snake in a bucket that contained a noxious chemical residue. A resident had rescued the snake from children who were abusing it. The snake appeared injured and ill from the fumes. It was taken to the D.C. shelter, where it was


Large Turtle Found Behind Store

14th St. NW, 2300 block, Oct. 27. An animal control officer picked up a large turtle behind an auto parts store. It was taken to a wildlife rehabilitator.

-- Sarah Lane